Leap Around the Blogosphere

Some of my friends put together this fun blog hop/carnival today in honor of Leap Day and I thought I’d join in!

  1. My childhood nickname was … I didn’t really have a childhood nickname, but in high school I may or may not have been called Turbo by some of my closer friends. WHY? Because I talk so fast. (What did you THINK!?)
  2. If you want to spoil me rotten, buy me diamonds. The bigger the better. But I’ll settle for electronics, flowers, wine, the spa . . . I’m easy to spoil. I like it all!
  3. The television character I most identify with is Kristina Braverman (Parenthood). We’re both slightly neurotic and I see myself in her relationship with her kids and husband.
  4. If I had a whole day to go shopping and money to spend, I would go to Nordstrom. They have an awesome shoe department, plenty of designer denim, handbags, makeup, jewelry, everything, even a nice cafe. The only thing they’re lacking, as far as I can tell, is an Apple department. I guess you can’t win ’em all, eh?
  5. The most wild and crazy thing I have ever done (that I can admit to publicly) is um, hi. Have you met me? Wild and crazy I am not. Sorry to disappoint you.
  6. The one thing on my bucket list that I am most eager to do is run a half marathon. Maybe eager isn’t the right word, but it’s something I really hope to accomplish before I’m 45. The other thing I’d love to do is visit Europe.
  7. My family will always be loyal to Bounty paper towels. Jessica inspired this one, but seriously, it is about the only brand that I will not skimp on. EVER.
  8. If I could spend a day with a celebrity I would choose George Clooney. DUH. But in the interest of keeping my marriage in tact, I’ll go with Steve Martin. He’s hilarious and so smart. And have you HEARD him play the banjo? Brillz.
  9. In my opinion, the best invention in the history of the world is the computer. Nuff said.
  10. When life hands me lemons, I make lemon squares. YUM. Anyone got a good gluten free recipe??

Now it’s your turn.  Ready? Go!