Try-On Haul: Fall Sweaters & Tops

Whelp. This one is all tops! I actually have some pants upstairs I keep meaning to try on, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. And in the interest of getting this post up sometime before noon, I’m just going to have to go with what I have at this point.

Let’s dive right in!

Oh, and by the way, Ann Taylor is having a 40% off site wide sale (some exclusions apply, but everything I’m sharing here is included.)

Talbots is doing an additional 40% off 2+ fall markdowns and select sweaters for $39.50, and Madewell is doing 20% off your purchase or 30% off a $200+ purchase with code SPREETIME.

Also, don’t miss the Victoria Emerson BOGO sale, and LOFT is doing 40% off with code LOFTIMIST.

Try-On Haul: Fall Sweaters & Tops

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds-ish, with a slight hourglass shape. I typically wear a 6/28 in pants and jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses, and size 8 shoe.

Ann Taylor Ribbed Mock Neck Sweater size S

I’m on a serious camel kick lately, and this ribbed mock neck is sooo soft and stretchy. It’s definitely more on the body-con side of the fit spectrum, but it’s not skin-tight either. You could size up for a bit more wiggle room, but I like the way the shoulders and arms fit in the small.

I didn’t do a rear view shot for all of these items, but I felt like with this one, it was important. Again, definitely more of a body-con fit. I would only wear this with higher rise jeans, to hold in all the fluff.

As much as I like the simplicity of this sweater with the jeans and belt and pumps, I feel like it would make a better layering top. I think I’d feel a little too boobalicious wearing this without a completer piece.

I can see it with my leather moto or a blazer. I need to experiment with it and see what I come up with.

This sweater also comes in a really cool shade of blue, and it’s 40% off right now!

Ann Taylor Shirred Sleeve Boatneck Top size S

This is one of those pieces that kept catching my eye on the website, so I finally ordered it, even though I knew it wouldn’t really work for me. I’m a glutton for punishment, what can I say?

Don’t get me wrong, I think this top is A-dorable. I just think it would look better on someone who is more of a pear shape.

I have wide shoulders and a larger than average chest, and the last thing I need is more volume in the arms to make me look even bigger on top than I already am.

I’m technically an “hourglass” body type, and people often mistakenly think that means I can wear anything. It does not. It means I have to be careful not to wear things that throw off my naturally well-balanced proportions.

So this top is going back. However, I think it would be a gorgeous holiday top on certain ladies, and it’s currently 40% off, so snap it up if you think it would work for you!

Aaaaaand I just clicked through and it’s almost sold out. Womp… womp… If you’re a small, you’re in luck!

Ann Taylor Hi-Lo V-Neck Cardigan size S

I did it again. I fell for a top that I knew wouldn’t work for me.

I love this sweater in theory, it has such pretty details. I love the design of the front placket and the nice, long sleeves… and of course the color.

But it is really short with a 20 1/2″ front length, and it’s kind of swingy so it feels a little risky to wear without a cami underneath.

I wish it was just an inch or two longer in the front — the same length all the way around would be perfect. And maybe if it were a little more fitted, like the Everlane cardigan I had last year that I wore so much.

Oh, well. You can’t win ’em all!

As an aside, these Talbots suede ankle boots are gorgeous, good quality, and comfortable too.

Ann Taylor Pointelle Long Open Cardigan size S

I really want to like this piece. While I typically steer clear of ultra long cardigans because of my height, this one is really thin and soft and flowy, and it has a really nice drape.

I feel like I can almost get away with it… maybe with heels?

I think the trick with these is, you really have to let them fall to the back, not try to keep it wrapped around you and lined up in front.

See, like this.

Not so much like this.

I don’t know, though. I still feel like I look like I’m wearing a bathrobe from behind.

I’m undecided. What say you?

By the way, I’m wearing the Sculpting Pocket Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Mid Stone Wash in all of the above.

Okay, that’s it for the Ann Taylor try-ons. Moving on to Madewell.

Madewell Pointelle Ribbed Cardigan Sweater size S

So I actually ordered a few cardigans from Madewell, and for some reason, when they arrived, I was like WHY did I order those?

Do you ever do that? I often get packages and can’t remember what I had in mind when I ordered them. Maybe it’s an occupational hazard, I don’t know… but I didn’t even try on the others. I just wasn’t feeling it.

This one, however, I like. I just wish it was a little longer. Are you sensing a theme?

