Quick Preschool Update

I received a call from Caroline’s preschool director this afternoon.  She left a message on my machine forCaroline, telling her how excited she is to see her back on Tuesday and how much fun she’s going to have this year.  She told her the names of a few girls who were in her class last year that will also be in her new class this year.  And then she added that she will be making new friends as well.  It was a nice call.

I letCaroline listen to the message, and she played it over and over and over.  Afterwards, she sounded more positive about going to school next week.

We haven’t been talking much about the subject.  I’m certainly not bringing it up, because I’m sure dwelling on it isn’t helpful.  Now all I can do is wait and see.

Thanks for all of your great advice.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes next week!