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trade in your iphone

Are you jonesing for the new iPhone 5S? I know I am! I’ve been waiting anxiously for Apple to announce the official release date so I can upgrade from my 4S. I like the 4S just fine, but I’m on Verizon which means I’m still operating with a 3G network, and I’m more than ready for an upgrade!!

Yesterday, I caught wind that Apple finally announced the official release of the new iPhones — 5S and 5C — for September 20th. This article at Cool Mom Tech explains the difference between the two phones and how they have improved upon the 4S and 5 models.

I’m sold! I will be one of the crazy people lining up on September 20th. (Actually, I hope to order it online and avoid the crowds at the Apple store. But either way, it’s a done deal.)

Of course the remaining question is, what do I do with my current iPhone?

My kids naturally have been placing dibs on it, but THEN, I saw this article by my good friend Kelly at The Centsible Life, where she mentioned that Amazon.com offers a trade-in program for iPhones, which is really just an opportunity to sell your phone. (You will receive an Amazon.com gift card in the amount that your used phone is worth.)

Well, tickle me pink! Or, maybe gold? (The new gold iPhone 5S looks pretty sweet!!!)

I clicked over to Amazon.com see how it worked, and they had a nifty banner right across the top: Trade in your iPhone and lock in your offer until October 15th.

So I did. I discovered that I can probably trade my iPhone 4S in for $189 (when they receive it, they will verify that it is in the condition that I claimed). The new iPhone 5S will only be $199 with a contract, so the way I figure it, that’s practically FREE.

Ironically, as soon as I finished printing out my shipping label, I received an email from Amazon.com, announcing this special offer. Here is what they had to say.

Customers can trade-in their devices (including iPhones, iPads and iPods) for Amazon Gift Cards through Amazon’s Trade-In program. Amazon consistently offers some of the top trade in values for iPhones (iPhone 5 16GB AT&T is priced as high as $363.75) and iPads (4th Generation iPad 32GB Wi-Fi + AT&T is as high as $367.50).

Beginning Sept. 11, customers who trade-in their iPhones with Amazon can lock in their trade-in values until Oct. 15. This means customers can create their trade-in orders online, but don’t have to send in their old phone until they receive their new one, as long as they ship it by Oct. 15th. Since trade-in values tend to decline close to a new device launch, this feature of Amazon’s program helps customers get the most value for their old iPhones and avoid being phone-less.

Now that’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Here’s how you do it. You go to the Trade In page on Amazon.com and click on “Sell Your iPhone” or click on the banner that announces the lock in offer. It will bring up a page of Apple products. Find the one you are trading/selling. Click on “Trade your iPhone for an Amazon Gift Card”.

Sell Your iPhone on Amazon

And that will bring up another screen with another picture and description of the product. Click the yellow TRADE button underneath it, if it is indeed the correct item.

That screen will allow you to choose the condition of your device — Like New, Good or Acceptable — and it reveals the trade-in price for each. (Ultimately they will determine if your device meets this condition.) Choose a shipping method, print your label, and hang onto it until you are ready to let go of your current device. Make sure to mail it in before October 15th. Amazon will email you a gift card in the amount the device is worth, simple as that!!

You can decide if you want them to ship it back to you or not, should they decide it isn’t worth what you had hoped. There is no fee for return shipping. So really, you have nothing to lose.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just a loyal Amazon customer who just thought this opportunity was too cool not to share.

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  1. You may also be able to trade it in if you order your phone on Verizon’s website. I was just in our account today (I’m upgrading from a Samsung to the iPhone 5, which is a 4G-capable phone) and my husband’s 4s was showing as being valued at up to $200. Might be worth a shot, if you’re able to get more money out of it! Oh, and my Samsung was worth $8. Not even worth trying to trade in. 😉

    1. Yes, that’s another option. I traded my last phone for this iPhone at a Verizon store and got a pretty good amount for it. I should probably compare offers before I send this one to Amazon.

  2. I’m trying to keep my husband from buying a new one! His contract isn’t up for a few more months, so he’ll have to wait till then. 🙂

    Last time he sold his iPhone4 on ebay and got almost $300 (at the time the 4s had just come out) iPhones are great for that reason – they hold resale value like crazy!

  3. We just did both of ours…thank you…looks like the “value” may change the more people “sell” them. For example, they were both $242 for a 16gb 4s on ATT, but when we “checked out”, one was $242 while the other was $240. Either way…we end up $80 bucks ahead of what we’ll pay at ATT with our new contract.

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