Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 09.11.13

On Saturday, I put this outfit together for a trip to the farmer’s market. It was a cool, crisp day and I spent the morning sipping coffee and perusing Pinterest.

I was inspired to incorporate a scarf into a casual outfit, so I grabbed this coral and white striped infinity scarf. I knew I wanted to wear jeans, so I picked my oldest, comfiest pair since it was a Saturday, after all. I love khaki and denim together, so I grabbed this khaki jacket out of the back of my closet and finished off the look with a simple white tee.

After much debate, I decided on my brown Vionic sandals. I thought ballet flats might be cuter, but they seemed kind of fussy for the farmer’s market.

khaki and denim


I was only out and about for an hour before I ditched the jacket and rolled up my jeans. It was warmer than I’d expected! This is why I love layering. Once I removed the jacket, I was comfortable for the rest of the day, and the scarf kept the simple outfit stylish.

The belt is from Gap; I picked it up a few weeks ago. I haven’t worn a belt in YEARS but it seems necessary with the “front tuck” that’s working well for me lately, and I like how it ties into the brown from the sandals.

cuffed jeans with sandals and summer scarf

Hi, sleepy doggie!

I’m obsessed with this coral striped scarf by Calvin Klein. I picked it up on a whim at Nordstrom Rack back in the spring, and I love the casual weave and the fact that it’s not too bulky.

coral striped scarf

The earrings are from Studio Jewel. I love these. They go with just about everything.

studio jewel earrings

Okay, someone needs to use an iron. Just pay no never mind to those wrinkles.

I grabbed my brown Fossil satchel and added a gold and enamel bracelet, and that’s it! My toenail polish is OPI Over The Taupe.


Okay, so we went a little bit crazy with the pictures! I clearly love this outfit. It’s so simple, yet I felt pulled together and stylish all day long. Score!

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20 thoughts on “Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 09.11.13

  1. Love your outfits though gotta ask….what are those things on your calfs in your workout clothes? They don’t look like socks since they don’t cover your feet and you are wearing flip flops…..just curious:)

    1. LOL – they are compression sleeves. They come both ways – with and without socks. I opted for without b/c I hate for my toes to be smushed. 🙂 They are supposed to help my calves.

  2. I love your Saturday outfit both ways! And had to laugh when you mentioned buying the belt because I picked up on it in the first picture before you said anything. I’m one of those who has always had to wear a belt because it’s next to impossible to find pants that fit both my hips and waist and a belt is cheaper than getting every pair of pants tailored!

    1. Yeah, and I’m the opposite. Most pants are too tight in the waist, and I figured a belt would just make them bulkier. But this is actually working pretty well for me when I so the front tuck thing.

  3. What brand of jeans are you wearing in the photo with the stripped infinity scarf? I love the fit. Sorry if you mentioned it in the post…..I might have missed it!

  4. Hi! I am new to your page and love all your outfits. I was curious if you also share makeup and hair how to’s?
    – Charlie B.

  5. What is the brand of that white t shirt? That is the exact sort of shirt I am looking for! Either they are thin or too thick or the sleeves are way to capped or way too long….this is perfect!

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