Try-On Haul: Leopard Skirt, White Shorts & Spring Tops

Greetings, and happy Friday! This will be my last Friday Try-On Haul for a while, because I’ll be starting 22 Days of Summer Fashion next week, and I’ll be posting new outfits every weekday.

I’ll use Saturdays to catch up on Try-On Hauls, What I Wore lately posts, and my June Favorites.

Meanwhile, today I’ve got 3 ways to wear a leopard skirt, some more shorts to show you, and a couple of cute spring tops. Oh, and those UGG wedge sandals came in the mail as well.

Try-On Haul: Leopard Skirt, White Shorts & Spring Tops

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, with a slight hourglass shape. I usually wear a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

Keasmto Leopard Midi Skirt

These leopard midi skirts have been trending, and I’ve had a few requests for one. I found this one on Amazon for under $30!

I didn’t want to spend a lot because these are kind of trendy — not leopard print in and of itself, but the satin midi slip skirt cut on the bias in this particular leopard pattern — so I was thrilled with this find.

This skirt is pretty good for the price point, but a higher quality garment might fit better. This one puckers a bit across the belly and above my rear end, so I prefer it with a topper like a denim jacket.

It says it runs true to size, but I found it to run very small. I ordered the medium, and it just fits. When I wear it for real, I’ll also wear my shaping shorts.

First, I styled this skirt with a graphic tee and sandals. I’m not sure I love the sandals with it. I’d prefer sneakers, but I wanted to share a few options, and I used sneakers in my next look.

This tee is old, but my sandals are available in a few sizes at Zappo’s. Unfortunately, the price just jumped up. They were 50% off yesterday. I love them; they’re excellent quality and very comfortable, but they’re best for narrow feet.

I knotted the tee because a front-tuck looked sloppy and I didn’t want added bulk under the waistband. Plus, all the cool kids are doing it, haha! It’s definitely a more current look, but I’m not sure how practical it is. I don’t want it riding up and showing my muffin top.

Next, I kept the tee, but added a denim jacket. This look is okay, but it’s a bit heavy with these sandals. I think a chunkier sandal might look better.

In fact, I just ordered these, and I think they’d be perfect. I’ve had my eye on them for a while, and I finally took the plunge.

Another big trend du jour is pairing these satin midi skirts with sneakers, so I switched to my P448 sneakers.

My exact style is sold out, but I love this pair, and it would look really good with the skirt since it has the black tab on the heel.

This look is very trendy and a little outside my comfort zone, but it’s fun for something different. I definitely like how the jacket covers the top of the skirt, where it doesn’t fit perfectly.

Then I put together a look that’s more like what I would be likely to actually wear. I’d wear this out to dinner with Paul or my girlfriends on a warm summer night.

This is the Ann Taylor mixed jersey tank, and in this case, I did front tuck it.

My Steve Madden sandals are selling out, but these are similar, and I added a gold crescent necklace. Another option would be to add a denim jacket and wear those Ann Taylor sandals I just ordered.

VERDICT: Keeping! For $28, why not? I hope I actually get to wear it somewhere.

KUT From The Kloth Andrea Release Hem Denim Cutoff Shorts

I’m still ordering white shorts because I was planning to do a Best of White Shorts post soon… maybe tomorrow, although is it too soon after this Try-On Haul? I also have one last spring outfit I want to share, that’s a little heavy for my summer series. Maybe I should put it up to a vote.

Anyway, I ordered these because I thought the released hems were kind of fun, and the price is right.

These shorts are on the thinner side, but not really see-through. They have a 4 1/2″ inseam and 9 1/4″ front rise, and the leg opening is really good — not too wide, as so many shorts are on me.

They’re made of 98% cotton, 2% spandex, so they should have a good amount of shape retention.

The rear view is pretty good — the pockets are spaced a little far apart, but they’re centered vertically, and they’re a nice medium size.

I like this length a lot, and the released hem hangs straight without flaring or doing anything weird. I feel like they’re flattering for a shorter but not shorty-short.

also wearing: Sanctuary Laura V-Neck Linen Tee with gold Steve Madden Vivien Sandals

VERDCT: Undecided. I have a lot of white shorts already, but I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a pair that fits these specifications.

