Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends featuring Stella & Dot

One of the perks of being a Stella & Dot stylist is it keeps me up to date on the latest jewelry trends.

For the past few years, I’ve struggled a bit with all of the bold statement pieces and heavily layered looks. While I appreciate those styles on others, they aren’t necessarily the best look for me personally, so I’m excited to share that jewelry trends are edging back into delicate territory this spring!

Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends: Delicate, layered looks are hot this spring!

While delicate styles are coming back, the layered trend is still huge. Even better, many pieces are already grouped for you, which takes the guesswork out of layering. I struggle with putting things together, so I’m thrilled to have it done for me.

Take for instance this Drape Collar Necklace. The delicate yet dramatic chains cascade from a shiny gold collar to take you easily from the office to a night on the town. Gorgeous, yes!?!

Stella & Dot Drape Collar Necklace

And this Riad Layering Necklace is a 3-in-1 so you really get a lot of bang for your buck.

Stella & Dot Riad Layering Necklace

Double wrap bracelets also give the appearance of a layered look without the guesswork. I’m loving this Gilded Path Double Wrap Bracelet for spring.

Stella & Dot Gilded Path Double Wrap Bracelet

In my new quest to stay true to myself and not get caught up in the latest trends, I ordered this New Moon Necklace. I love long necklaces, but I don’t like them when they’re heavy. I can see this being extremely versatile in my closet. You can wear it with the pave to the front for a hint of glam, or to the back for an all-gold look.

Stella & Dot New Moon Necklace

And I like how this Wanderer Necklace mixes silver and gold along with aqua discs with semi precious Howlite accents. They are calling this a mini statement piece, which is perfect! It has all the interest of a statement necklace without the weight. I like necklaces that have enough substance to fill a neckline without taking over. I also ordered this piece, and I can’t wait to start wearing it. Plus, it’s only $39!

Stella & Dot Wanderer Necklace

Another fun new trend in jewelry is the Bridge Bracelet — the twisted gold bangle has a chain that trails down to capture a band ring. You can wear them together as a delicate statement or detach the chain and ring for a plain gold cuff.

Stella & Dot Bridge Bracelet

This more delicate take on a collar necklace is great too. This Mondrian Collar Necklace did not go in my shopping bag, but I think it would be great on someone with more chest area to work with. Ha!

Stella & Dot Mondrian Collar Necklace

Ear Jackets are a big trend this spring. Check out the Mondrian Ear Jacket that coordinates with the necklace shown above.

Mondrian Ear Jacket

The Drape Ear Jacket is pretty too.

Stella & Dot Drape Ear Jacket

See how they look with the Bridge Bracelet here.

Stella & Dot Drape Ear Jacket and

I also love this geometric Terra Ring with ruthenium plating and black diamond crystals. It’s a great little dinner ring for $39.

Stella & Dot Terra Ring

Finally, I know it’s not jewelry, but Stella & Dot also sells handbags, and I am in love with this geometric print Crosby Hobo!!!

Stella & Dot Crosby Hobo

They also updated my favorite How Does She Do It bag for spring 2016 in this gorgeous Navy Breton Stripe.


I love this carryall for travel. I have one in silver, and I just ordered this navy stripe for spring. It has a pocket for a water bottle inside, and it holds a TON of stuff. Plus, you don’t have to worry about scratching the exterior when you put it through the security check or shove it under your airplane seat because the material just wipes off.

Then when you get to your destination and ditch some of your travel paraphernalia, you can snap the sides down and make it into a satchel and use it as a purse. It’s a fabulous all-around bag to have. I also use mine as my personal pool bag in the summertime. It’s just the right size for a beach towel, my kindle, my wallet, and of course a water bottle!

Host A Virtual Trunk Show and Earn Free Jewelry!

host a trunk show

I’ve been a Stylist with Stella & Dot for several years, and I’m crazy about their products. Just because I can’t come to your house doesn’t mean you can’t host a trunk show and earn free jewelry. If you host a virtual trunk show, you get all the same hostess benefits as you would if you hosted a trunk show in your home, and you don’t even have to clean the house! 

