Laundry Room Makeover

Happy Monday, friends! I’m taking a short break from fashion today to share the last of my room makeovers… our laundry room!

Laundry Room Makeover

First off, the laundry room in this house is on the 2nd floor. I’ve never had a laundry room on the bedroom level, and I have to say, it is soooooo convenient! I absolutely love having it up there.

It also has a window that lets in a lot of natural light, making it a pleasant place to stand and fold clothes. (I always fold my clothes as I take things out of the dryer.)

I took before and after pictures, so let’s get started!

Laundry Room Before

Before we moved in, as you can see, the walls were a pretty shade of blue, and the washer and dryer were stacked. There was some wire shelving for detergent and things.

We moved right in without changing anything, but I soon determined that I wanted to unstack the washer and dryer to give me folding space. (See above about how I like to stand and fold my clothes as I take them out of the dryer.)

Laundry Room Progress

After we were in the house for a few weeks, we had the walls painted Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey and the trim painted BM White Dove, to match the rest of the house. I liked the blue, and it actually worked well with all the blue I have going on in other areas of the house, but I decided to be consistent with neutrals on the walls and add blue accents with the decor.

At that point, we unstacked the washer and dryer, which I like SO much better!!! And Paul got a metal pan for under the washer, which looks nicer than the plastic one from before, plus that one was cracked and ready to be replaced anyway.

Laundry Room After

I lived like that for a while, but we desperately needed hanging space and storage for detergents, etc. so I had my friend Darla from Heartwork Organizing come in and work her magic.

She also designed my last laundry room, so I knew I was in good hands.

I now have ample hanging space above the washer and dryer, and a high shelf above that with baskets in which to store extra household cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner bags, shoe care products, and basically anything else I don’t know what to do with.

And perhaps my favorite part — this beautiful vanity replaced the plastic utility sink.

We’ve also since adjusted the shelves above the sink so the lowest one is even lower, allowing more space to set my detergents, and also making it so the hoses aren’t as visible. #itsthelittlethings

The vanity and faucet are from Lowe’s, by the way.

Here’s the opposite wall — that closet houses the A/C unit, and we still need to change out the brass hinges and doorknob for matte black. I’ve had them for months; we just need to take 10 minutes and do it. #procrastinator

We installed a wall unit behind the door with hooks for hanging bathing suits and wet beach towels in the summertime, or any other wet items that need to air dry before throwing them into a hamper.

I usually do the bulk of the laundry for the household, but the idea here is for my family members to sort their own laundry into lights and darks, so I can easily toss a load in when a hamper gets full. (We’re still working on that!)

My laundry room is not only functional, it’s pretty too! Darla has a knack for both organization and design, and she combines the two when she works on a project.

I found the laundry room sign on Wayfair, and we chose the valance and the runner to compliment that. (I don’t have a link for the runner or hampers; I think they were from Home Goods.)

It’s amazing how much more enjoyable it is to do household chores when you have a pretty and functional space to work in.

Be sure to check out Darla’s book, Organizing Your Home with SORT and SUCCEED: Five simple steps to stop clutter before it starts, save money and simplify your life. Even though I’ve worked with her on various projects over the past few years, and she teaches her method as she works with you, I still found her book extremely helpful and insightful as I maintain the organizational systems we’ve put into place, and I’m better able to apply her method to the projects I tackle on my own.

Thanks for all of your kind words about my home improvement projects so far. It’s definitely feeling more and more like home with each passing day.

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55 thoughts on “Laundry Room Makeover

    1. No, to be honest, we rarely use it. I suppose when I want to wash paint brushes, it will be a pain, but we didn’t even have a sink in the laundry room at our last house, so it’s a nice bonus here.

  1. For some reason, I’m not receiving your daily posts. They are not in my spam folder. I tried to just resubscribe, but I can’t because I’m already a subscriber. Any suggestions? This sort of thing must make you crazy!

  2. Love what you did! It’s weird, but my laundry room is my favorite room of my house.  With a family of six, I spend half of my life there😜

  3. I really love your laundry room, especially the vanity!!  That’s something I’ve always wanted in my laundry room!  Thanks for posting this!

  4. It really does look great!!! I’m with you….my laundry gets folded immediately so this is a great, bright space to work in. 🙂

  5. Do you happen to know the approximate measurements of your laundry room? Just putting one in the basement and yours looks a good size…

  6. Love it!! nothing better than a pretty laundry room – actually makes you want to do laundry…ok, maybe not but still. I will share one tip I have found that definitely helps me with laundry. I sort into 4 bins – 1. towels, obvious; 2. whites, again obvious but 3 & 4 are colored but I separate into one bin blue jeans and underwear cause these are super easy to fold and go quickly putting away and then the last bin is hangups and socks which I despise doing cause they require more effort of course. separating colored into these 2 groups certainly helps!