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Cuffed White Shorts (7″)

I got two pairs of Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution shorts in the mail this week. They make a 7″ and a 9″ — but those measurements are confusing because those are their un-cuffed measurements, and they come cuffed. I usually prefer a cuffed short because the extra fabric makes them a little thicker so they fit my legs better.

These have a 7″ regular un-cuffed inseam and a 9 1/2″ front rise. I first tried them on with the narrow cuff the way they came in the mail, and the inseam is about 5 1/2″.

I don’t care for how wide they are, and the material is on the thinner side, but it’s stretchy and soft and comfortable. They’re made of 51% cotton, 24% lyocell, 22% polyester, 3% spandex.

They also have that nice, stretchy waistband on the inside, like all W&W Ab-Solution pants and shorts do.

The rear view is okay — still wide at the hem, but the pockets are centered horizontally and vertically, and they’re a nice size. The fabric wrinkles a bit, but I guess it’s not a deal breaker.

Since they seemed a little long and wide, I rolled them again so they’re cuffed 3x, and I think they look much better.

Oh, by the way, these shorts run true to size; I have them in the 6. They may stretch out some with wear, but I don’t care for my white shorts too tight, so I’m keeping this size.

also wearing: Sanctuary Laura V-Neck Linen Tee (size S) with gold Steve Madden Vivien Sandals

Yesterday, I wore them with this black top, and I decided to try one more thing. I unrolled them completely and cuffed them twice, but with a wider cuff, and I like them even better now.

When I took them off and measured, the inseam is 4  or 4 1/4″, which makes sense. I tend to like that length best on me. I’m tempted to sew them so they stay this way.

also wearing: Everlane The Pima Micro Rib Cap-Sleeve Tee (size M) and Nine West Gianna Sandals (similar)

VERDICT: Keeping! I’m actually styling these shorts 5 ways over on my IG Story later today — I hope you’ll check it out!

Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution White Denim Shorts (9″)

This is the 9″ pair, and I was surprised by how much I like them. The hardest thing with longer shorts is finding a pair that isn’t too wide for my spindly legs, and these are perfect.

Remember, the 9″ is the un-cuffed measurement, so these are more like 7″ with the cuff.

Again, they’re on the thinner side, but it’s not a deal breaker.

They look good from the back too.

These are also a cotton/polyester/rayon/spandex blend, and they run true to size. I’m wearing the 6.

also wearing: Everlane The Soft Cotton V-Neck (size S) and Nine West Gianna Sandals (similar)

VERDICT: Keeping. While I still prefer shorter inseam, it will be nice to have a longer pair of shorts on occasion.

Paige Jax Denim Bermuda Shorts

Now, these are a true Bermuda short, with 10″ cuffed inseam and 9 1/2″ front rise. The cuffs are stitched so they stay in place and look nice and crisp.

These shorts are made of a thick 98% cotton, 2% spandex, and they aren’t see-through at all.

Unfortunately, I ordered the 29, and they’re a little big on me. I usually find Paige denim to run small, which is why I ordered the 29. You may say they look like they fit right in these pictures, and I see that too, but they feel loose on. I think a size 28 will fit even better, and they’re meant to be snug.

They have the perfect rear pocket placement — see how the pockets are centered better horizontally than some of the others I’ve tried?

And I love their size too. I don’t care for super large back pockets, and Paige pockets are generally smaller than most — one reason I’ve liked this brand for so long.

I love how these shorts fit close to the leg all the way to the hem. I just checked the website, and they have a 17 1/2″ leg opening, which is a lot narrower than the Wit & Wisdom pairs above. That explains why I like the fit so much.

I think I’ll like it even better in the size 28, so I’ve got them on order. I’ll report back!

also wearing: LOFT garden floral henley tee (size S) with TB Miller sandals in Makeup

VERDICT: Returned; ordered the 28.

7 For All Mankind Cutoff Denim Shorts

I’m gravitating more towards cuffed shorts these days because they look more refined and classy than a cut-off, but I still love a good cut-off for casual wear. I like how the ragged hems on these contrast the clean, polished white wash.

These shorts have a 2 3/4″ inseam and 9″ front rise, which I know sounds really short, but they sit on my hips, I don’t think they look that short.

They’re made of 97% cotton, 3% spandex; so they have a good amount of stretch, and they’re really soft and comfortable.

