Turning Over A New Leaf

I did something this morning that I don’t think I’ve ever done in my entire 34 years and 10 months of life.

Are you ready for this, internets?

I got up at 6am to exercise.  Oh yes I did!

And you’re like, yeah, so…

But you have to understand.  I’m pretty much allergic to exercise.  Plus there is no place in the whole world that I’d rather be than in my warm, cozy bed.

Everyone always says how great they feel when they start out their day with exercise, but I’ve always maintained that an extra 45 minutes of sleep trumps any benefit exercise might offer me.

But I have this friend, and she has offered me all kinds of gifts and favors if I will get up and walk with her at 6am on weekday mornings.

Well okay.  There are no gifts or favors, but I rarely turn down an opportunity to socialize.

That, and “they” say that regular exercise should help my tummy troubles.

If it also serves to tighten up that sagging, flabby gluteus maximus that heretofore seemed beyond hope, well, then, there might be enough benefits involved to warrant vacating that soft, warm cave that is my bed. At least as long as it’s light out at that unearthly hour.

So today was our first appointment. Paul laughed out loud last night when he heard our plans, but that was the last little bit of incentive I needed to haul my lazy arse out of bed this morning at the crack o’ dawn.

I’m a little ashamed to say that we only walked one and a half miles, but we’re going to add a loop tomorrow. (My neighborhood is exactly a half-mile loop, how convenient is THAT!?)

I have to admit, I do feel invigorated. We walk FAST.

So we’ll see how long we can keep this up. I really hope we can stick with it through the summer, at least.

Yall! First morning devotions, and now exercise!! I’m just a bastion of virtuous new habits. Who knew?

Maybe my bed is a tad overrated.