Spring Transition Outfit with T.J.Maxx

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Greetings, friends! We’re enjoying a slight reprieve from the cold temperatures we’ve had over the past few weeks, and it feels almost like spring around here. I know it’s just a tease, but it has me thinking about spring fashion and wanting to style some transitional outfits.

On my reader survey a few weeks ago, I had quite a few of you ask me to incorporate some styles from T.J.Maxx, so I was excited when they asked me to partner with them again.

In case you weren’t aware, T.J.Maxx now has online shopping! Tjmaxx.com is awesome because you get to enjoy their treasure-hunt experience right from the comfort of home. And if you’re like me, and you don’t always have time for the hunt but enjoy getting name brand clothes at great prices, it’s even better news!

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx featuring Jones New York striped hoodie.

When I’m shopping at tjmaxx.com, I always start in The Runway section. This is their designer section, and it isn’t available at all brick and mortar T.J.Maxx stores, but it is available online. This is another benefit to shopping T.J.Maxx online — you have access to a much larger selection of products than you do when you shop in-store.

With 100s of new arrivals each week, the inventory at tjmaxx.com fluctuates constantly, so just like when you shop in their stores, you’ll want to check out their website often to see what’s new.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

Contrary to what some may think, they aren’t stocking second quality or last season’s styles. Because every store carries different products and every item isn’t stocked in every size, they aren’t limited by the inventory requirements that other stores are. This is how they’re able to buy up in-season styles from well-known brands and offer them at greatly reduced prices. Just like their stores, tjmaxx.com uses the same model to provide quality products at a great price.

Case in point: these high rise skinny jeans from one of my favorite premium denim brands.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

High rise jeans are trending, and I’m a huge fan. I really like how they hold me in, and I don’t have to worry about exposing my back when I bend over.

I love how these have a classic mid-indigo wash, and the fit is fantastic. They have just enough stretch to be comfortable, but they don’t bag out.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

For size reference, these are a 29, and they fit me perfectly, although I normally wear a 28 in this brand. I’m finding that I need to size up in high-waisted styles. I’d say they run true to size, or if in between, size up.

T.J.Maxx has tons of options for premium denim from well-known brands. I was really excited by what I was able to find. This is when it really does help to know your brands, but they offer free in-store returns so there’s no risk in taking a chance.

Sizes are limited and do go quickly, so I recommend ordering two sizes if in doubt. They may not be there when you go back to get them.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

I also found these perforated booties from one of my favorite shoe brands. These are a great transition shoe as we head into spring because the perforations keep you cool so your feet don’t get sweaty in warmer weather, but the black suede makes them appropriate for wearing now.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

I would only wear these on milder winter days because they clearly don’t work with a sock, but if you live in a warmer climate, you can easily wear them all year round.

Unfortunately these sold out, but this pair is similar, and I like this pair a lot too. In fact, there are tons of on-trend booties available at tjmaxx.com right now. It’s definitely worth taking a look.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

On top, I’m wearing this fun striped hoodie. I love the weight of this top — it’s sort of a cross between a sweater and a sweatshirt. It’s almost a terrycloth fabric, actually, and it has a great upscale sporty vibe. For size reference, I’m wearing the small.

Tjmaxx.com has a wide selection of sweaters and tops for this transition season if you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

Normally I would pair this top with black jeans and a fashion sneaker, but I’ve done that look a few times with a striped top so I wanted to try something different. I like the way the black booties bookend the outfit, and the mid-wash denim is a nice contrast to the black and white.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

To complete the outfit, I added a red crossbody for a pop of color. There are soooo many great handbag options at T.J.Maxx right now, I had a hard time deciding on just one to feature.

I chose a crossbody for this particular look because it’s lightweight and practical for a mom on the go, and it keeps you hands-free. This outfit is perfect for a day of shopping and running errands, to volunteer at the kids’ school, or to a ballgame on the weekend. It’s casual and comfortable but still chic and put-together.

Sharing a spring transition outfit in partnership with T.J.Maxx! Striped hoodie, mid-wash skinny jeans, and black perforated ankle boots.

striped hoodie // high rise skinny jeans // crossbody bags // black booties

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51 Responses

  1. How do the number sizes (26, 27, 28, etc.) correspond to 8, 10, 12, etc. sizing? I am always confused by this when trying to order jeans online.

