On the plane again . . .

Today’s the day I say good-bye to Costa Rica and officially check international travel off my Life List.

I’m ready. Isn’t it always the way? Yesterday I was sad to think of leaving but this morning I can’t get on that plane fast enough. My digestive system is in upheaval. I wasn’t able to stick to strictly sugar- and gluten-free this week, and yesterday it all caught up to me. I’ve been light-headed and achy and let’s just say my system is not happy with me.

And while I’ve loved the time spent here with generous, savvy women getting a glimpse of the enchanting country of Costa Rica, I’m ready to be in my own home with my own food and my own bed and my family around me.

Last night I got to experience the town of Las Catalinas, which is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.


It’s a new town being built on the beach for permanent residents and vacationers who want to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in tune with people and nature. I was about ready to sign papers for a new vacation home.


Don’t I look at home here?


We arrived on the beach at sunset. I was immediately intrigued with the black volcanic sand. So was Mel. She even thought to collect some in a bottle to bring home.


Wouldn’t you just love to sit in one of these hammocks overlooking the water every day?


Soon after we arrived, the storm clouds started rolling in. We ate dinner and discussed travel writing while lounging on couches on the covered patio of the restaurant on property while the thunder rolled and lightening lit up the Costa Rican sky behind us.


It was a fantastic way to end a this incredible trip. I’m so grateful to Andrea and Nadia for planning this exquisite getaway and to my husband for holding down the fort while I’m gone. Now I’m just praying for an uneventful travel day. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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