I don’t know about you, but May kicked my trash.  I woke up on Friday with a sore throat and body aches, and I told myself all day that I was imagining things.  I survived Saturday with a lot of Advil, and then Sunday morning I finally succumbed to the inevitable.  I stayed home from church to get some extra rest, but the daggum dog out back barked incessantly while I tried unsuccessfully to sleep.  I lay there for an hour envisioning various silencing methods, including but not limited to BB guns and cyanide.  I eventually just got up and came downstairs and made a pot of coffee — a more constructive solution, although no where near as satisfying as those swirling through my achy head as I lay in bed.

The rest of the day was dicey, and I finally took 2 Alieve and went to bed at 7pm, aching from head to toe and shivering with cold chills.  But this morning I’m feeling MUCH improved.  I almost feel like myself again.  Not QUITE up to unwrapping that Shred video that has been beckoning from my kitchen counter for at least a week, but better.

So this morning I got up and checked my blog (What!? Isn’t that what everyone does first thing in the morning?) to find out that the date on a bunch of my posts had been mysteriously changed from May to June (meaning that they had been posted and now they were somehow scheduled to post on the same day but in June) AND they were suddenly marked as sticky posts.  I checked my post revisions (cool WordPress feature) and there was no record of any post revisions after the date they were originally posted, so that rules out some mystery hacker (not that the hackers of the world don’t have better things to do than mess with the date stamp on my blog posts.)  I’ve gone through and fixed them, and I’m hoping my brilliant blog administrator over at DSW will know EXACTLY what is wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.  Well, it doesn’t hurt to hope, does it?

At any rate, that is what is going on with me this fine Monday morning in June.  Yes, I said JUNE.  How did that happen?  Anyone want to take a gander?  Here in Yankeeland, our kids have a couple more weeks of school.  I know it seems barbaric to some of you for kids to go to school in June, but that’s how I feel about going to school in August.  We still start after Labor Day, which is how civilized people do school.  At any rate, that means my kids and I aren’t quite done yet.  I still have a slew of end-of-year parties and events on my calendar, although thank HEAVENS no “graduations” this year.  Whoever came up with the cockamamie idea for preschool and kindergarten graduations should be drawn and quartered, I’m just sayin’.

And now it’s time to make something of myself, as my mother used to say.  I hope you have a glorious Monday!

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19 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. I am so glad we do not have kindergarten graduation here. I am in favor of fewer graduations. Our last day of school is Thursday. I wouldn’t mind getting out this late, but we start the last week of August. So July is the only full month of no school. We have too many long weekends, in my opinion. Besides, there has been very little actual work since Memorial Day. Anyway, enjoy your productive day and good luck getting through these last weeks of craziness.

  2. I think all schools should start back after Labor Day, and be out the Friday before Memoriall Day – why can’t they make that work???? We are in our last week of school here in SC, bring on the summer (it’s going to be 90 here today):)

  3. And your rapid strep test at the Dr.’s office was???? Seriously, sore throat + headache = gotta get checked for strep. The strep bug LOVES springtime!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I use WordPress, too, and I had a post scheduled to auto post today and it did not. I had to go back and reschedule it to post at a time that already passed to make it appear.

    And, if I had my way about school, it would start after Labor Day, but still end in May. 😉

  5. We still have three more weeks of school – but we don’t go back until after Labor Day!

    I teach Kindergarten and we finally stopped the graduations last year. I mean, where are they graduating to? They are just going down the hallway to first grade!

  6. Boo is out Thursday and Hunter Friday. We start the day after Labor Day, state law we cant’ start before.

    I am so glad that Boo’s school doesn’t do a Kindergarten graduation…or last year would have been bad. Hunter’s did for elementary school – moving to middle, but that was actually kind of fun.

    I am feeling nasty too, woke up with a headache, sore throat and cough…not good.

  7. I hope you are completely well very soon! This is not a good time of year to be sick! This is our last week of school – yay!

    Our Christian school does have a short Kindergarten graduation (no caps/gowns or anything like that) during school hours, but mainly just to celebrate the fact that all of them have learned how to read and then they’re each presented with their own Bible.

    I’m sure June will start going much better for you! Just relax today!

  8. The phrase “kicked my trash” is still making me laugh…like RIGHT NOW.
    Also – I am surprised that your kids get to go back to school after labor day…tomorrow is my sibling’s last day of school and that go back in THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST. disgusting, isn’t it?

  9. Glad to hear your feeling better now. I couldn’t believe June was here either and what I can’t believe even more is there is frost warnings out for tonight! Enough already with that stuff I say.

    Our kids aren’t done till towards the end of June either and usually don’t go back until after Labor Day but this year because of where it falls they’ll be back August 31 which does not thrill them one bit.

  10. Sorry May hit you hard, hope June comes through with some relaxation. Get some rest and bring your trash back in from the curb. 🙂

  11. You know… I was looking for college class rings a few months ago and I came across… horrors of horrors… class graduation rings for preschool and kindergarten kids.


  12. I sprayed Lysol on your post before I read it just in case you left germs on it! LOL. Just kidding. I’m glad to here that you are feeling better. I can’t wait to hear what you learned this week being sick and all and having evil dogs next door.
    I’ll be back later.

  13. I hope you’re feeling sooooooo much better today!!! I’ve been thinking about you and hope your beginning of summer kickoff doesn’t include strep!

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