I’m not sold on the rear view – the pockets are doing that slanted thing so many do, and they do wrinkle funny. Plus, my thighs aren’t as smooth as they used to be. #keepingitreal

I do like how they fit nice and straight and skim the body without flaring at the hem. I dunno… I’m undecided on these. They’re TTS; I’m wearing the 28.

also wearing: LOFT Wildflower Fitted Scoop Neck Tee and Nine West Gianna Sandals (similar)

VERDICT: Not sure yet… tempted to keep, but at that price, probably won’t get the cost per wear out of them.

Kut From The Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Shorts

These shorts are a nice medium blue wash with some subtle distressing and a raw cuffed hem, and the inseam is 8 1/2″ unrolled, 7″ rolled. They have a 9″ front rise, and the fabric is a nice, sturdy 99% cotton, 1% spandex.

The rise feels quite low to me, but I like the fit otherwise. They’re a little wide through the leg, but not too bad, and the 7″ inseam hits right at mid-thigh. These are the same length as the Wit & Wisdom 9″ ones when cuffed twice.

I like the pocket placement, they’re centered nicely on both cheeks. And the leg opening is a little wide, but not a deal breaker. This length is definitely a nice option to have.

I like the overall vibe of these a lot. For a lower priced short, the wash is really good, and the distressed details keep them casual without looking too try-hard. I wish the rise was an inch higher, but again, probably not a deal breaker.

also wearing: LOFT Striped Dolman V-Neck Tee (size S) and Marc Fisher Fianna Sandals

VERDICT: Undecided. I need to take inventory of the shorts I’ve kept and see if I think I need them.

UGG Zoe II Metallic Wedge Sandal

I’ve had my eye on these for months, and I finally decided to try them. They’re super cute on and have a lot of support, but they didn’t fit my feet quite right. I do like the aesthetic quite a lot though.

They have a 2 1/2″ heel with a 1″ platform, so the heel drop is just 1″. The ankle strap is adjustable, but there’s also a back zip closure for easy on-and-off. These are great for those who needs some support because they have a memory-foam footbed and good arch support.

The gold leather on the cork platform wedge is a nice combination, and so versatile. These sandals will look great with everything from jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts.

VERDICT: Returning; they’re a little big on me, but I definitely recommend trying them if you have a higher arch or thicker feet. Length-wise, they’re true to size; these are my usual 8.

LOFT Wildflower Fitted Scoop Neck Tee

This tee was a fun surprise. I was drawn to the colors and the scoop neck, but I don’t think I realized it would be quite this short and fitted, and I really like it because it does not need a front-tuck, YAY!

Also, LOFT is doing 60% off this weekend, so this tee comes down to just $11.80.

Here’s a view from the back, so you can see how it fits the body all the way around, and these are also the 7″ Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Cuffed White Shorts.

It skims the body nicely without clinging, and the fabric is not your typical t-shirt material. It’s a little thinner and smoother and feels nice against the skin.

I could tell it had some modal in it by the way it felt on, so when I checked the fabric content, sure enough, it’s 60% cotton, 40% modal.

I’m in the small, and I’d say this top is true to size, but you may want to size up if you tend to run in between sizes. Before my weight loss, I probably would have wanted the medium.

also wearing: 7 For All Mankind Cutoff Denim Shorts and Nine West Gianna Sandals (similar)

VERDICT: Keeping!

LOFT Dolman Petal Sleeve Top

This top is quite unfortunate, but that’s the point of these Try-On Hauls — to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I feel like this really needs no commentary, but it’s clearly too wide and too short to do anything for me… and I’m not entirely sure who it would do anything for.

And with a front-tuck, just to show you an option, but it’s really too short to need a front-tuck.

also wearing: Paige Jax Denim Bermuda Shorts with Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Makeup

VERDICT: Returning, duh.

White House Black Market Lace-Up Tank

I was drawn to the thick straps and lace-up detail on this top, but I feared the ivory would be too thin, and it’s really okay. I mean, there is a bit of show-through, but not enough to make me uncomfortable.

It does have a shirttail hem, which isn’t usually my fave, but I don’t mind it on this one. You can see here how it looks from behind.

I really like how the armholes are cut on this top — there is no gaping, and my bra doesn’t show at all, no matter how I turn or maneuver my arms.

