Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 06.15.11

Here we are again! I’ll try not to bore you with the same old tanks and jean shorts. This is what I wore running errands one day last week.

The orange sleeveless T is by Patagonia. I picked it up in an outdoorsy store in Maine last summer. I liked that it’s a little bit shorter than most tops nowadays, which makes it a better fit with skirts. The gray twill skirt is from Banana Republic, I picked it up last fall. It’s a little shorter than I prefer so I always wear it with flats. I threw on that gold bracelet because it was handy but I usually wear silver with gray. And the outfit could use some earrings. I think I was wearing diamond studs. Just a simple, casual outfit for running errands and working at home!

Okay so here I am last weekend in Cape May (I know, what a job I have, right?) getting ready to go out to dinner at The Rusty Nail.

This is a new outfit for me. I wanted to be cool and casual because we were going to be eating outside at the beach. And I had this metallic vesty sweatery thing that I picked up on a whim but hadn’t worn and wasn’t sure how I was going to wear it. When we had our All Things Chic style event at Bloomingdales last month, the displays were all about crisp, clean neutrals — this summer’s hottest trend.

I decided to try the gray vest over my white cropped skinnies and a double layer of white tank tops. I kept the neutral thing going with the pewter sandals and my Stella & Dot Riviera Coin Necklace. I’m not sure it’s my most favorite outfit, but it was fun for a change.

I wore this casual outfit for an afternoon exploring Cape May because it was quite hot and I didn’t want to get a “farmer tan” — yes, I am just that vain.

Finally, this is what I wore yesterday to run errands and hang out at home. And I got to grace the dentist’s office with it — I had four cavities. Isn’t there a point at which you have no more teeth to fill?

I don’t feel totally confident in this outfit, and I’m not sure what it is about it that bugs me. The sweater is kind of long. It definitely doesn’t look right with shorts. I decided to wear it yesterday because it wasn’t as hot as it’s been so I could wear my cropped jeans. Perhaps it would probably look better with full length skinny jeans. I thought it was fun and different and added interest to my favorite black tank.

Okay, that’s enough of me. What about you? What did you wear this week? Did you play along?? Leave me a link if you did, and I’ll do my best to stop over and visit!wiw thurs