What to Buy at Nordstrom Bonus Points Event

I wasn’t planning a new post for today, but Nordstrom is doing Bonus Points this weekend, so I want to put together some quick shopping widgets with my favorites. (You have to log in to see the details; it ends tomorrow, 3/12.)

outfit details

This is a great time to stock up on necessities, like bras and underwear and shapewear. Also makeup and skincare! I also like to use this opportunity to splurge on luxury items that never go on sale. Swimwear is another category that rarely goes on sale, so I did a dedicated widget just for that. I hope it’s helpful!

Favorite Denim & Pants at Nordstrom

Favorite Top & Sweaters

Favorite Shoes at Nordstrom

Favorite Swimwear at Nordstrom

Favorite Foundations

Handbags, Jewelry & Accessories

Best of Beauty

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3 thoughts on “What to Buy at Nordstrom Bonus Points Event

  1. Happy Weekend Jolynn! Great post, I’m in the market for a new bra, wear 32-34 D or DD, don’t care for contour bras rather have just a self lining but always wear underwire. I have one by Wacoal but it’s a little itchy at the closure otherwise fits well. What are your thoughts on the Natori or Freya, I know you used to showcase the Freya. I had a simply styled Bali I wore for years but of course they discontinued that style. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean about Wacoal being a bit itchy. I don’t feel like Natori fits as well, but that is just me. Many ladies love them. That Wacoal t-shirt bra is really soft, but not quite as supportive. Freya is more stiff, great support and shaping, softens up with time.

      1. I looked at the Natori you linked which looks like it might work and in navy is a great sale price, may try that one for starters. After shopping around this week, looks like most everyone but me likes a contour or light filling in the cups except me. I really hate bra shopping, as I’ve gotten older I have lost little weight and can tell it in my bras as well.
        Thanks for your input as usual!

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