Floral Wrap Top in Vero Beach

Greetings and cheers to the weekend! Today I’m back in Vero Beach wearing distressed white jeans and a floral wrap top. By the time we took these pictures, we’d been shooting outfits for over an hour in the Florida heat, and it was beginning to take its toll on my hair and makeup, but I love how bright and vibrant the colors are.

Happily, this top is still fully stocked! I was drawn to the unusual colors and pattern. So many florals look the same right now, but I like how this one is a little different. it also comes in blue.

For a wrap top, this one is very easy to wear. I like how it snaps over the chest so it doesn’t gape like many wrap tops. That said, the middle can fly open so I do wear a nude cami underneath. In the future, I will secure it with some fashion tape — I finally ordered some at Kelly’s recommendation, and this stuff is magical!

This shirt isn’t as short as it looks, although it’s definitely shorter than some. It would probably look better with higher rise jeans, but I wore it with these to dinner one night and it worked. Having the nude cami underneath that tucked into my jeans allowed me to sit down without worrying that I was mooning the people behind me. Ha!

It has an elastic waist, which I realized later I wasn’t wearing quite right. I had pulled it down straight and set it so the top bloused over the elastic band. If you wear it folded over, as shown on the website, it’s a tad longer overall and less bulky. I’ve worn it that way since, and it looked better.

Also, I had forgotten to take off my shaping shorts from the previous outfit — this dress — so you can see the line on my leg where they end.

All in all, this is a cute outfit that didn’t photograph particularly well, but the background is too fantastic to waste the pictures.

We were at Waldo’s at the Driftwood Resort, which is so quirky and fun with its rustic decor and beachcomber vibe. There was a pool party down below us with a live band so of course I had to Insta Story it while Martina was setting up her equipment. She caught me in the act and started shooting.

Everyone looked like they were having a great time. I would have been happy to grab a drink from the bar and join them by the pool, but we were on a tight schedule. My friends and I were planning to go back there for dinner the next night, but it got stormy so we opted for a restaurant where we could eat inside.

These earrings are from Alison + Aubrey and I love how they work with this top. They’re very lightweight and easy to wear. I also added this delicate 3-disc necklace and a cuff bracelet that reads more like a stack of bangles.

I finished the look with neutral espadrille wedge sandals, but it’s just as cute with flat sandals. In fact, I put my Millers with this outfit when I wore it to dinner because the location was super casual and I was afraid the wedges would be a bit much.

Either way, this is an outfit I can see myself wearing for a lot of occasions. This top is also cute paired with blue jeans for a more casual vibe. For size reference, I have the small. I think it’s the right size, but if you’re worried about the length, you can always try sizing up. I tend to run between sizes at Lucky Brand and can often go either way with their tops.

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Lucky Brand Floral Wrap Top // J.Brand Crop Skinnies // similar sandals // Vivie Fringe Fan Earrings c/o // 3-disc necklace // cuff bracelet

photo credit: Martina’s Photography

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37 thoughts on “Floral Wrap Top in Vero Beach

  1. Thanks for the advice on fashion tape and nude camis. Tricks of the trade that I didn’t know about! One question, I have a couple of pairs of AG skinny jeans that hike up and wrinkle around the knees after I sit. When I stand up, I have to pull down from the hem to straighten and lengthen it. The waist fits perfectly . Does this mean I should size up? I’m not particularly curvy at 5’7 and 113 lbs so I don’t know why it does this.

    1. Yeah, they do that. All my super skinny jeans do. I usually use my shoe and push them back down when I stand up, lol. Or sometimes I bend over and push them down. It’s just b/c of how snug they are, I guess.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! Love the top and the mention of fashion tape lol! I returned a couple things recently that might have been saved by using some tape. 

  3. I love this top on you! I think it will look good on me too so I’m ordering it! BTW, your makeup looks so beautiful against the top. The pink against your pale skin and dark hair is stunning.

  4. I like how casual these pictures are, your hair blowing in the wind, and you caught on your phone.  I would break my neck if I tried to take one step in those shoes.  You’re right, the top is a pretty, not like all the others, floral tops.  I hope that your throat issues are diminishing.  Have a great Friday!

  5. Super cute outfit! Love the beach photos. Makes me long for vacation. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  6. Gorgeous top! I’m short torsoed (is that a word?), so I tend to veer away from wrap tops, but the nude cami trick may change my mind. Beautiful location, btw.

  7. That top is gorgeous on you. Colors make your face pop. All the pics are beautiful. Love the earrings too. Hope all is going well with the upcoming move.

  8. Really fun, beach vacay pics! The blouse looks terrific on you. Thanks for the tips on using fashion tape.

  9. This top is so pretty on you!  And that beach background  makes me dream of summer!

    Love all your tips like wearing a nude cami under a top that might gape or pull up.   I haven’t heard of the fashion tape, but I have discovered the merits of double sided tape for gaping shirts and also things like keeping the facing of utility jackets from folding out instead of in where they belong.  It’s amazing what a little tape will do!  

    Hope you are feeling better and on the mend!

  10. Your make-up looks perfect here. Can I ask what lipstick you were wearing? It’s just the right amount of color for summer.
    The color of your top livens up your face. I’m thinking pinks are your color. 

    1. Hey Joanna, I don’t remember, to be honest. I remember I did put on a more vibrant color than normal b/c I wanted to be sure I didn’t look washed out in pictures.

  11. Well while you may have thought time was taking a toll on your hair and makeup, I was thinking you had a healthy glow and looked perfectly beachy. Happy Mother’s Day!!! XO

  12. What beautiful vibrant photographs! And you look gorgeous, if not a little tired 🙂 I so get that! By the last outfit or two I’m plum tuckered out! And usually sweaty! Ha!

    So do you recommend those white jeans? Because I do like the distressing on these. I’m just always cautious about them being too thin. But these look great on you! How are you feeling, by the way?

    1. Yes, I absolutely love these white jeans. They’re nice and thick. I’m feeling better, but I have a lingering cough that sometimes gets really embarrassing. My youngest daughter caught what I have, though, and she’s home from school. 🙁 Poor thing, she always gets sick this time of year for some reason.

  13. Love the outfit and such a pretty color on. An effortless look for sure. Nice backdrop. How nice it would be to have that all the time. Maybe your new pool will work?
    Have a great weekend

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