Philly’s Picnic with a Purpose

**The video is working now.**

Y’all, yesterday was SO much fun.  Even though there were several roadblocks along the way (and I mean that literally AND figuratively) the picnic came off without a hitch, and I am SO grateful for the help of so many of my fellow bloggers (and their husbands) who came together to make this such a fun and laid back event.

philly mom bloggers circa 2009

We had gorgeous weather. It couldn’t have been more perfect. There wasn’t a fly or a bee in sight. Seriously, a picnic without FLIES, I didn’t know such a thing could happen. (Note to self: host all future picnics in May.)

First, the roadblocks (in addition to the literal one, that is): I was disappointed on Friday when I found out my husband was unable to attend (read: supervise the children and carry heavy boxes of supplies to and from the car.) But even though he couldn’t make it to the picnic, he drove all over town yesterday morning and went to FOUR grocery stores to find enough Hebrew National hot dogs for the picnic.  PLUS, he willingly and without complaint drove back to the party store to retrieve the balloons that I paid for and absentmindedly left in the store. (Yes, he’s a GEM, and you can’t have him.)

Then yesterday morning I got a call from Emily of The Motherhood, saying she was unable to attend due to an injury that needed immediate medical attention. I had been looking forward to hanging out again, and disappointed that I wouldn’t have a partner to share in the hostessing and media coverage, but with the help of a few good bloggers, I was able to get all the supplies to and from the picnic. And judging by the number of cameras on the premises, there will be plenty of media coverage to go around.

Now, on to the GOOD STUFF: Big shout out and megathanks to my good friend girlymama who was a tremendous help with the planning and shopping. Also, to the husbands of Shannon and Sarah — the guys who hovered over the grills and kept the flame from getting blown out, to provide us with perfectly cooked hot dogs. I also want to give a shout out to Crayola, who donated a huge box of goodies for the children at Home of the Sparrow, in addition to all the generous donations brought by the attendees of the picnic.

Okay, that’s enough of the businessy stuff.  Now on to the FUN part!  PICTURES!!!

Hebrew National sent t-shirts for all the kids.  Some of the adults got in on the fun too!  This is my littlest.  She’s not at all camera-shy:

The crafts were a hit!  Thanks to whomever suggested decorating these foam visors!!


Jenn worked TIRELESSLY painting faces.  Here is Mel‘s little girl:


This is my middle:


The kids decorated these baskets for the donations we collected.


The outpouring of donations was phenomenal.

hebrewThe kids gobbled those hot dogs right up!

hebrew3Now THAT’S a hot dog.

hebrew8After dinner, we planted flowers for the residents at Home of the Sparrow.



Before we left, we tried to gather all the bloggers together for a photo.  Unfortunately not quite everyone had a chance to jump in the picture.

We had SUCH a good time.  Philly has an amazing community of mom bloggers.  I can’t wait to hang out again!!!