I actually love how they styled it on the website with the skirt, but I know me, and I would never wear that.

Maybe I need to size up in this… that might help. I think I could use some extra room in the shoulders and arms, and it would probably be more forgiving in the next size up.

But I think it’s cute. It’s also 20% off, or 30% off if you can rack up a $200 order. Which is not hard to do, I assure you!

Everlane The Cropped Alpaca Cardigan size S

Okay, another button-up cardigan, and more camel. I really need to branch out. I’m in a color rut.

This is the heathered chai, and it’s selling out. Some popular blogger must have featured it b/c the other colors are all in stock. I actually think I like them better anyway. #nomorecamelsweaters

Again, these cropped sweaters are killing me. I mean, I like a shorter sweater, but these are taking it a bit too far. I just need another inch, people. One inch.

This one actually looks okay in pictures, but I think I had to pull it down every time I moved. I’m also not loving that high crewneck. I much prefer the v-neck cardigans if I’m going to wear them buttoned up.

I should have tried this unbuttoned over a tank or cami… I bet that would be cute. The fabric is lovely, and it has some nice details.

GAP V-Neck Sweater size S

Alrighty, movingrightalong… 

This was a random Gap one-off order, inspired by this outfit that I want to recreate from last year.

This sweater is okay. It’s that soft, spongy, stretchy knit that is so popular right now.

Honestly, it feels a little cheap to me, but it’s a really pretty color, and it’s 50% off, so there’s that.

I’m also not crazy about the longer length and that gradual high-low hem. That’s looking a little dated to me, but I do appreciate the deep v-neck with contrasting ribbed trim, on-shoulder seams, and extra long sleeves.

So this one’s a toss-up. For the $35 sale price, I’d say it’s a decent value if you don’t mind the length.

Talbots Cashmere Cowlneck Tunic size S

And speaking of longer lengths, I KNEW I wouldn’t like the length of this, but every time I logged onto the Talbots website, it called to me.

It just looked sooooo luxe and soft, and I’m such a sucker for camel, cashmere, and a cowlneck… ha! I made an alliteration, and I wasn’t even trying.

So anyway, when it went on sale, I snagged it. (It is not on sale now, so sorry…)

It fits exactly like I expected. Practically perfect in every way… except way too long.

I guess I could have tried a front-tuck, but it seems like it’s intended to wear like this. I mean, they do call it a tunic for a reason.

It’s not really long enough to be a tunic, though. It’s kind of in between… which I guess is the problem.

Oh, boy, it’s even worse from the back. It cuts right across the widest part of my body — my big ole birthing hips.

But look at that perfect cowl and the excellent fit in the arms and shoulders. Such potential… but alas. It must go back.

Maybe some of you will like this length. If you’re taller than 5’5″, I’d say it’s worth a try.

That’s all I have from Talbots that’s new, BUT I wanted to remind you that they’re doing that sale, and here are a few pieces I would recommend to you if you’re feeling the urge to shop…

This Merci Sweatshirt is really cute, and it runs TTS.

This slub cotton stripe sweater is so cute for transition season — perfect for those of you in warmer climates b/c it’s very lightweight.

And this elevated utility jacket is a great choice as well.

Athleta Mindset Sweatshirt size S

You may remember my Athleta Fall Faves post from a few weeks ago. I got my order and finally got around to trying them on.

This sweatshirt is suuuper soft, and the tulip edge hem is really fun. Unfortunately, this color sold out, but there are lots more to choose from.

I’m just not sure about the sizing. While the arms and hem length are plenty long, I feel like I could use some more wiggle room through the body.

I can’t tell if this is the way it’s suppose to fit or not. I love the fabric, though, and the color.

Athleta Flow Top Essence Spacedye size S

This is another impossibly soft top. They have some kind of magic in their fabrics, I’m telling you what, and I love the purple spacedye. This one’s a keeper, for sure.

And that’s all I’ve got for new try-ons! I will try to get to the rest that are sitting in my room later today, maybe I’ll even share them in my Coffee Talk tomorrow.

Things I’ve Worn On Sale

Also, real quick, I just saw that my python print P448 sneakers are 25% off at Nordstrom. FYI, I needed the 39 (US size 9) in these. (I have the 38 in my other pair, for reference.)

And this R Minkoff tote is 20% off. I’ve had my eye on this, but I really do not need another tote. If you do, I highly recommend! It even has a slip pocket for your phone on the back.

