Maybe Clean Carpet Is Overrated


If they were limp noodles yesterday, today my arms are lead blocks.  I think I’m seriously incapacitated.  In fact, I’m quite sure I will be unable to make dinner tonight.  I believe the most I can handle is lifting a glass of wine to my lips.

So yeah.  I’m sore.  But in a strange, sick way, it feels good.  Thanks for all of your encouragement yesterday.  I have lifted weights before, and I remember feeling this way pretty much after every workout.  I like to lift heavy, and I only work out twice a week, so I’m trying to make it count.

And on a totally unrelated note, my son’s birthday party is less than two weeks away.  Against my better judgment, we have decided to hold the party at a local park.  You may remember my post about our household debate. 

My husband wanted to have it here at our house and play some games outside, weather permitting, which, in November in Pennsylvania, is just ASKING for trouble, in my humble opinion, but maybe I’m just too pessimistic.  I mean, it has been 80 degrees for the whole month of October, so maybe Al Gore is onto something after all.


The backup plan?  My BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW BASEMENT.  (For which, carpet installation is scheduled for this Thursday.  Woot!)

But the thought of ten 8-year-old-boys tracking in grass and mud and grinding cake crumbs into my brand new carpet is just a little bit more than my OCD can handle.

My plan?  The Sportsplex.  The boys can play their games indoors where it is guaranteed to be warm and dry, and the cake can get ground into THEIR cement floors, not MY carpet.

But my son and Husband are determined to have our own party. 


The compromise?  The park.  Husband says, we’ll tell the boys to dress warmly, we’ll play some games, have cake in the pavilion, and then send them along their merry way.  No mess in my house.  And no expensive, impersonal party planner.

Hm.  I’m not convinced.  What if it RAINS????  Huh?  HUH?  What about that? 

I say we’re playing roulette with the weather forecast, but I’m outnumbered.  So the park it is.  The invitations go out today, so there’s no turning back now.

**Updated to add: Ericka mentioned asking my son what he really wants.  And I did just that before we started filling out invitations.  He really, REALLY wants to do it at the park.  Weather and all.  So be it!