My Daily Looks: What I Wore Lately Vol. 2

Happy Friday, my friends! Both the girls finish up school today, so Christmas Break has officially begun here in the Shane household. We are all feeling very festive and excited.

I’m sharing my daily looks from the past couple of weeks, but I will tell you up front, they are very boring. I’m just too cold and too busy to want to wear anything besides sweaters, jeans, and boots.

But you all seem to like these posts no matter how boring I think they are, so let’s get started!

My Daily Looks: What I Wore Lately

For size reference, I’m 5’5″ and about 140# with a slightly hourglass shape. I usually wear a 6 or 8 or a size small.

This first look was my attempt to wear something besides a pullover sweater. I pulled out this graphic tee from the fall and added a camel cardigan.

I like both a lot, but I just don’t find layering very comfortable for some reason, and I was chilly. I ended up changing into a cashmere turtleneck and my UGGs before going out to choir practice that night. I know, I’m hopeless…

It’s a good cardigan, though, if you need one, and a great price. I think it would be perfect for work wear.

graphic tee // cardigan // AG Farrah skinnies // booties // belt // pearl earrings (best price I’ve seen!)

I wore this next look to the mall one day, and as you can see, I took this picture in the dressing room. I love this fair isle sweater, and it has been restocked in most sizes!!! It’s 30% off with code SNOW.

fair isle turtleneck (30% off) // AG Farrah skinnies (15% off) // booties // similar tote

Also, J.Crew is offering overnight holiday delivery for just $10. This offer ends 12/22 at 11:59pm ET. 

Caroline and I are part of a community chorus, and this next picture is from our Christmas concert. We were told to wear black bottoms and a white, red, or green top. I actually don’t have a green or red top that I felt was dressy enough, so I wore this ivory sweater from Everlane.

I wish I’d been more dressed up or worn more festive jewelry. I tried to find the right combination, but nothing was working together quite right, so I resorted to some of my everyday favorites — Kendra Scott hoops and my Lagos pendant. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hopefully the festive nail polish and heavy eye makeup made up for it, ha!

ribbed v-neck // black AG Farrah skinnies // similar pumps // necklace // earrings

By the way, Everlane is offering free express shipping through end of day today, for a 12/24 arrival. If you need a last minute gift for someone who is into sustainable fashion, this is the place to shop!

See their women’s gift shop, and their men’s gift shop. They have conveniently divided up their gift ideas by price point.

This was just a lazy day at home in one of my favorite sweaters and cozy UGG boots… this was the day we did all the holiday baking with my parents.

sweater (sold out) // AG Farrah skinnies (15% off) // UGG boots // Lagos necklaceearrings

This next look is from church on a Sunday when I had nursery duty. I really like this alpaca turtleneck from J.Crew. And remember, J.Crew is offering overnight holiday delivery for just $10.

J.Crew turtleneck // black AG Farrah skinnies // Rag & Bone booties // Kendra Scott hoops

I think I wore this next outfit to the mall one day . . . I almost always wear a puffer vest to the mall because I can avoid schlepping around my coat.

This Halogen cashmere crewneck is on sale, and it’s very soft and pretty. It’s thinner than some of the more expensive cashmere sweaters I have, but I really like it for layering.

sweater // similar vest // AG skinnies // boots (sold out; similar) // Lagos earrings

I dug out this #NSale cashmere hoodie for running errands, but I was actually really cold! I guess because it has a looser fit and it’s thin? Anyway, I decided to set it aside for springtime.

It’s sold out, so I found a few similar styles that I linked below.

similar hoodie (budget option) // skinny jeans // boots // Lagos earrings

I wore this one night to take the girls to the mall. We always like to go on a weeknight during the Christmas season to see the decorations, and we usually do a little Christmas shopping too.

Also, my 11mm pearl earrings are as low as I’ve seen them. I snagged them when they were $400-ish a couple years ago, and I wear them several times a week. They’re really gorgeous, and now marked down to $345.

Bloomingdale’s has joined the ranks of retailers offering free holiday shipping — receive free standard shipping on online orders placed through 12/21/19 at 11:59PM ET.

Since we were going out at night and it was very cold, I went ahead and wore my coat.

I also ended up switching to a crossbody bag before leaving the house. I’m trying to downsize my bag when I can… I’m starting to get shoulder issues from carrying a heavy tote all the time. Aging . . . ain’t it grand?

J.Crew mockneck (30% off) // grey skinnies // Aquatalia booties (sold out) // quilted coat (old) // similar bag // pearl earrings (lowest price I’ve seen!)

Next up, what I wore to my ladies’ Bible study last Thursday. This leopard sweater is so unique and pretty, and it’s 45% off at Neiman’s and 40% off at Saks.

Rails leopard sweater (40-45 % off) // grey Frame skinnies // Rag & Bone boots // pearl earrings (faux option)

And this was another lazy day at home. I can’t believe these Mother Looker jeans finally went on sale. They’re usually excluded from every promo! I really love the fit and feel — suuuuper soft, and the light wash with one busted out knee is perfect for casual looks.

This sweater was another #NSale purchase that is long gone. It’s always kind of depressing to shop for sweaters in July, and I had a hard time getting into it this year, but I’m always glad I splurged when winter rolls around.