And LOFT is doing 40% off site-wide, so all of my LOFT try-ons from last week are on sale now, like this colorblock cardigan.

And this Lou & Grey poncho.

Have a fantabulous Saturday, friends!

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28 Responses

  1. I’m afraid I agree with you on the blue cardigan. It looks a little too much like a bathrobe from behind and while I basically like the idea of the buttons, they seem to be throwing things off somehow.

  2. Love this post on what doesn’t work and why! My vote is he blue cardi goes back. You can do better and I suspect you won’t grab it much if you keep it. 😉

  3. Love your try on sessions! The Merci sweatshirt is a keeper! Have to agree that the blue duster long cardigan is not flattering to many. Enjoy your Saturday! We got less snow than expected – hooray! Still feeling a bit bah humbug about the snow though. It will melt.

    1. That is why I live in PA. Snow in October is just wrong. Although It did happen here once… the weekend I had a big event planned, no less. We called it Snowtober. LOL! I hope you get some more fall weather back before Old Man Winter sets in.

  4. Hi Jo Lynne! Haven’t commented in a while, but I always enjoy your posts. This is another good one, but I kind of disagree on the Talbots tunic. Of course, I’m 5’9″ and don’t always follow the rule of thirds, and I’m usually looking for longer lengths. I don’t think that top would be long enough for me to wear the way I would like.

    Have you thought about wearing it with thick leggings and a belt?

  5. JoLynne, I LOVE your try-on sessions!  The fact that you and I are the exact same size in every area (even bra size!) allows me to try on everything virtually through you…thanks!  Speaking of the “boobalicious” dilemma… I finally found the perfect white tee that does not create that horizontal line across the chest.  The Lands End Relaxed Supima Cotton V-neck tee…modest v, no pocket, straight hem!  It may be a tad long even though I always front tuck…I may try the petite…but otherwise it is the perfect fit!! 

  6. Love your try-ons, the pros/cons. At 5’6” these short tops are a hard pass.  I have one short, fine gauge V neck sweater I wear under my VC denim jacket.  Each time I reach, it exposes my midriff. It’s rust, thus a short life anyway. It will not make it to next Fall. Lesson learned. The long blue cardigan is not a winner. Dislike the buttons & it’s shapeless.  I think it would be less bathrobe-like if you wore ankle boots or tall boots. The slides and exposed heel scream slipper adding to the bathrobe look. As always, thanks for all you do and the thought-provoking/idea sharing environment you encourage. 

    1. Omygoodness, I first read your comment (on my phone – my eyesight is bad, and I was doing stretches so not really looking at a good angle) and I thought you said, “exposed heel scum.”

      I re-read it 3x before I realized what you really said. I feel like I know you and couldn’t believe you would be so rude. I literally laid in the floor and laughed for about 30 seconds after I realized my eyes were playing tricks on me.

      So yes, I agree, the mules definitely do not help the bathrobe vibe, and I think a heeled ankle boot would look a lot better. See, this was another situation well I tried to recreate a look that works on a blogger I follow who is 5’10” and wears a size 2. 🙂 When will I learn…

      1. I first panicked thinking auto-correct turned my comment into something awful. Auto-correct Is not my friend – ever.  Then I had a good laugh too. 

  7. I was drawn to the blue Ann Taylor cardigan because of the color when I first saw it online.  I checked it out in the store and came to the same conclusion.  It just doesn’t fall quite right. I also think the buttons are throwing off the proportions somewhat.

  8. I, too, really enjoy your try-ons in particular. First, just seeing you wearing something is good, but your critique is especially helpful.    And it makes me feel better that even an experienced fashion blogger can fall for the same temptation I do, of ordering something that looks so cute but I know will not look right on me. I probably would have ordered that cute green Ann Taylor top with the full floppy sleeves and it would have been a disaster on me. 

    All that being said, you are also so helpful when you let us know when something is really, really good. I trusted you on the Vince sweater, and so glad I did. Then you encouraged me to try the AGL black flats, and I just got them. Oh, my goodness. That soft leather and super comfortable fit!  Wow, these  are wonderful!  My picky feet thank you!

