My Morning Devotions

This is the prayer I found this morning in my devotional for April 19th.  I thought it was particularly appropriate for this week.  I found myself praying it through several times.

O Lord, our Heavenly Father, who orderest all things for our eternal good, mercifully enlighten our minds, and give us a firm and abiding trust in Thy love and care.  Silence our murmurings, quiet our fears, and dispel our doubts, that rising above our afflictions and our anxieties, may we rest on Thee, the Rock of everlasting strength.
New Church Book of Worship

As modern evangelicals, we don’t often use scripted prayers.  I know I used to feel like they made prayer not as personal or not as valid.  Or something like that.  I felt that when I pray, I should always rely on my own words, since prayer, is, after all, a conversation with God.

But I have found it extremely helpful in recent years to use a Psalm or prayer written by others who are far more eloquent and perhaps devoted than I.  They are not the entirety of my prayer time, but they serve as a “jumping-off point” and give me some guidance and direction as well as a little shot of theology in my morning conversations with God.  I believe there is definitely a place for both kinds of prayer.

I found this post this morning, when I googled “scripted prayers helpful” just to see what others might have to say.  I am in not necessarily endorsing this blog, for I have read nothing but this one post.  But I thought he explained my thoughts and feelings on this subject better than I seem to be doing.  Especially this line:

Although the prayers of others sometimes help me to best express the contents of my heart to God, there are other times when nothing can come close to my own thoughts and words.

What do you think?  Do you ever use scripted prayers in your talks with God?