2020 Spring Sandal Trends

A few weeks ago, we talked about Spring Trends for 2020, and today I’ve rounded up my favorite 2020 spring sandal trends and a bunch of recommendations across various price points.

It will be a while before we’re wearing sandals here in Philly, but I’ve already ordered several new pairs, and I can’t wait to wear them.

#1. Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals seem to go in and out of style every few years, and this year they’re back! I’ve always been a fan of a wedge, as I find them easier to walk in than most other types of heels, and they have a summery vibe that I love — especially when combined with an espadrille style sole like the one above.

#2. Studs

A fun way to incorporate an edgy vibe into your summer looks.

#3. Block Heels

I love a good block heel sandal for stability and extra height.

#4. Square Toe

We’re starting to see more squared off toes, which I like so much better than the pointy toe sandals that were trending last season. They were hard to wear for most of us, and let’s face it, no one wants to see your toes flopping off the end of your sandal!

#5. Strappy Styles

These are delicate and flattering to most feet, and if you combine with a block heel, they can be quite comfortable to walk in.


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56 thoughts on “2020 Spring Sandal Trends

  1. Oh I love all of these! Can’t wait for spring! I think you should continue your blog as usual. Yes we do have a bad situation and I believe it is going to get worse. But we cannot stop our lives because of it. Continue on Jo-Lynne. We all love your post and we need the distraction.

  2. Yes! Please keep posting as always! We will keep reading and enjoying the work you are doing for all of us. Hey, if we are all home for a time, we REALLY need to fight the FRUMP! STAY CALM AND CARRY ON!

  3. Frankly, for me it’s a nice distraction from the “doomsday” news to read a blog post on fashion, so I say keep ’em coming! This is temporary, and life will return to normal (God willing). The economy shouldn’t shut down because of a virus, and if we all stop shopping for items we’ll need after this madness clears, it will greatly affect the economy. Being smart about going places with large crowds is a good thing, and I am in total agreement with you on the hoarding situation!

  4. I completely understand your inner debate. And I agree with the others. You should continue doing what you do! We are all feeling the same things. I appreciate all the work you put into the blog and I look forward to readIng every day! Preparing now for my high school daughter and college son to be finishing the year on-line as well. Stay well! 😊

  5. Jo-Lynne, you should continue with your blog posts as usual. Of course, like you said, we can’t ignore the fact that there’s a virus circulating but I do believe that it’s being blown out of proportion. The seasonal flu is deadly as well and we deal with it every year. Having said that, I’m from a rural area so it’s not as scary for me as it is for heavily populated areas. Taking precautions to limit the spread is necessary and smart but life continues, virus or not.

  6. Looks like there will be a lot of cute options for sandals this Spring.  I’m sorry that the shower was canceled and that the NBA has temporarily suspended their season. ☹️  It would be very ignorant for us to stick our head in the sand and say this virus isn’t bad.  And, as you mentioned, we don’t need to overreact either, but we need to be prepared.  The one aspect that worries me the most is that someone can be a carrier of it for up to 14 days without any symptoms, thus they are going about their daily routine while unknowingly infecting others.  I am a bit paranoid since Larry has a compromised immune system due to his cancer.  This virus could kill him since he’s already primed to developing bronchitis and pneumonia.  I’m hoping that us living in a very rural area, with no close neighbors, will work in our favor.  Have a great day!

  7. I understand that you’re conflicted on posting about fashion with what’s going on but it a nice distraction from the news and I always enjoy your posts! Keep doing what you’re doing for as long as it makes sense for you, hopefully things will calm down before long!

  8. Hi there! I rarely comment, but read everyday.  I think we need distractions from all the seriousness of our universe right now. I can’t think of anything better than cute sandals! Keep up the welcome distraction! Thanks!!

  9. I hope you continue as you normally would with the blog. It’s a nice distraction from what going on in the world.

  10. I don’t feel you’re being insensitive to the goings on in the world by continuing to share light content such as fashion w/us. In fact, I feel like it keeps a sense of normalcy in our world that is being turned upside down a little at a time each day as we hear of something else shutting down in our society. My personal opinion is that your blog is a bright spot in my day & I would hate to have that one less brightness! Keep sharing the fun things like fashion & home renovation! BTW, your kitchen is GREAT!!

    1. Marla said it perfectly! Keep doing what you do so well. Your posts are a much needed break from the doom and gloom and stockpiling craziness. Our store shelves are looking post apocalyptic here too. We all need a way to decompress, calm down and lower our cortisol stress hormones… Your blog is our “therapy”. Sorry to hear about your events being cancelled….. We all have to get used to our new normal.

  11. Jo-Lynne,. Please keep doing your blog just like always. We all need the distraction from all the negative news we’re getting everyday. As to the hoarding, I was buying groceries yesterday and there was not a single roll of toilet paper!! Glad I didn’t need any!! We are scheduled to go on a cruise in 4 weeks and as of now, we’re still going. There hasn’t been any mention of the virus being in the Caribbean yet so hopefully we’ll be good. Using common sense is half the battle. (This is for our 50th anniversary so I relate to you about your trip for your 25th!!)

