Weekly Menu Plan 05.13.13

gluten menu plan

Good Monday morning! Do I sound chipper? I do not feel chipper. I’ve been up for an hour and I’m on my second cuppa coffee (I usually just have one) and I’m finally starting to feel somewhat awake. I’m also feeling quite uninspired to plan my meals for the week. I wish someone could do this ugly task for me. But alas. I’m the Household CEO and there are some things only I can do. The meal planning is one of them.

MONDAY: Tonight my son has a band concert, and my in-laws are coming for dinner first so I need something easy that feeds 7. After perusing my Recipe Index, I think I’m going to go for Shepherd’s Pie with sautéed swiss chard.

TUESDAY: Citrus & Herb Whole Roasted Chicken with roasted carrots and steamed green beans

WEDNESDAY: Mexican Lettuce Wraps

THURSDAY: I have an event so I’m leaving spaghetti fixins for my husband and the kids. If you’re gluten free, I recommend Tinkyada pastas.

FRIDAY: Baked (or grilled, depending on the weather) Asian Style Salmon with rice and roasted broccoli & cauliflower

SATURDAY: sushi take out

What are you eating this week?

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Menu Plan 05.13.13

  1. I know meal planning can be such a blessing, most of the time. But sometimes (like this morning, when you’re feeling uninspired), do you find that later in the week you’re stuck with a meal to cook that you really regret choosing? Do you often change your plan? Do you regret making your meal plan in an uninspired moment? Do you ever miss planning a meal spontaneously, or do you allow room for that too?

    1. LOL! So many questions!

      I do not stick to my plans 100%. Often I just don’t get to the store to get the ingredients that I need, so I resort to something I can make with what’s in my cabinet. Some nights we have leftovers, and some nights we order pizza, lol.

      I used to feel guilty about it, and then I decided that I’m providing a resource for people looking for fresh ideas or who need a ready-made plan. It does give me a head-start on my meals for the week, and I often refer to my blog on my iPhone when I’m at the grocery store to remember what I’d planned and to see what I need to buy, so it definitely comes in handy, but I’m not married to it either. 🙂

  2. I find menu planning tough especially with dh working extra hours, plus feeling really swamped anyway at this time of year. The kids wanted seconds last night. I said NO! That’s for dinner on Tuesday. I need leftovers for the week.

    LOL – I’ve got hot dogs and french fries scheduled for Thursday. Looking forward to seeing you and the Philly Cow Share folks!

  3. We love Swiss chard! I noticed one of my neighbors has it growing in their front yard and it’s beautiful. I’d probably pick it too fast!

  4. I feel much more organized when I plan, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen. This week is partially figured out… Today left over ribs(from yesterday) and pasta with veggies, Tues beef veg soup, Wed cauliflower crust pizza and salad, Thurs sloppy joes and mexican quinoa salad.

    And this week I’m sharing Sloppy Joes as well as Mexican Quinoa Salad.
    Have a great week Jo-Lynne!!

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