Waiving the White Flag

I have about 5 posts whirling around in my brain but there’s no time to get them out.

For the dear commenter who thanked me for Tuesday’s post and admitted that sometimes it seems that my life is so idyllic, you may be interested to know that I just survived a 30-minute tantrum from my 3-year-old who wasn’t perfectly satisfied with the way her shoes felt after I put them on her.  And when I say I survived, I’m talking BARELY.  Life with this child is a constant whine fest and I’m so over it.  She turns 4 next Saturday.  Someone please tell me it that it ends.

Her only saving grace is that I get to drop her off at school for four hours today while I get out for some girlymama chat and caffeine, which will hopefully equip me to get through the rest of the terrible threes.  Or at least the rest of today.  I guess a mocha latte can only do so much, right?

P.S.  I just found out that although I filled out picture forms and wrote checks, they somehow did not get into my kids’ backpacks.  And today is picture day, of course.  I guess I’ll be stopping at the elementary school on my way to coffee and girl chat.  Joy!