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How to style pastel jeans is definitely a bit of a conundrum. I feel this way about my mint jeans. I don’t know why, I had no trouble styling my red and green ones; the bold colors just seemed to work well with black or gray, and I have plenty of both of those colors in my closet. But the pastel has been a bit more of a challenge. I was asked to cover this topic so here we are!

When I first got my mint jeans, I tried them with a few different tops. I find that I prefer to wear them with other light neutrals. I especially like them with this cream sweater and jewelry that brings in peach and gold. This time I wore a nude shoe.


Then I was pretty proud of myself when I put them with this striped sweater in peach, taupe and ivory. I felt like I was stepping outside of my comfort zone to wear them with a patterned top that had no mint in it at all. Mint and peach go really well together!


I haven’t worn my mint jeans in a while, mainly because it’s been so dang hot. They’re fairly lightweight, though, so I really should bring them out and try them with some summer tops.

Let’s go to Pinterest for more styling ideas because mine are fairly safe. I think we can do better.

This outfit pairs mint jeans with a navy and white polka-dot blouse. I LOVE THIS. The mint earrings help tie the outfit together, and then she just puts neutral shoes and bag into it. (source via)

styling mint jeans

This one pretty much follows my safe formula, working with lighter neutrals. The mint necklace is a cute touch. (source via)

mint jeans

Here’s a cute look with coral jeans. These aren’t quite as pastel as some, but you can see that they kept it simple with an ivory blouse, gold jewelry and neutral shoes. I like how they bring in some mint with the bracelet. Again, coral and mint are a fabulous combination!! (via)

coral jeans

I’ve seen navy and white stripes paired with coral quite a bit, and that seems to work. Navy is a nice with pastels if you prefer a bolder neutral. It’s not as harsh as black, but it is more flattering on ladies with dark hair than the lighter neutrals.

Here you can see Princess Kate wearing coral jeans with a white top and navy blazer. Classy!

Here’s another coral and mint pairing!

Coral and cream is safe without being boring.

I like how Alison pairs coral jeans with a taupe and white striped top and then adds a jean jacket. Denim is great with peach and pink.

Pale pink jeans look great with white and camel.

Again, pulling in other pastels always works. (source via)

pink jeans with mint and tan

Blush is another popular pastel color we’re seeing a lot of. I love how blush is paired with navy in this outfit. (via)

navy blouse with blush colored jeans

As you can see, there are tons of options, but a few basic rules. Pastel jeans go well with light neutrals such as cream, tan and light gray. For a bolder neutral, try pairing them with navy. Feel free to bring in other pastels in complementary colors, especially in the accessories.

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13 thoughts on “How to Style Pastel Jeans #FashionOver40

  1. I also love colored skinnies but find it challenging to style them other than going the safe route of pairing them with a neutral top. However, when looking for ideas on the internet it seems the ubiquitous striped top has become a neutral, paired with just about every color. Similarly animal print tops with neutral color schemes (black/tan/brown/gray) seem to have become a neutral to pair with everything. I have a few striped tops but am on the hunt for a tasteful animal print.
    P.S. I really like your blog.

  2. My favorite way to pair mint jeans is exactly what you did – with a crisp white top. There’s something so fresh, yet so classic about this pairing. Great inspiration here and thanks so much for linking up to my coral jeans look!

  3. I love the mint jeans with the navy polka dot top. I have been pairing navy with everything lately.

  4. I like your tan wedge heels. The comfort of a ballet flat with the added style of the wedge heel.

  5. What kind of shoes are you wearing? They look pewter in the first pic and then nude. Thanks!

    I’m a working mom of 3 and am new to your blog but love your classic style (and haircut).

  6. Do you mind telling me what brand your mint green pants are? Or sending me a link? I LOVE THEM! And you look gorgeous in them, girl <3

  7. This was so helpful. I recently purchased two pastel jeans: light blue and dusty pink. I can see putting navy or medium gray with either. Of course, I have tried white but it’s blah. I don’t wear cream/off white because I have silver hair. Can you offer some more suggestions?

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