  2. I am a frequent Maxx-inista…  We’re lucky enough to have one with a huge HomeGoods attached.  

    I don’t like “sifting” but I rarely leave the store without some great wardrobe stretchers.

    Love the idea of shopping with them online…esp because—as you noted—our store lacks the runway dept!    Thanks for the tip!

  3. I used to be a huge TJMaxx fan, but I got out of the habit!! But online could make it so much easier, Jo-Lynne!!
    I love the idea to order a couple of sizes, because that’s what you do in the fitting room!!

  4. I am a TJMaxx fan. Thanks for sharing some of your finds. I need to buy one of those colorful handbags. It really adds to an outfit!

  5. I wish I needed another hoodie, cause this one is sooo cute! I never think to try TJ Maxx, but I might give them a look!

  6. Very nice outfit. I liked that you paired it with the booties for a change from a casual tennis shoe. My 21 yr old daughter and I love TJMaxx and so glad we can also shop online. She has a hectic college schedule so I shop for her. ???? Thank you for sharing about The Runway section because I wasn’t aware of it. I will definitely check it out tonight. 

  7. That’s my kind of top for sure!  I prefer the high rise jeans for the same reasons you mentioned.  You look fabulous in this outfit Jo-Lynne!  Looks like I will be giving TJMaxx another chance on-line.  Be blessed!

  8. Love the post Jo-Lynne!! When I get to go to TJM, I typically shop the outside racks, shoes, handbags and home goods… I am not a “sifter”either, and have occasionally shopped online, though no purchases as of yet! I have picked up a couple of pair of Joe’s jeans at the store before, That was pretty exciting! lol!
    Have a super fabulous day!

  9. I love that TJMaxx now has online. I ran in ours the other night and found a great Rebecca Minkoff purse and wanted to get it, but someone had taken the long strap. DANG IT!!!! I’ve checked another store and they didn’t have it nor online. Foiled! Cute look!

  10. I love TJ Maxx.  I’m in there so much that the jewelry counter ladies notice when I change my hair!  I’ve ordered a few things online but never thought about ordering jeans.  That’s a great tip because our local store doesn’t have a lot of options in the brands that fit me well, and as long as I know the size for a particular brand, finding them should be much easier.  Thanks!  Great post, and you were very funny today.  ????

  11. Love this post!  Never pass a TJ MAXX without stopping ???? Love everything about this outfit. Don’t hate your Southen friends. We’ve had an unusually cold winter. ????

  12. Love, love this outfit! And love that it’s from TJMax!   A question I have maybe you could talk about on FBLive if you have time….. I spend soooooo much time “window shopping” online that sometimes I get so overwhelmed and no purchases. How do you decide what to order? And, I never want to pay for shipping, do you order extra sizes to avoid that?  Also, I’m on a strict monthly budget so really want to make smart choices but it’s hard to decide and I end up with something I don’t really love but it was such a good price so I keep it anyway. Ugh!   I really like your style and love your blog. I have been a faithful reader for a few years.  I am also 5’5 and #140, but more pear shape and 10 years older than you, and also a retired empty nester!!!!!  Thanks for all your inspiration and information!

    1. Hey Brenda, all good questions. I’ll write them down and expand a bit for the FB live, but I definitely buy more than one size or color to avoid shipping costs. I also hate paying shipping. And I do get overwhelmed sometimes. I err on the side of buying too much and having to return a lot. 🙂

      Thanks for being such a faithful reader! xo

  13. As much as I love TJ Maxx, I never think to shop online!  Not sure why, because it is a bigger selection, even though my neighborhood store is decent.  That is a great outfit on you.  I recently bought what I think are the same jeans, and they are now my “wear every day” favorites.  I always assumed that brand didn’t fit me – just goes to show you need to keep trying.  I noticed when I clicked on the link a few pairs of straight crop jeans that were kind of tempting (one in 7FAMK and one rag and bone) – did you look at those, or have you decided that style is not you?  As much as I love skinnies, there’s something about the cropped wider leg that keeps me looking.    

    1. I am still determined to find a cropped straight jean to fit me! LOL!!! I like the aesthetic and they’re so good with loafers, my newest shoe obsession. 😉

      Now I’m off to tjmaxx.com to try to find the ones you are talking about. Ha!