Here’s how it looks untucked, although I would probably always front-tuck it. I think this would be cute layered under a lightweight moto jacket, or denim jacket if I was wearing a color on the bottom.

also wearing: KUT From The Kloth Andrea Release Hem Denim Cutoff Shorts and and Marc Fisher Fianna Sandals

VERDICT: Keeping! I also have the black

Metallic Jacquard Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

I almost didn’t share this because I want to style it for 22 Days of Summer Fashion, and sometimes I like to save things and keep them a bit of a surprise. But I like this so much, and I think it’s cute with these shorts, so I decided to go ahead and share these pictures. I’ll style it for more of a dinner-out look for the dedicated post.

I think this top is so fun. I’m not big on off-the-shoulder styles because they’re such a pain to wear, but sometimes it’s worth a little discomfort to look cute, am I right?

It’s lightweight and blousy, and it has two layers, so there’s no show-through or anything.

I love the bold yellow for a change, and I think the palm print is so pretty. Obviously, this top is begging to be taken on vacation somewhere tropical.

You can also wear it on the shoulders, if you want. I don’t like this as much as off-the-shoulder, but it certainly works.

Also, I think I Just convinced myself to keep these shorts.

also wearing: KUT From The Kloth Andrea Release Hem Denim Cutoff Shorts and and Marc Fisher Fianna Sandals

VERDICT: Keeping!

And, that’s a wrap! I hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. I’m still struggling with the midi-skirt and sneakers look but I loved the last way you styled the leopard skin skirt with the black tank and sandals. Love the Loft garden floral henley – its one of the few summer purchases I made this year. For your summer fashion series, will you be showing any of your outfits with coordinating masks? Sounds crazy, but it seems like masks are going to be with us for a while longer and I’m seeing some fashion retailers starting to carry them.

  2. As always, great info on the shorts.  I love the hot pink top  as well as the floral/tropical prints tops.  There is nothing like a pair of white shirts to make a top stand out.  Black, navy, they all look so classy styled with the white. I’m dying here to go SOMEPLACE where I can dress up in my better casual clothing……we really miss our Friday Night out to dinner dates after the grandkids leave. I’m afraid that will be a long way off before we’re back to dining in, so we’ll make the most of take out instead! 

  3. Love this post! So many great options, although I have such a hard time finding shorts and pants for that matter that look good on me because I have such a weird shaped rear end. Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to your posts every day!!

  4. I’ve always liked your posts, but I’m really appreciating them now. Due to doctors’ orders, I’ve lost a fair bit of weight over the past 5 months, so I’m having to replace some of my spring/summer wardrobe or find things to wear with pants and shorts I haven’t been able to wear for a while. It’s great to have some choices curated from various online shops since the mall is not an option, and since i could spend many hours trying to look for new items myself.

  5. Hi – I think the Bermuda’s look classy and perfect with all the tops you have shown.  They do look very cool!  Also love the leopard skirt – it’s very feminine and pretty 👍🤗 spot on (pardon the pun)! 

  6. Hi! I really enjoy your blog but suddenly I stopped receiving it. I checked my junk mail and not there either. This has happened before and you somehow fixed it. I’m hoping you can and will again! Thanks.

  7. What size of the Kut From The Kloth boyfriend shorts did you get? Do they run true to size? I really like the Gap jean shorts (that are sold out), but these might be a good alternative? What do you think? 

  8. Hi! Thank you for the post. I am looking forward to the 22 days of summer posts! I have a question about the Sanctuary Laura V-Neck Linen Tee. Have you washed it yet? Sometimes the linen blends twist and shrink even with a delicate, cold wash and hang dry.

  9. I’m having a hard time embracing the midi skirts.  Maybe because I’m short but they seem dated to me still.  I really don’t like them with sneakers.  I like the leopard skirt on you with the black tank and higher black strappy sandals.  Boy, you really put a lot of work into this post. I have to go to the store to try shorts. I have such a hard time finding some to fit.  I’m short and seem like they always bag out on me and I never feel comfortable in shorts.  I’m not a odd size or anything but never can find the right length and fit.  I think that is why I don’t like wearing them and prefer a sundress.  Could you style more casual sundress options, not all print ones?  Looking forward to the Summer series.  

  10. Love the yellow top from WHBM! It’s in my cart waiting for a sale. Looking forward to the summer fashion series!

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