Coffee Talk 10.18.20

Greetings and salutations! This weekend has gone way too fast, how about yours? Our has been a bit of a whirlwind, but in a good way. It’s all fun stuff.

Caroline has been away on a camping trip, which if you know her, is an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard of one! But against all odds, it sounds like she’s having a good time.

And David has even been getting out and about some this weekend, which is good to see. Sometimes he holes up in his room for days at a time, and I worry. #itsamomthing

As for the rest of us, Friday night kicked off the weekend with the last of Becca’s marching band performances. Well, she will perform one last time at the football game next Friday night, weather permitting, but this was the last of the band events they planned for the parents.

Happily, with our restrictions for outdoor gatherings lifted recently, all the band families were invited, not just the parents of sophomores and juniors as originally planned. Each family was still only allotted two tickets, so I stayed home and Paul brought his mom up to see the show. She was so happy to get to see it live.

They continue to add little bits and pieces to the performance to make it more fun and interesting, and Becca said it was their best performance yet. I can’t wait to see it one last time at the football game next weekend.

Then yesterday, after working a bit in the morning and going for a short run, Becca and I spent the afternoon at the mall. She’s becoming quite the shopping companion, and it’s really fun.

We started with lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe, and then she had some returns and exchanges to make from her birthday shopping trip last weekend, and we each picked up matching sherpas at Abercrombie — they’re on sale for $39 this weekend.

If you need a birthday or holiday gift for a teen or college age girl in your life, I highly recommend one of these. The kids love them, and I have to admit, they’re awfully cozy! Perfect for outdoor ball games and social distanced gatherings. (I got the light brown animal print, and Becca got the mauve purple. They’re TTS.)

Oh, and while I’m recommending teen gifts. Becca fell in love with this AE oversized sherpa lined hoodie when we were shopping for her birthday last weekend and she’s already worn it a couple times. I think it’s so cute on her, and it just went 30% off.

So, anyway! We got home from the mall just in time to turn around and head over to friend’s house for a get-together last night, and that was fun.

I’m hoping to get a long walk in this afternoon after church. I’d like to go to a trail somewhere; I’m getting tired of walking loops in my neighborhood. I’ve been gradually ramping up my running schedule, but I don’t usually run two days in a row. I figure alternating the walking and running days is a better way to ease my body back into it.

I still want to get back to doing yoga, but I never seem to make the time for it. It’s funny to think back to March, when we were all homebound, and how faithful I was with the 30 days of yoga workouts. I don’t know where I got the motivation, but I wasn’t lifting weights or doing much running back then, and I guess I wasn’t as busy with work and life either.

Speaking of work and life, it’s starting to feel like the usual fall rat race around here. With the exception of mask wearing and having the kids doing school at home, it’s starting to feel a little more normal.

I’ve noticed more traffic on the roads when I’m out and about, and all of the sudden, brands seem to be ready to dive back into partnerships and collaborations.

When I do a brand collaboration (that usually involves a sponsored blog post with social media support on Instagram and Facebook), I usually have to have the blog and social media posts approved a few days before they go live.

Sometimes it works out that the brands all want spots during the same week, and that’s what happened this month. So I’ve basically been doing double duty this past week, writing and publishing all my regular posts, in addition to preparing all my posts for next week. I felt like I was drowning for a while there, but now I’m pretty much set for this coming week, so that’s a good feeling!

Unfortunately, I did not get around to doing the rest of my try-ons yesterday, to share in this post as I had suggested. By the time I got that post up, went for a run, and got showered and dressed, the morning was gone. Becca was waiting for me to take her to the mall, and I didn’t want to put it off any longer.

It’s a good thing I didn’t, because we barely got home in time to turn around and go over to our friends’ house for the evening. Everything takes longer at the mall these days, with the lines and social distancing guidelines, plus we took time for a nice lunch.

All that to say, I won’t be able to share any new try-ons in this post, but I do want to call your attention to the Caslon utility jacket I’m wearing in the picture above. It’s back in stock in a few sizes, and 40% off!

I have my usual small, and I like the fit, but I will say it’s a little snug around the shoulders and arms. If you’re in between sizes, you may want to size up.

And that’s about all I’ve got!

I hope you’re having a great weekend, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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