  12. Hi Jo-Lynne! Now that we’re home a little more, maybe you can resume your Facebook Lives! I have missed those. And reading your post on Spring Shoes makes me want to make that trip up to attic today to bring down my boxes of spring/summer shoes and sandals. I really don’t think I’ll be wearing my boots (especially my knee-high boots) any more this season, so I want them out of my tiny closet! AND, did I miss the latest photos of your kitchen with the backsplash done? It was looking wonderful!

    1. Ha! I was thinking that this morning… maybe I’l have time to do Lives if no one is out and about. It really does seem like something comes up every Tuesday. This week I had an doc appt I had to schedule for that time.

  13. Please keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a happy break from reality! Thank you for all you do.

  14. I appreciate you sharing your heart about the coronavirus situation.  I completely agree and understand what our government is suggesting for safe practice measures.  But mostly, I agree that none of this has caught God off guard.  He will walk us through this and we’ll most likely be better for having come through it.  Always lessons to learn.

    So far, where I live (the Texas Panhandle – I’m 2 hours from Amarillo in the small town of Perryton, Tx) we’ve not had any “hoarding” issues.  I was in Amarillo Tuesday and Target & Sams were fully stocked.  But that doesn’t mean things couldn’t change – who knows?

    I’m sorry about Paul’s game and your trips being cancelled.  I hate that for you.  

    As to sharing fashion ideas and sales – I think that should carry on.  We all need something “normal” to look forward to.  Also, seeing the latest fashions, styles and trends will always be needed when this scare is over.  So work away dear JoLynne….keep up with what you do and make sure your sponsors know that we want to know all about their merchandise and sales.

    I do pray that the much needed vaccine will be ready sooner than later & that this will soon be only a memory.

    1. Wow, that is awesome. Around here entire isles are bare. It is kind of freaky. I hope they start producing more stat, because I don’t think this situation is going to die down anytime soon.

  15. Even with the unnamed pandemic, I still appreciate this post. I don’t want to think about the worst 24/7….and I still want ALL THE SHOES!! 

    Also, I am still hoping to see outfits (or better yet, a capsule wardrobe) for your Paris trip. 

    Enjoy the extra time with your son. Thanks for all you do!

  16. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the virus and what’s going on in your area. I’m in San Antonio and so glad we have a facility to help those that they are bringing in but it does expose our city more and we all have to be aware of how to protect ourselves without over reacting. Luckily we didn’t have any important plans or events that got canceled yet. My husband has a trade show to attend in Dallas next week and it hasn’t been canceled yet but kind of hoping it does. Love all the spring shoes! 

  17. Please continue to share fashion and your life with us! For me, your blog is an escape from the world for a few minutes each day and I love getting the latest fashion info from you.

  18. Do you ever see velcro closures for sandals. I have a hard time bending over and seeing to fasten the buckles on sandals. The buckles seem to get smaller and the holes are harder to get in ever year. I haven taken a pair to a cobbler to have them change out the buckle for velcro one time, but that is expensive.

    1. My favorite sandals with Velcro adjustments are from Earth and Alegria. But they are more of a comfort, walking sandal and not “dressy”.

    2. I did see a few, but they looked kind of frumpy to me, so I didn’t include any. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone… even my beloved Vejas come in velcro now, so I think it’s my own personal hangup. I will try to remember that some people like them and include a few next time.

  19. Great post, I love summer sandals!
    What about flatforms? I love that style and see them around, especially the new ones with the white ridged sole? Any out there you like?

  20. Jolynne – don’t fret about seeming caviller, we will no doubt need the distraction and  “ mind break” in the coming weeks.  

  21. I agree with the others.  I appreciate your being conflicted about fashion posts in the midst of all this, but it really is a nice distraction from the all the news reports.  Thinking about warmer days ahead and cute sandals are something to look forward to.  I’m sorry you will miss your trip to Boston and miss out on the basketball games.    Praying for God’s blessing on us all and brighter days ahead for everyone. 

    1. Agree with all to keep posting as usual. I am in sales, and have to keep going too. My daughters college is going online for the rest of the semester, and it is her senior year. She was invited to present a paper at a national conference, and that was cancelled. She also lost her job, since it is on campus. We will see what happens with this. I tend to think we are overreacting, but of course that tendency could be proved wrong. We’ll see.

      1. That’s too bad. I don’t think it’s overreacting; they need to slow this down or we will max out our resources. The situation in Italy is dreadful. Unfortunately it’s a busy time of year, and so many people are having their plans disrupted. It’s such a shame.

  22. Hi, very good intro. I say please continue to post fashion, kitchen remodel and home dec. We need it badly! We need a way to escape the madness.

    At my job, someone casually mentioned in premeeting small talk that the wife and child had been tested and were awaiting results. Didn’t think he needed to remain home unless it was proven positive.

    So give me fashion!

    I love the BR tshirts arrived and were amazing. I would never have known to try them except for you and your great work!

    1. You have got to be kidding me. People really are that clueless? Not only did he come to work, he shared that??? This is why the government will end up having to shut things down. People are idiots. Sorry, but I had to rant.

