Wiping Myself Up Off The Floor

I had So Much Fun last night.  It was Bunco night in our neighborhood, but we only got through three rounds of the game.  (Usually we do 7 or 8!)  We never stopped yacking long enough to switch tables.

It’s no surprise, really.  You put twelve women in a room with good food and plenty of wine and no kids or husbands for distraction, and what you have is a regular Gab Fest.  The die hards among us didn’t leave until 3AM.  Which seemed like fun at the time.

But now?  Maybe not so much fun.

Thankfully my parents are visiting for the weekend, so I might be able to take a nap or three.  Wish me luck.

Speaking of my parents visiting, my mom and I have four, yes FOUR crockpots full of apples cooking away on the counter.  We’re making apple butter.  You might think that four crockpots of apple butter would last us until the next millennium.  But the way our family consumes the stuff, it will be gone by next October.

In case anyone is interested in the recipe, I’ll post it separately.

Alright.  WHAT is up with this weather?  This is spring, not fall.  Last week, when it got cold, I thought, this has to be it, fall is here to stay.  I went through all our closets and put away all the summer clothes except a few short sleeves.  I had everything washed, organized, labeled, and packed neatly into plastic storage bins.  And today I’m going to have to drag it all out again. 

I’m not complaining, though.  I dread cold weather.  I’ll gladly take this "Indian Summer" over freezing temperatures and gray skies.  But it’s practically unheard of for mid-October in these here parts.  Is it like this everywhere?  Is ANYONE wearing sweaters and coats yet?