Scenes from Easter

It’s been a while since I’ve posted photos of the kiddos. Just to warn ya, they’re HUGE. We tried to get a few good shots yesterday before the rains came.

Naturally Savannah had to be in the pictures at some point.

Then I realized that R hadn’t taken off her sweater, so when we got home from church, I stood them up again and made them endure another photo shoot. I expect this is the last year I will get away with putting one of my girls in smocking so I wanted to make sure to have adequate photographic evidence.

We had a nice, relaxing Easter celebration with my inlaws. Of course I ate way too much ham and mac-and-cheese so I spent the better part of the afternoon on the couch in a food coma.

Later on, we dyed Easter eggs.

The proof is in the stained hands!

And that pretty much sums up our Easter festivities. I hope yours was equally lovely!

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  1. Very nice pictures! Enjoy it while they’re young. My girls are 19 and 15 who still look forward to dying eggs, but they don’t do the dressing up for holidays anymore. Didn’t help that it was too cold here in Ohio; had to wear our winter coats.

  2. I love the pictures ! I am glad to see you got one in smocking-gives me hope, I was thinking this might be my last year of smocking. Your children have grown! You have a beautiful family.

  3. Lovely that your girls will still tolerate pretty dresses! Enjoy it while it lasts!

    In fact it’s a win/win/win – wearing dresses, posing for photos, and letting you post them online!

    I don’t think I could manage ONE of those this Easter 🙂

  4. Hi, found your site when I Googled how to watermark photos!! Great blog! We have tons in common, like God and running!

    Thanks for the great post! What a lovely family you have!
    Happy Spring!!

  5. I love your younger daugher’s dress…would you mind telling me where you got it? I am always on the lookout for clothes like that for my kids!

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