      How long do results take? I was hoping they were immediate – like a flu swab.

  23. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.  I agree with what others have said.

    We will all do our best to get through this. During this time of uncertainty, I believe it’s important to do what we’ve been educated to do yet keep our lives as normal as we possibly can. Your blog is component of my daily life and fashion is a wonderful distraction during stressful times. If it weren’t, we likely wouldn’t be following your blog; please continue. 

  24. We all need an escape from serious things, and especially now. What you do on your blog is just wonderful, and you are so very much appreciated. Keeping on blogging as normal would not be insensitive, it would be a service! Thank you, Jo-Lynne!!

  25. Well written post on the virus.  I live in FL and had to mail a care package to my son in Seattle who can not find any kind of sanitizer (bleach, wipes, hand, Lysol) ANYWHERE!  

  26. I appreciate your post today and it’s nice to know how others are feeling about this.. here in my part of Canada we have no known cases.. in fact the first one in Atlantic Canada was revealed yesterday so I’m sure it is heading this way! I’m being as cautious as I would be during our regular cold and flu season but maybe a little more. We had no trips planned so I’m glad I don’t have to stress over that. Taking it one day at a time and will continue to enjoy your blog .. Thanks for the shoe update.. I’m loving the stud look so they’re on my radar. Prayers for all to stay healthy and have patience:)

  27. Thank you for providing us with something else to think about during this corona virus time. I don’t want to go out to the Mall right now, so thank you for providing a look at current fashion trends online!

  28. Oh, I do hope you’ll keep posting. I enjoy starting my day catching up on my blog friends and thinking about which outfit to wear before real life takes over. Besides, we feel super invested in your new kitchen at this point 😉 😉 Hoping for days soon where our only concern is what to buy at the next Loft sale…..and your posts will help us be ready!

  29. Jo-Lynne,

    I love your blog and read it everyday and agree with the other comments that you should keep on posting. That’s why we love you- it’s something different and POSITIVE  to give a little of our time! Keep on keeping on girl❤️!

  30. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with all of us. Certainly understand how you feel. As others have stated, I look forward to your blog and yes, it’s a great diversion from what’s going on. I feel like each morning I receive an email from my friend Jo-Lynne and she provides me with great tips on how not to be frumpy at 60. Today I got some news on shoes. Like others here, I’m shopping for nice warm weather items. The reality is that like all hard times, they do indeed pass. Doesn’t mean we are ignoring the issue but it does mean we are doing our best to carry on. You continue to do your job to help us to do just that. What you bring to us daily is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

  31. Please continue as usual  Jo-Lynne! I agree we need the distraction. We just learned that our mission trip to the Bahamas in April has been canceled due to the virus. Abaco is still in such need😢 after Hurricane Dorian. 

  32. I agree with the others. You should carry on.  It gives us all some normalcy in this scary time.  If everyone is stuck at home it gives us time to peruse the blog so we can look good when we start going out again!

  33. I’m a nurse, working in an administration role. Thank you for sharing what’s on your heart. As a healthcare worker, the COVID-19 is very concerning to me. Not because of the virus it’s self but the panic surrounding it. I’m packing a bag to take with me in the morning to leave in my office. I fully believe in the very near future I am going to be stuck at the hospital for an extended period of time. Please keep all healthcare workers in your prayers. Many of us are going to be spending extended periods of time away from our families. 

  34. I’m a daily reader (but infrequent commenter – an introvert even on the internet!) and just wanted to chime in as others have to say that the distraction is much-needed, so please continue, while also focusing on keeping yourself and your family healthy. I did give up online clothes shopping for Lent, but I’m bookmarking things to add to my spring wardrobe after Easter. 🙂

  35. As a nurse in a hospital that is starting to see cases, I am asking you to please continue what YOU do!   Each one of us has a job we are meant to do. Your blog is one of my favorite things to read each day and I would hate for you to stop!!!
    Looking forward to all your new posts as we move through the madness!! Be well:))

  36. I loved your email intro to the blog post today. So well-written. It is sort of eerie what we are all experiencing right now. But, the way I look at it, better safe than sorry. I think it’s good to be cautious. My husband and I have cancelled our spring break plans and are holding off on planning a trip to Italy in November. We were actually advised not to put down any money as of just yet. We will probably just push it to next year in early summer 2021.

    Keep on doing what you do. People still have to get dressed everyday so you are still relevant and a good distraction for most. 🙂 I am surprised to see so many square toe sandals out there! I’m not sure I like them. I love the selection you showed though. Wedges are a favorite and I love those strappy studded Marc Fischer sandals you featured. I may have to buy those!

  37. Hello, I’ve never left a comment but tonight I thought I would say how much I enjoy your blog!  This is a much needed distraction from what’s going on around in the world, please keep posting! 

  38. I hardly ever comment, but had to today. Keep blogging because I enjoy the great job you are doing for all of us.

    You do a great job every single day and I thank you for that. I am immune
    compromised so am staying home for a long time. I know it will be hard for me but I just
    don’t want to sick.
    Thanks again for all you do.

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