It Just Ain’t What It Used To Be

Man, have I ever been paying for my Bunco night.  I haven’t stayed up till 3AM in years.  And as fun as it was, I just can’t be doing that again anytime soon.

I woke up on Saturday with what I thought was a bad allergy.  As the day wore on, I felt like a Giant Walking Nose.  I decided it was a nasty cold.  I snapped at my son, then at my baby daughter, and then at my husband.  I’m not talking about a curt word.  I’m talking, SNAPPED.  LOST IT. 

My mom finally told me to go to bed.  So I did.  At 8PM Saturday night.

When I woke up Sunday, I felt like I might be on the road to recovery.  And the cold/allergy thing?  Poof.  Gone.  Whassup with that?

Another early bedtime and I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to be a mom.  A good mom, that is.  Not the witchy mom that I was on Saturday.

I promised Husband never to stay out past midnight again.  At least not until 2008.

It’s funny.  With a newborn baby, I got used to running on an empty gas tank.  I sort of prided myself on being able to function on very little sleep.  I guess your body adjusts if you make a habit of it.  But on Friday night, my poor body didn’t know what hit it.

This morning I feel great.  I’m up early and ready to go walking.  I think I’m fully recovered.  It’s supposed to be 82 degrees today.  Am I the only person who is actually enjoying this?  The record was set in 1920.  It was 83 degrees.  I hope we beat it!