Both this and the navy hoodie above were Vince sweaters that I got for like 40% off. You can’t beat that!

sweater (sold out) // Mother skinnies // UGG boots // Lagos necklaceearrings

Speaking of favorite sweaters, this charcoal grey v-neck by Theory is my other favorite that I always fall back on when I just want to be cozy and comfortable. Because it’s thicker than most, even with the v-neck, I’m usually plenty warm. I also like layering it under a quilted vest for mall outings. I haven’t found anything quite like it this year, but this one might be comparable.

I wore this outfit to run errands on a Saturday (with a coat on top, of course!)

similar grey sweater (budget option) // skinny jeans // boots // Lagos necklaceearrings

That night, I changed into this outfit to go out for drinks with friends.

I love this cozy sweater, and it’s one of the few #NSale items that IS still available! In fact, they just brought it out in a bunch more colors. It’s TTS; I have the beige oatmeal light heather in a size small.

cowl neck sweater // skinny jeans // booties // earrings // similar bag

I wore this next outfit to church last Sunday. It was chilly, but I just wore my long The North Face puffer coat. It was nice to wear something besides a sweater!

v-neck blouse // black jeans // similar pumps // TB tote // earrings (old) // Anna Beck necklace

But it was back to my winter uniform the next day . . . this sweater is from Everlane, and it is beautiful. There are a few sizes left!

Remember, Everlane is offering free express shipping through end of day today.

I’m also really loving these booties, and the price is insanely good. They have a just-right 2″ heel and arch support — very good for those of you need to baby your feet.

Everlane turtleneck // AG skinnies // Dolce Vita booties // pearl earrings (faux option)

And this is pretty much the same outfit with different components. This sweaters is also Everlane, but it’s from last year. The one above has a similar cut.

Everlane turtleneck (old) // Mother skinnies // UGG boots // pearl earrings (faux option)

And then here’s my attempt to figure out what to wear to the mall on Wednesday…

I don’t usually spend this much time deciding what to wear to run mundane errands, but for some reason I wasn’t having much clarity, and I tried on a few options before settling on the final one — although I don’t think it was very flattering, and I’ll tell you why.

So this is what I started with. Cozy sweater plus quilted vest for warmth, and I wanted to wear my new Lucky Brand boots from DSW. They’re warm and also very comfortable for walking, and I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking.

But when I got it all on, I didn’t like the color of the boots with the rest of the outfit. The greys seemed off — not that I wanted them to match exactly, but I just wasn’t liking it.

So I decided to swap out the turtleneck/vest combo for this leopard sweater, and I like this look okay. The lighter grey in the boots is echoed in the top, and the black in the top ties in the black jeans… it’s cute, right? I’m not sure why I didn’t just throw on a coat and go…

But for some reason, I felt like the light boots and light top and black bottoms looked choppy, so I decided to switch into my black booties… much better!

Keeping it all black on the bottom is lengthening, and the booties have a little more of a heel, which helps too. I like the proportions of this outfit better, and it’s simpler, cleaner… and it lets the sweater shine.

But then I remembered other days wearing these booties to the mall… and while they’re very comfortable, they’re high, and after a while, it can be hard on my feet. I had a lot of walking to do, and I wanted to be comfortable.

I also really didn’t want to deal with a coat, so… I went back to the original outfit, but I chose these hiker boots so I’d be keeping the bottom all black for a more cohesive look.

The only thing I don’t care for is how white shearling kind of jumps out at you, but I told myself not to overthink it.

I was very comfortable for a long afternoon of shopping, but when I came home and looked at these pictures for this post, I decided that this outfit is not all that flattering.

The sleeves of the sweater have extra volume, and the turtleneck is chunky, and the vest is chunky, and overall, it’s bulky and makes me look bigger than I am.

Since the boots are also kind of bulky, it works okay, but I think next time I’ll just go with one of my more traditional turtleneck sweaters and keep this one for wearing alone (no vest).

The good news is, I was comfortable! My feet held up fine in these shoes, and even though the wind was cold when I was running from the car to the mall and kind of cut through the sleeves of this sweater, overall I was warm enough and glad I didn’t have to schlep a coat through the mall.

That’s probably all more than you care to know, but I also get comments about how I make it look easy or how everything looks good on me, and that’s just not true for anyone.

I’m just like everyone else, and some days I waste a lot of time figuring out my outfit for an event that really doesn’t matter.

J.Crew alpaca turtleneck (30% off) // similar vest // black AG Farrah skinnies // Marc Fisher hiker boots // Lagos earrings

And finally, what I wore yesterday… this sweater is an Amazon Fashion find.

It’s a new brand they just launched, called Goodthreads, and so far I’m really pleased with what I ordered. I’ll have more in my Try-On Haul tomorrow.

It’s hard to tell, but this is the black. It’s kind of a washed black, lighter than some, but that gives it a casual vibe that I like. I also like how they didn’t skimp on sleeve length, and it has a pretty ribbed pattern at the neckline and cuffs.

Also, it has traditional on-shoulder seams and a flattering v-neck!!! Both are hard to find these days.

Goodthreads v-neck sweater // Rag & Bone jeans // Tory Burch Minnie flats // Lagos necklaceearrings

And keeping it real . . . I wore my slippers with it most of the day.

And that’s a wrap! Told you it was boring… but I guess I know what I like.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some recent try-ons, and they’re not all sweaters!!!

Have a great weekend!

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