Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

Happy Friday, friends!!! We did it! We made it to day 26 of 26 Days of Fall Fashion!!!

When I left for South Carolina on Monday, I had only photographed enough outfits to get me through yesterday’s blog post. I knew I’d have to shoot one more look when I got home for today to finish up this series. Well, it’s been raining cats and dogs ever since I arrived home on Wednesday night so I decided to style an outfit around the red rain boots I purchased at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale back in July.

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

It’s been so dry here, I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, but I did actually wear this outfit (sans scarf) to a doctor appointment yesterday after we took these pictures. It was perfect for the dank, dreary day.

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

I absolutely love these red boots. I have the original tall gloss Hunter boots in grey, and I’ve enjoyed them so much. They’re incredibly comfortable and practical for rainy days, and of course they make a great fashion statement, but at times I’ve found myself wishing I’d gone with a bright color. This pair is similar to the pair I’m wearing; mine sold out.

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

I bought this silver raincoat on sale last spring, after I went out to dinner with friends one rainy night and realized I didn’t have an appropriate coat. I do have a bright pink trench, but it’s a bit much for some occasions, and I have a more rugged anorak style raincoat, which is fine for casual wear, but every woman should have a classic neutral trench in her closet. Khaki or black are the traditional colors, but I thought this silver was pretty for something different but still neutral and understated.

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

I always look for a raincoat with a hood because I don’t like to have to rely on having an umbrella with me. This one has a removable drawstring hood, so if you don’t like the looks of the hood, you can take it off, but you always have the option if you change your mind. It also has a removable liner so it can be worn it all year round.

This one is pretty much the same coat as mine, but it doesn’t come in silver. For a pretty silver rain coat, try this one.

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

Underneath, I wore this navy and white stripe turtleneck tissue tee. I like how the turtleneck is loose and doesn’t sit tight on the neck. It’s more comfortable that way, and I also feel it’s more flattering when it allows some of my neck to show. I sized down to a small in this turtleneck, and I’m happy with the fit. J.Crew seems to run a bit big. I love the combination of the plaid scarf on the stripped turtleneck.

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

Dark wash skinny jeans keep the navy and white theme going and look nice against the lighter silver raincoat. An ankle length skinny jean fits easily into boots without cuffing or extra fabric to contend with.

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

Finally, I carried a grey bag so it would blend in with the coat and not distract from the scarf and boots.

You could totally recreate this outfit with a khaki trench or a camel colored wool coat and a brown handbag. The effect would be the same. The navy, red, and white would pop on a warmer neutral background just as nicely as it does on this cool silvery grey.

Silver Trench & Red Rain Boots Outfit

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similar Hunter rain boots // my exact raincoat in other colors; similar silver raincoat // stripe turtleneck tissue tee // AG skinnies

So that’s a wrap! I cannot BELIEVE our 26 Days of Fall Fashion is over! It seems like fall is just finally beginning.

If you missed any of the outfits in this series, you can view them all here, and I’ll also be doing a recap tomorrow so you have them all in one spot.

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43 Responses

  1. LOVE all of the trench coat options! Have never seen ones with a hood before and that was always a deal-breaker because I don’t like having to carry an umbrella. Great outfit!

  2. Another fabulous fashion series on the books! I can tell that your style is evolving to something that is uniquely yours and yet very relatable to your audience! Loved this series and have my little “wish list” at Nordstrom chock full of great finds, linked from your blog of course! Now I just need to click the “confirm purchase” button and I’m set for fall!

  3. I have been reading your blog for several months now. I really love today’s outfit and yesterday’s color combo was great. I need a pair of bordeux boots to recreate your look. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love everything about this post! It all works SO well together. I would have been reluctant to pair the ivory tones with the grey (I have color and print paralysis) yet the scarf and boots bring it all together so nicely!

    THIS is why I need and follow you!!!

    Great month of posts!!!

      1. I looked at Burberrys when I bought this, thinking I might splurge, but they all looked bulky in the shoulders. I just looked online and I’m sure there are TONS of styles, but I dunno, they didn’t look that exciting to me.

        Also, I really don’t wear a trench often, although I probably should wear them more. This one is very comfortable so I do think I’ll find myself going for it more often than in the past. I’ve never had one this comfortable before.

  5. Jo-Lynne, I love the whole look! I wish you could send the rain to GA cause we are still in a drought and need it so bad. But, since neither one of us are in control of the weather, we have to accept what we’ve got.

    Have a great day and a fabulous weekend!

  6. Thanks for the fall round up Jo-Lynne. I got a lot of great ideas from you and Cyndi for mixing and matching colors. Love the rain boots! I am actually finding with some milder winters here in Canada that I wear mine more than my winter boots with all the slush.

  7. Perfect way to end another fantastic series! I love how all the colors work together in this. I seriously don’t know why I didn’t snag these boots during the sale. They were at the top of my wishlist last winter and we have gotten SO much rain here lately. Oh well, one day!
    By the way, I love the idea of doing the remix with your fall pieces.

  8. Those shorter length boots are great! I used to live in a very rainy area, but I moved to the desert about two years ago. I miss rain boots! And that red color is so fun.

  9. I also have tall black Hunter rain boots, but when I opened your email this morning your outfit made me smile!! I love the short red ones. They have now splashed into my cart. Ha!


  10. This is an adorable outfit. I see people wearing rain boots and keep thinking, I need to get a pair. This time of year is especially rainy, so I may have to start looking. Love the silver and red and I like how you threw on the scarf with it. It really pulls the whole look together. Thanks for posting and for hosting. – Amy

  11. Love the silver trench and red boots! Like you, I have a yellow trench coat but needed something more subdued! I chose khaki and have sure made a lot of use these past few days here in Michigan with my black Hunters!

  12. I bought a silvery grey trench in the spring but never wore it. Maybe, I’ll wear it this fall with a big scarf. You have me singing that old song ” Singing in the rain.” Lol

  13. That combination of red wellies with grey mac is perfect, particularly when you add in the plaid scarf!!

    If you haven’t yet, I do hope you’ll come over and join in this week’s Project Sister Act Link-Up 🙂


  14. Just ordered the short rain boots in dark gray from your links. I have been eyeing the Hunter boots for some time and wish I had jumped on them during the Nsale. However, these have great reviews,
    look cute with the buckle and at a price I can deal with.

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