  7. Just lovely…. We had a sink in our last home, but do not in the new house. I miss it! I did all my hand-washables in it. My new house laundry room is smaller, too, and kind of an odd arrangement, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to ‘use’ it, lol! 🙂

  8. I bet the snow is pretty, but the ice/freezing rain is nothing to play around with.  We are dealing with wind, sun/clouds, and storms moving in for the afternoon, and today’s high in the 70’s.  YUCK!  Your laundry room looks fabulous!  I just have a laundry closet, in the kitchen, but I make it work.  Our washer & dryer are regular size, not front loading, but are stacked.  I love them and dread the day we have to replace them.  I take the dried clothes to the guest bed to hang, sort, & fold.  Larry built some shelves on the side where there’s more space and put up pegboard on the other side.  I use baskets to store the laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.  There’s a hanging rack on the back wall for the Swiffer, broom, etc., so everything is together.  Is Cindy Spivey going to be at the conference next week? I recall you saying that walking into a large group, solo, is not that comfortable for you.  I’m the same way!  Will you get to see Kay Harms?  Good luck today!

  9. Wow – what a beautiful space! Functional and beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Is that carpet or tile in the laundry room?
    Enjoy a snow day.

  10. Great job!!! Hope you enjoy your Arizona trip, just got back from there on Saturday. Perfect spring weather upper 50’s & 60’s! Much better than all this snow in Minnesota, over 20 inches in 2 weeks!!! Ready to go back to Az!

  11. What a beautiful, functional room! I have frequently thought about adding a valance to our laundry room window, but couldn’t find one I liked. When I saw yours, I fell in love. Then, I clicked on the link and laughed! Yours looks so elegant and classic. When you see the picture on the link, it’s hard to believe it is the same one. What type of rod did you use to make it look so classic?

    1. I know, right!?! Darla sent it to me, and I was like EW! And she promised she’d fix it. What she did was measure it to fit the rod, and then she cut off one side and sewed a new hem. In the online picture, it’s gathered, and mine is hung flat. That’s really all she did, but I think also the picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s really a pretty blue. When it came in the mail, I was pleased with how much nicer it looks in person.

  12. Love your laundry room make over. So fresh and pretty. I like that it flows with the rest of the house. I also like that you don’t decant  your laundry detergent, so many bloggers do.  I have a problem with my washer and dryer, they have a tendency to “walk” across the room when they are in the spin cycle. Do you have this problem? Any suggestions for stopping this?

    1. Seriously? LOL! Never occurred to me to decant it for the pictures. In fact, I was wishing I’d styled the room a little better for the shoot. But anyway. This is real life. I am trying to get back to using natural detergents, though. I was expecting some flack for my Tide and Bounce. 🙈 I recently bought wool dryer balls and some Mrs. Meyers detergent, and they seem to working well.

    2. We’ve never had the walking problem with our front loaders.. however when we had the GE Models the washer Would vibrate like a train going over our heads( during the spin) and then we replaced with  LG models and don’t notice it hardly at all. Ours are stacked. I know there’s weights I think that are to be removed when they are delivered and set up… that helps plus being level.. my husband would no more on this topic. 

  13. Replacing the laundry sink with a vanity was a great, cute idea. Our laundry room is upstairs in our current home too and the first time I’ve had that. I wasn’t too sure about it, but I do LOVE it!

  14. What a pretty room!  So cheery and bright.   And functional!  I love your valance.  It really adds to the space.  I have a pretty decently sized laundry room, but it could use some sprucing.  Time to get on it!  Enjoy Arizona!  I grew up there and I miss it so much.

  15. That makeover looks great, the room actually looks much larger. I agree with the folding right away (at least in theory 🙂 A little advice, I found the tops of my machines got kind of scuffed up from zippers, etc., so I put a mat on top of them and it works very well.

  16. Absolutely love this laundry room! What a great place to take care of an endless chore! I’m definitely pinning this look for future reference!

  17. It looks pretty and functional. It helps to have a bright, pretty space to do your laundry. I have a case of  laundry room envy! 

  18. That Laundry Room is Fantastic! I am thrilled for you. You can care for all the great clothes you buy. I am so lucky to be part of your Blog. I have learned a lot. Thank you Jo-Lynne!

  19. Ok it’s easy to see why you look so happy doing the laundry lol… it’s absolutely beautiful and I love that vanity. Our laundry is up stairs as well it’s part of our main bathroom which is quite large. This was the third house we’ve built  and our first time we have had an upper laundry room..best idea ever!!!  Looks like our first real snow storm is coming tomorrow with snow 10- 15 cm and ice pellets… oh well so far we’ve been lucky.

  20. I LOVE your laundry room!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It is so well thought out and I’m sure as you said it makes doing one of the mundane chores more bearable!!

  21. What a transformation.   It’s more spatial and flows  better.  I have the same washer/dryer.   Just curious, why do you have a tray under the washer?  Have a great day.

    1. I think it’s for potential leaks? They had one before, and my husband ordered a new one. He was even saying, he didn’t know that it was necessary, but I guess since it’s on the 2nd floor, better safe than sorry.

  22. Your laundry room looks great. I’m thinking of re-doing mine in much the same way. I have a question though. Are the lower shelves over the sink as deep as the upper shelves?

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