My New Baby

Because, you know, four blogs wasn’t enough so I thought I’d start a fifth.

It’s not QUITE the way I want it yet, but it’s close enough to unveil. I hope to improve it and make it more user friendly as it evolves and I get more content for it.

It’s called Eat Local Philly, and the purpose is to provide a resource for local food sources in the Philadelphia area but from a personal perspective. I want it to have a real voice, but also be a site that is useful and helps people find locally grown and produced foods in our area.


The idea formed when I was out in Lancaster County visiting a farm and picking up some chickens and other farm fresh delights, and I stopped into this little local cheese shop that I’d noticed when I was out that way before but had never taken the time to investigate.  It was a great experience; the owner was so knowledgeable and delightful to visit with.  I wanted to blog about it, but I figured, what do my readers all over the country care about this cute little third-generation, family-owned cheese shop I just discovered out in Amish country?  And then I started thinking…

A few days later, my husband and I got lost on some back roads not far from our house.  It was a pretty Saturday and the kids were mellow so we decided to stop by a small vineyard we happened across.  Again, it was a fun discovery and I thought some more…

Long story longer, the next thing I knew I had a new blog!  But this is more of a website, and it’s stretching the limits of my design capabilities to try and figure out how to style a blog to look and act like a website.  Thank goodness Cathy at Desperately Seeking WordPress has agreed to come to my rescue.  In a few days you may see some changes, but for now it’s up and running and I’M SO TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH IT, please go take a look and tell me how pretty it is, even if you live on the West coast and will never need to know where to find a farm in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

But oh hey.  If you ARE from Philly (or anywhere within a couple hours drive) and you know of some great places to get local foods, I’d love it if you’d tell me about them.  I’m taking submissions because I can’t possibly cover the whole region by myself, although I’m going to do my best!

I’ve also crossed over to the dark side and created a Facebook Page.  Feel free to “like” me.  I’m hoping to get some good conversations going on the Discussion Board.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  How about you?

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29 thoughts on “My New Baby

  1. What a GREAT idea!!! Especially since I’m in your area and have been wondering where you shop and get all the GOOD stuff.

  2. Too cool! It looks great. I’m in Texas, but if I’m ever in Philly… 😉

    I’m kinda doing the same thing right now! Except mine isn’t a food blog/site, but it’s a site/blog (more site than blog) for saving money in our town. The problem is that I’ve never disclosed my location, so I set the site up anonymously since it has the town name plastered all over it. And now I have NO idea how I am going to tell people about it. 🙂 I may just have to take the plunge and fess up to it, and I’m kinda okay with that. Hubs is okay with that. But I already went and made this really cool “code name” and everything. Priorities, ya know? 😉

    1. Yeah, I’ve had to get over that. I still don’t like being so findable, but I’m getting more used to it.

  3. LOVE it!! Awesome idea! I’ve had something similar in my head, but again like you thought – that’d be boring for alot (ok, that word is totally relative b/c I don’t have alot to begin with) readers!! Now you’ve got me thinking:) And if I ever visit Philly, I’ll know where to go:)

  4. Great idea! I love the look, too. Green is one of my favorite colors. 🙂 (You know me…all about the “look” ha ha).

    I sent the link to one of my friends at work here in Nashville who has a foodie blog. She is always looking for ideas!

  5. That is a really great idea and I’m so jealous that we don’t have something like that for our area. I know we have a lot of farmers, but I don’t know of anything that combines them in such a way.

    And it is very pretty too. 😉

  6. Your new site is beautiful! I’m a daily reader from MD and can’t wait to see what’s to come over at ELP. Wish we had one just like it here but I’m sure your site will bring me some great reasons to take a drive to into PA! : )

  7. Congrats on the new site! I know if I were living in area I would love that. My best friend here recently started her own blog focused on food and how it relates to things like allergies, autism, ADHD and asthma. I’m sure she would LOVE your insights. http://babyfoodsteps.wordpress.com/
    They FINALLY opened a fresh farmers market here in town and we love it, although they haven’t got much organic stuff yet.

    I’m working on a new, locally focused blog as well…but it may end up being an all summer project.

  8. It’s beautiful! Green’s my favorite color so you totally got me there. It makes me want to go visit my parents so we can go see all these beautiful farms. Way back in the day we used to go get ice cream from this local farm/creamery (I’m guessing it was somewhere in Montgomery county but I really have no idea where it was) that had the baby calves behind the shop and you could pet them. You could also go see the cows being milked. I have no idea if it’s still there or what their practices are now but I have such fond memories I would be willing to make the 15 hour drive just to take my kids there. Ok, maybe not really but I did really love it.

  9. It’s beautiful. Seriously, great idea! We have become so far removed from our food in our society. I love buying my milk straight from the people who milk the cows, my meat from the farmers, eggs from the Aggie chicken guy, etc. and I’d love to visit Amish country some day. If I ever get up there, I’ll use your site to visit all the good spots.

    Andrea Jones

  10. Great idea! I’m just starting to get into this local, organic stuff and this will be very helpful. Thanks!

  11. Your baby IS gorgeous!! I mean, how can you LOSE with those strawberries 🙂 I did pass it on to a friend of mine who is into great, natural foods and lives in Philly (also friend of Moriah). She may be excited about it, and b/c she’s lived in that area on and off for years, she may have ideas to give you.

  12. It looks fantastic! Wish I lived in PA so I could enjoy all of the places you highlight. Do you do all your web designing yourself or hire that out? I love your branding.

  13. This is a fantastic idea Jo-Lynne! I took a look over at the site even though I’m in CA. It looks so fresh. Great idea to inspire a connection to fresh and local food. Have fun!

  14. i like your nes site. I also use /category/categoryname a lot for my pages. It is a cool way to keep related topics in one place

  15. Congrats on your new venture! You’re just the person to start a blog about food & philly. I’m sure the content will be top-notch and that it will become a hailed resource for locals. 🙂

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