      1. See if this works.  These are less “out there”, and maybe that’s a good thing if the style makes you (or me) nervous.  https://tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/jump/product/Made-In-USA-Ankle-Straight-Leg-Jeans/1000294722?skuId=1000294722852005&pfb=mc:t

        These are more out there.  Not crazy, but maybe wider than you have in mind.  I think you’d have to tuck your shirt, which is more than a little scary.  Fwiw, if these interest you, I tried on a similar pair somewhere along the way and thought they ran big (not at all what I was expecting…maybe it was a quirky pair because they were at another discount store).  https://tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/jump/product/Rocklyn-Jeans/1000308378?skuId=1000308378837841&pfb=mc:i  

        Then below those (in the “you might also like these” section) are some non-premium options.  

        I need you to buy them and show me what they look like, lol.

  14. One of the many things I miss about working in the ‘burbs is popping over to the TJ Maxx in St. Davids or Gateway every once in a while at lunch. So many good options in the Runway section. I have found some of my favorite pieces over the years there!

    1. Oh are you in Center City now? I was at Paul’s work yesterday and I saw a sign for what I think is your old firm. I was thinking how convenient… but I guess you’re no longer there. Isn’t there good shopping in the city, tho?

  15. Cute outfit! I’ve never shopped at TJ Max. I’m assuming their prices are much lower than other stores for higher end name brands? 
     I’m still not getting your post in my inbox? Do I need to resubscribe?

    1. Yes, much lower!!! Like, crazy low. The jeans in today’s post are $49 at TJMaxx and would be at least $149 retail.

      I’m not sure why you’re not getting emails. It did go out this morning. Okay, I just checked, and it says you unsubscribed yesterday. Maybe you accidentally hit the unsubscribe button in your last email? Here’s the link to sign up again: https://eepurl.com/cOBLrH

  16. I love TJ Maxx. It can definitely be hit or miss. But when you find something you love, it makes it worth it! The home section at our store is great too!
    I sure hear you about winter! I just did a FB post about Sorel boots. Sadly we had around 10 inches dropped in MN this week. My heart is ready for spring, but I’m sure we’re in for a another snow storm….or two!

    I just watched your FB live during my lunch. 🙂

  17. I have a pair of black perforated booties. I did wear socks with them, I just made sure they were black no show ones.

  18. Love your post and always watch your facebook live after the fact and it is great as well. Thanks for all your effort! Unrelated to fashion question: Where did you get your bedding? Love everything about it especially the ties on the shams!

  19. I love TJMaxx!!!  I’ve been shopping with them online for a couple years.  I get spoiled and a “warped” sense of pricing because I shop there so much. They offer free shipping every so often and returns just go back to their local stores. I refuse to pay for shipping if at all possible.Thanks for doing this post!! 

  20. Such a cute outfit on you.  I love the look.  I love stripes with red.  Could you please tell me which day, so I can look in the archives, you did your Facebook live?  I think it was the last one but maybe you’ve done another since. Don’t know.  It was over an hour long.  I didn’t get a chance to finish it when it was posted and I told you I was able to get the link to work on my iPhone, even though I don’t have Facebook. I’d like to watch the rest of it.  Thanks Jo-Lynne    

  21. Hi Jolynne, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and appreciate your whit and sense of style. As a longtime online shopper of the Rack, Ann Taylor, LOFT, and WHBM, I thought I’d give TJ a try – after all, I love the store, so why not? Here’s the clinch- I waited 2 weeks for my order to arrive and wasn’t in love with anything. Went to the store today to return and what did they offer? Merch credit. Not a go in my book. While I politely (yes, politely 😉 waited for the manager to cure my woes, I went online and read that little tiny print that I generally ignore – “PayPal returns
    In Store: Purchases made with PayPal and that are returned to a T.J.Maxx store will receive any refund in the form of a merchandise credit.
    By Mail: Purchases made with PayPal that are returned by mail will receive charge credit, minus the $9.99 return shipping and handling fee.”

    Lesson here? Paypal Buyer Beware. And always read the fine print 😉

  22. Hi I love the black booties! Do you know the brand name I had bought some last year and they got ruined and they were the best booties ever because of how comfortable they were. Please let me know the brand name??? Thanks💕

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