Warning: Rant Ahead, And Other Random Thoughts

Months ago, I bought plane tickets for my upcoming vacation.  (Which is next week!  YAY!)  I pored over the various flight options for hours, for days as a matter of fact, before I came up with the exact flight combinations I wanted so as to minimize layover time, to have departure and arrival times that are convenient for our family, and to maximize my vacation time.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from an airline that will remain nameless but it starts with US and rhymes with lays, changing my itinerary.  Can they DO this!!?  Then.  Today I have received yet ANOTHER.

WHAT is the point of making travel plans, I ask you?  Does the word reservation mean nothing anymore?  And they have NOT improved upon my original plans.

But really, I know I need to get a life.  I mean, I’m going on vacation!  To the beach!  With my girlfriends!  Without kids!!  Hushpuppies and Po’boys, here I come!!  I suppose a few minor changes in itinerary shouldn’t get me down, huh?

So in other news, my friend and I walked two miles again this morning.  It’s getting easier, despite my sore shins.  I’ve been told I should be stretching before and after.  D’oh!

And despite having a bone to pick with USAirways, I have to say that today is one of the most delightful days I’ve had in ages.  The weather is perfect.  Sunny, warm, but not too warm, with a crisp breeze blowing through the open windows.  C and I took both breakfast and lunch on the deck.

I even got up the gumption to mop the kitchen floor, which is something I only feel led to do a couple times a year.  And then it felt so wonderful to have a clean kitchen floor that I drug out the Murphy’s Oil Soap and did the wood floor in the foyer as well.  And the wood on the stairs.  And the baseboards.  And even some of the walls.  Once I get a bucket and a rag in my hands, I’m like the energizer bunny.  I keep going and going and going.  Unfortunately, the spirit only moves once in a very great while.

And the best part was that Rebecca napped the entire time I cleaned, and the big kids were in school, so the house was gloriously peaceful and quiet.  And now it smells like Murphy’s Oil Soap and freshly cut grass.  Divine.

Oh.  Speaking of freshly cut grass.  Caroline did not have pink eye.  She has seasonal allergies.  Evidently the neighborhood boy’s mom was right about his diagnosis after all.  I guess it’s pretty common this time of year.  So we’re having crow for dinner, here at the Musings house.

Well, I could go on, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with the glamorous life I lead.  So, carry on.  As you were.