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On the heels of my post on tips for going gluten-free, I got several comments and requests for more specifics.

Susanne writes in:

i have to go wheat free dairy free starting september 1 and i’m kind of freaking out! is there any way you could do a post that lists things you eat for each meal? i know i will need to plan it out, or at the first sign of hunger i will be ripping open the graham crackers and wheat thins! i guess specifically i would like to know what you eat for lunch, snacks to take with you places and some ideas of what to do when i’m out and need something to eat.

In this carbolicious society that we live in, it is truly daunting to think of going off gluten completely. It took me years to work up to it. Of course, now that I live this way, I don’t think it’s all that hard, but it was at first.

In my tips for going gluten-free, I suggest cleaning out your kitchen and stocking your pantry with things you can eat. This is all well and good, but finding a new way of eating can be a challenge. I’m a pretty mainstream kinda gal when it comes to my eating habits, and that didn’t change all that much with my gluten-free lifestyle, as you will see. Here are some of my typical daily meals.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Favorites

1. Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs . . . Eggs are my best friend. Eggs are incredibly nutritious and versatile. I eat them fried or scrambled, often on a piece of Udi’s Gluten Free Bread toasted (I love the Millet Chia best, but they also make a whole grain and a white that aren’t crunchy.)

2. Peanut Butter and Banana on Toast (again with the Udi’s Millet Chia Bread)

3. Granola in vanilla yogurt. We love our local Seven Stars Farm yogurt, and I buy Cascadian Farms or Udi’s granola.

4. Udi’s Blueberry Muffins . . . YUMMO.

5. Against the Grain Sesame Bagel with Nutella . . . oh baby, this is my favorite indulgence, but it is packed with calories so I rarely indulge.

6. Blueberry Banana Mini Muffins — these are tasty and grain-free!

7. Oatmeal — oatmeal can be contaminated by gluten so to be safe, I recommend Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats.

Gluten-Free Lunch Favorites

homemade tuna salad

1. Leftover dinner. That’s the easiest thing for me. But it gets old, and I do have other tricks up my sleeve.

2. Egg salad. See, I told you eggs are my best friend. Sometimes I will put it on Udi’s toast if I didn’t have that for breakfast. Or on lettuce and tomato.

3. Tuna salad. Are you sensing a trend?

4. Grilled cheese or PB&J on Udi’s bread.

5. Garden salad with tuna or chicken on top.

Gluten-Free Dinner Favorites


If you’ve hung around for long, you know that I have a whole slew of recipes I link to in my weekly meal plan posts.

Here is another list of healthy dinner recipes that I love.

Gluten Free Snack Time Favorites

Don’t forget about real food — cheese, apples, grapes, carrots, red pepper strips, yogurt, etc.

Other convenience foods I keep on hand are:

1. Glutino Pretzels — everyone loves these, gluten free or not.

2. Larabars — I keep these in my purse to have when I’m out and I can’t find anything gluten-free to eat.

3. KIND Bars — another nice meal replacement if you’re in a pinch.

4. Pirate’s Booty — tasty but probably not GMO-free.

5. Mary’s Gone Crackers — these are great topped with cheese or a salmon spread.

I try to snack on fruit and cheese, but sometimes it’s nice to pop open a bag of something salty and munch!

I hope this helps! Fore more ideas, check out the Udi’s Gluten Free Community. There is tons of great advice over there.

I’m thrilled to be an Udi’s ambassador because I’m such a huge fan of the brand, but I would have written this post and included all of these product suggestions regardless of that affiliation.

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3 Responses

  1. thank you so much! this gave me some good ideas. i have already made several of your recipes including the pulled pork, jalapeño popper dip & the warm potato salad. they were all big hits!

  2. I am SO glad you shared this. I’m just starting on cutting out gluten and was feeling overwhelmed enough with family dinners. . . . . .

    In addition to being gluten free, do you track your calories? You are so conscientious about your weight in a really healthy way and am looking for suggestions. Unfortunately I can still over eat on whole foods so those changes alone aren’t cutting it! 😀

    Thanks again

    1. Yes, I admit I do track calories. I never did, but since turning 40, it’s almost impossible to maintain my ideal weight without counting calories. Or spending every week researching and negotiating a car purchase. Haha. (I lost 3 pounds this week just due to being busy and preoccupied and stressed out, lol.) I like the My Fitness Pal app for tracking what I eat. I don’t have to do it all the time, but it helps to track my food intake for a week here and there to keep myself accountable.

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