  9. Maybe camel should be one of your signature colors since you gravitate towards it and you look so nice in it.  Several of the sweaters have some very nice aspects, but they aren’t exactly right all the way around.  And that shorter length makes it look like it belongs in a teenagers closet.  It’s a beautiful fall day here, thank goodness.  It was 38 when I got up.  Even though I’ll be in the woods tonight, I am sitting on the front porch now, while the laundry is doing it’s thing, enjoying the beauty.  I hope you have a fabulous rest of the day!

    1. See, I never thought it looked good on me… I’m still not sure it does. But I think it looks so luxe and chic. I used to always gravitate to grey, but now it’s camel and oatmeal.

  10. I agree that the longer sweaters look best not pulled around front. Having them open, gives you a longer, slimmer appearance. I’m not sure why but the long blue duster fails the back view. 
    I’m not a fan of the short sweaters on myself even with high waisted. You daren’t raise your arms up or you’ll be showing some skin. Cute on others though. 

  11. The blue Ann Taylor long sweater is hard to pull off. That style has been around in San Diego for a few years. I wear that with shorts, jean skirt wedge sandals etc. Good for going into air conditioning. You could probably throw it over a dress and heels in a casual event in the fall.

  12. Love these try ons!  I thought I’d be happy when tops got shorter, but I think some of them are even too short for me and I’m 4’10”!  I like to cover up my little pouchy lower stomach area and some of these certainly wouldn’t do that.  Ha Ha  Then again the super long cardigans don’t work for me either, with my short legs.  I do have a couple longer cardigans that hit in a good spot, though. May have to stick with those!  Thanks for all your comments about what works and what doesn’t and why.  It’s very helpful!

  13. I love your chatter and the way you are so honest. Especially about the bathrobe and the birthing hips, I have those too. Keep up the good work dear. You’re a delight to watch and you helped us get dressed.

  14. Well I guess I’m laughing at myself because I like the long blue cardigan! I’m only 5′ 2″ tall and weigh 112. I bought a long black cardigan last year and received sooooo many compliments when I wore it. My girlfriend is shorter then me and is a size 0. When I saw her wearing one I thought it looked so cute which is what encouraged me to buy one. Hmmmmm.
    I know your rule Jo-Lynne with proportion as I’ve been with you for a long time, so I guess I broke the rule on this one huh! 🙂 🙂 I’m generally pretty fashionable. Ha ha.
    That was a great show and you really are helpful when you model all these for us to see.
    I liked several of them on you!!

  15. So funny! I was wearing that long color block sweater just this morning. We are having totally bipolar weather now. Low 50s at dawn and then rapidly shoots up to 95°. Hubby here likes the free ac aka open the windows and get very cold. So I put on my color block sweater over my pjs and went to have coffee and he says “is that a new bathrobe?”  I felt a tad bit miffed but then decided he’s a guy, what do they know. Then I read the post and I know exactly what you mean about these long sweaters — I’m big busted like you, so I put the edge of the sweater along the side and not over the fuller part. I think it works!

    I loved that green shirt, the very first one. But I find that green in general along with teal are the absolute worst to find companion pieces for. I don’t like either emerald-ish or teal with denim of any wash. 

    Moving on to later parts — I bought a lovely pair of very soft unconstructed trousers from Cold Water Creek. They aren’t tan, not taupe, not brown. Just somewhere in that mix. And voila they work perfectly with a woven teal and green jacket I bought at Chico’s a few years ago. I actually was inspired to buy the pants from a fun blog I read called The Vivienne Files. She uses art and scarves as inspiration to create little fictional accounts of our heroine! And designs capsule groups for her. She’s put colors together I’d never considered. My mom was a big Talbots fan and I scrounged a lot of stuff from her closet after she passed away. Hey, I’m 72, I can do a bit of frump if I want!

    Make me stop buying denim please!  

    Love you,

    1. I guess that’s why all the young’uns show the cardigans hanging off their shoulders… but I feel ridonkulous doing that, even though it is kind of flattering.

      I’ll have to check out The Vivienne Files. And yes, at 72, you’ve earned it. Wear whatever you like! 🙂 My mom can wear things like those long cardigans and look classy, but I feel like a frump-a-lump. We have similar body types too. So I do think age plays a factor.

  16. I love your try-on posts! It’s great to see what’s out there, and your descriptions of why they do and don’t work are so helpful. You do such a great job of explaining!

    I really like the low-heeled booties you’re wearing with the Madewell cardigan. Are they new this year? I’d love a link, if you have one. Thanks!

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