With a virtual trunk show, you will get a unique URL to share with friend and family, and when they shop through that link, you earn Hostess Rewards, which is basically credit towards free or 1/2 price product.

To qualify for Hostess Rewards, you’ll only need to bring in 4 individual outside orders that total $300. Here’s a chart that details what you can earn in Hostess Rewards when you host a trunk show. The bottom row shows what the orders from your show need to be in order to get the product credits and 1/2 off items in the top and middle rows.

Hostess Rewards Chart

January Hostess Rewards: Earn an Extra $50 in Style Rewards!!

During the month of January, you get an extra $50 in free products when you host a qualified Trunk Show that closes before Monday, February 1st at 9pm PT. Here are more details. This is an awesome deal, so if you want to do a trunk show in January, let me know right away. It has to close by February 1st to qualify for the extra $50 in product credit.

Plus, when you host a trunk show, you and your guests are eligible for the Trunk Show Exclusive Offers: spend $50 and get 50% off on any of these select items. These items change each month. Here are the January Trunk Show Exclusives:

trunk show exclusives

If you’re interested in hosting a virtual trunk show, email me or simply SIGN UP HERE. I will be in touch shortly!

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Jo-Lynne's Trunk Show

Feel free to leave a comment below or email me if you have any questions. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I’ll be around all weekend because if the weatherman is correct, we’ll be getting about a foot of snow!! Needless to say, my kids are ecstatic. I might be a little bit giddy myself.

What do you think about the more delicate jewelry trends for 2016?? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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14 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends featuring Stella & Dot

  1. I love the delicate trend. I was never a statement person so this is great for me. Love both bags. Tempted! Still trying to visualize the transition of the second one. 🙂 I do have a question about the converse shoes. Just got mine yesterday. I ordered a size down. Debating on if that is right. They feel a little snug. Did you get a smaller size, Jo-Lynne, than what you normally wear. don’t want to send back and then find out I had the right size all along. Help.

    1. I tried both on in the store, and I debated and hemmed and hawed and finally went with the larger pair. I have very square feet (lol) and the smaller pair was rubbing the corner of my big toe. I was worried about blisters so I went with the larger. I still think the smaller LOOKED better on b/c they made my feet look smaller and cuter. 🙂 And in the back, where the elastic is, the larger size almost looks too big. BUT I am glad I stuck with the bigger size b/c they are comfortable. I dont know if that helps or not.

      Also, I can show how the bag transitions. In this post, if you scroll down to the lavender tank – I am carrying it snapped up on the sides, more of a satchel:

      And then scroll down further to the black and white outfit, and I’m carrying it with the sides out, as a tote. 🙂

  2. I love the bag, too cute! The stripes are very nautical, and work well for the spring. I also love the delicate look of the jewelry. I do adore my chunky stuff, but love the “light and airy” stuff too!

  3. I’m a big fan of Stella and Dot. I have a good friend that’s a stylist, so I order through her. I love the ear jackets, especially the drape ones!
    I’ve been following the winter storm on the news, you’re definitely in for a huge snow! Enjoy and stay warm!!

  4. I couldn’t quite get comfortable with the larger statement pieces either. I’m not huge on jewelry to begin with, but what I do have is mostly minimal and delicate. I do love the layered look, but don’t have enough to work with to create my own. I bought one (cheap!) layered set, and although I like the look, it gets tangled just looking at it! I love how the one you showed comes together in one strand. This may be what I need!

  5. I love my How Does She Do It Tote!! I use it for work to carry my lunch, magazines and day timer – very sturdy and I love that it doesn’t get dirty!

  6. Any chance of you including capsule wardrobe daily on the blog in a small way? No worries, but definitely would be interested in reading here.

  7. After seeing all the spring pieces I am in LOVE with Stella and Dot. My wish list of pieces I NEED is getting way too big…it’s already over $300, but I just cannot stop browsing. I love the silver wanderer necklace and the Riad necklace.

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