Valentines Craft: DIY String Art Heart

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. And although this is one holiday that we don’t decorate the house (some would be shocked to hear that), I do love placing little reminders around the house throughout the year that make me think of love, that remind me to take a time out and spend quality time with those who mean so much to me.

Hi, it’s Tonya again, and today I’m sharing a quick DIY project with you, a string art heart.

Valentines Craft: DIY String Art Heart

What you need:

  • Wood block – any size and shape
  • Card stock and/or paint
  • Glue (if using card stock – I used Mod Podge)
  • Nails
  • String
  • Sandpaper (optional – if using card stock)

How to make string art

If you choose to paint your wood block, then do so now.

If you want to use card stock, measure and cut a piece to size, and then glue it onto the wood block. Ensure it is completely dry before moving onto the next step.

how to make string art

Once your wood block is completely dry, cut a small heart out of card (or use a gift card, which is what I happened to have on hand.)

Attach the heart to the board by hammering a nail into the center. This will hold it in place.

how to make string art

Carefully hammer nails all around the outside of the paper heart, leaving a small gap in-between each nail – try to make them as evenly spaced as possible.

how to make a string art heart

Remove the center nail, and then the paper heart.

Tie a piece of string onto one nail, right below the head of the nail, and then wind the string across the heart from nail to nail, making sure to wind from the outside of the nail, not the inside, see below – the string is wound from left to right around the nail and then attached to the nail to the right.

how to make a string art heart

Once you’ve wound the string around every nail, and a neat border for the heart has been made, you can continue winding if you wish to fill the heart in a little more. Tie the end of the string off and tuck it underneath the string heart so it is out of sight.

If you used card stock on the wood, take a piece of sandpaper and gently sand around the edge just a little.

And there you have it, a lovely string art heart to display year-round.

Valentines Craft: DIY String Art Heart

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