How to Wear Camo Pants

I really love the edgy casual-cool vibe of camo pants, but the last thing I want to do is look like a middle aged hausfrau trying to hold onto the last vestiges of my youth so I went to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I like camo paired with burgundy as seen here.

camo pants pinspiration 1via Pinterest Told Me To

This look with the black tee and denim jacket and black pumps is simple but really works, in my opinion.

kendi in camo

via Kendi Everyday

I like them with a blouse too.


I’m also liking them with black and gray.

camo with gray and black leather

via Raspberry Rouge

And somehow this camo and chambray pairing looks really elegant.

camo with chambray

photo credit unknown, found on Pinterest

You can really class them up with black pumps and an ivory blouse and cardigan.

photo credit unknown, found on Pinterest

Here’s another look with the light neutrals, but a more casual take than the one above.


And finally, I absolutely adore this look with the black turtleneck from one of my favorite style blogs, Sequins & Things.

Need shopping suggestions? Here are some nice choices for camo pants.


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26 thoughts on “How to Wear Camo Pants

  1. I’ve decided that at 51 the camo pants are not for me. However, I do think they look great on you!;) My preference ( and I stick closely to the conservative side so bear that in mind:) is paired with the denim jacket and the chambray shirt. Must be something about the denim that makes it appeal to me. And I agree, I think the khaki jacket would look good over the white tee. I’m sure you will find your “look” and run with it;) Best wishes on the marathon tomorrow, looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Wow! You’re brave. And you look wonderful in your camo. I’ve always like camo and army green with light pink. You might want to try that. And maybe I’ll get brave enough to try on some too!

  3. Interesting look. I am Too Old. One question: why do all the models in the later photos have the bow-legged look? It looks like the intentionally turn their heels out. Isn’t that silly? I’m assuming it’s the famed Sexy Bow-Legged Look.

  4. I’d suggest trying the black tank with the denim jacket. I’m not crazy about the orange tank with the camo but did like the jacket.

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