Two Miles!

We walked two miles this morning. It took us 30-40 minutes — I think about 35. I need to make sure to time it tomorrow because that seems slow. I thought we were really hoofing it, but I guess we need to pick up the pace. We hope to be up to three miles by the end of the month.

Three miles. Such lofty goals! There was a day when I could walk five miles in just over an hour. Now I’ll be happy if I get up to three.

And just in case I wasn’t feeling pathetic enough, I think I might be getting shin splints. From walking. Is that possible?

Either that, or I’m just working those muscles harder than I have in a long time. At any rate, it hurts to lift my toes off the floor.

Clearly I was designed for a life of leisure. I think I was born in the wrong century. I would have made a fabulous Victorian woman, dontcha think? Nah, nevermind, I would have died of boredom.

While I’m making dramatic lifestyle changes, today was supposed to be Day 1 of no coffee.

Yes, you heard that right. Me. Giving up coffee. You might as well ask me to stop going to the mall.

Supposedly coffee aggravates GERD so I’ve been scaling back.

On that note, I’m off to enjoy the day.  I hope you enjoy yours!