Two Hour School Delay

No, this is not a post I dug up from the archives.  This is today, April 16, 2007.  School is delayed due to inclement weather.

I heard rain all night, and when I awoke this morning it was silent, so I thought it had finally stopped.  Until I looked outside and saw SNOW.  In April.  So much for global warming, huh?  But I would never have imagined school would be delayed.  Thank goodness for those automated phone calls from the school district.

I gave up on spring long before I saw snow this morning, so at this point my only complaint is that we didn’t get enough to go sledding.  I mean, if it’s going to be 30 degrees and snow in April, let’s at least have some accumulation, people!  I’m looking for a snow day, something to make it worth my while, not this wimpy two-hour slush.  All that does is make things inconvenient and mucky.

Oh, well, I’ll take what I get, I suppose.  Not that I have a choice.  It does look like the end is in sight.  This weekend it is supposed to return to spring-like temperatures with sunshine.  But I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. As God as my witness, you will NOT hear me complain about heat and humidity. Bring. It. ON.

    (You know what they say about pride going before a fall. I just set myself up for the hottest summer on record, didn’t I? Oh well…)

  2. Heather B, I do believe you are correct. Lesson learned. I won’t be packing away the winter duds until June next year!

  3. Have I mentioned you should move south? It was a bit chilly last week and a bit rainy last weekend. Today, though? Beautiful. South, I tell you.

  4. Snow days in April-it’s just great. We had a 2 hour delay last week. It’s getting old!
    I’m sure soon enough we’ll be complaining about the heat and humidity, right? It IS on its way?

  5. Okay…all this winter weather in April reminds me why it is we moved West decades ago. Our biggest problem this year is drought…which I’m afraid might morph into an exceptionally hot summer…my very least favorite kind of weather. Sigh…

  6. We lived in New England until a year ago and ALWAYS you get this crap in April. Used to make me downright ANGRY. So even though I’m sunning it up in San Diego (not for long, I’m afraid), you have my deepest, most heart-felt sympathy. Hang in there, the spring WILL come!

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