She’s making a list, and checking it twice…

Plane tickets… check.

Pedicure… check.

New flip-flops… check.

Ipod… check.

Frivolous gossip rag… check. (I know.  I should be ashamed, but at least it’s People and not Star or something. A girl’s gotta have some standards.)

Camera… check.

Battery chargers… check.

Diapers…  WAIT.  I won’t be needing those!

*pauses for happy dance*

*resumes packing*

Stylish outfit for evening out with the girls… check.

Sunscreen… check.

Bathing suit… check.

Adorable new purse… check.

3 oz bottles of liquids contained in zippered plastic bagggie… check.  (Dang airline regulations.)

Shorts and tanks… check, check, check!!!  (It’s gonna be in the 80s where we’re going!!)

I think I have everything.  What am I missing?

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13 thoughts on “She’s making a list, and checking it twice…

  1. You are so funny! I can just picture you doing the happy dance! I too indulge in a People Mag when I fly anywhere. It just is a tradition now! heehee! LOVE the new flip flops!!

  2. I’m doing the happy dance with you!! I’m putting my insane jealousy aside to help you celebrate!!! Have the time of your life!

  3. I read People every week. I see nothing wrong with that!! AND yes. It’s much more creditable that STAR. Plus, ya gotta keep up on the Paris scoop when you’re away sunning yourself. =)

  4. I have that pattern (Java Blue) in the Maggie purse. LOVE it.

    Have a great trip!

  5. Sounds like you’ve got all the necessities. Have a great time! How awesome to go away with JUST the girlfriends!

  6. Love the picture of you with your bag!

    Are those J. Crew flip flops you’re wearing???

    Have a great time!

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