What to Wear When You Fly

I’ve been on the go a lot lately, and I often get questions about my travel outfits – especially when I fly – so I rounded up some of my recent travel looks for you today.

KUT from the Kloth Jacqueline (S) // Sundry tee (1) // MOTHER Insiders (29) // Tory Burch Miller Sandals in Makeup (8) // Away The Medium (Sand) // Goyard St. Louis GM (similar for less)

I have a basic formula for my travel outfits, which makes packing and prepping for trips easier. The fewer decisions I have to make, the better!

My travel outfits always involve a layering piece that I can remove if I get hot on the plane or when I reach my final destination. Usually that’s a denim jacket because it’s heavy and takes up a lot of room in the suitcase if it’s packed. It’s also a versatile wardrobe piece that I usually plan to bring along anyway.

KUT from the Kloth Jacqueline (S) // Zella tee (S) // Vuori Halo Straight c/o (M) // VEJA sneakers (39) // Away Medium (Sand)

If I want to wear jeans on the bottom, I bring a utility jacket or a denim jacket in a color (or white.)

KUT from the Kloth Ingrid (S) (option) // ATM tee (M) (option) // MOTHER Insiders (28) // P448 sneakers (39) // Away The Medium (Sand) & The Small (Navy) // target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”Goyard St. Louis GM (similar for less)

Another component to my travel outfit is a versatile t-shirt that I can mix and match with other items in my travel capsule.

And I usually wear sneakers (again, because they’re heavy and bulky, and I don’t want to pack them if I don’t have to) but sometimes I wear comfy sandals like these.

similar denim jacket // ATM tee (M) (option) // MOTHER Insiders (28) // Dolce Vita Grazie (8) // Away The Medium (Sand) & The Small (Navy) // Goyard St. Louis GM (similar for less)

In the fall, I often wear my coated denim jacket on top, and then I have it for my trip to top off my date night looks.

coated denim jacket // ATM tee (M) (option) // FRAME denim (29) // VEJA Esplar (39) // Away The Medium (Sand) // Goyard St. Louis GM (similar for less)

When I really want to be comfortable, I wear joggers on the bottom, but lately I’ve taken to wearing jeans and packing the joggers because the jeans bulkier and heavier and take up more suitcase real estate.

I do always pack a pair of joggers, though, mainly for going downstairs to the hotel lobby for coffee in the mornings; but sometimes I wear them during the day as well.

KUT from the Kloth Jacqueline (S) // AllSaints tee (S) // Vuori Performance Jogger (M) // P448 sneakers (39) // Away The Medium // Tory Burch tote

My carry-on bag is usually a tote that holds my laptop and other travel essentials. If I’m doing a carry-on suitcase, the tote is my personal item, and I stash my purse (usually a crossbody bag) inside so I have it when I get to my destination.

Vuori Performance Jogger (M) // Brooks sneakers (39) // Away The Medium (Sand) // LV Neverfull MM

I used to always carry my Neverfull in the MM size, but I was always stuffing it too full and it was ruining the shape, plus it was hard to fit everything I wanted inside. So a few years ago, I splurged on the Goyard St. Louis in the GM size. I bought it second-hand on Fashionphile, and like all luxury items, the prices on both bags have gone up significantly since I purchased them. My Neverfull has doubled in price, which is crazytown!

For a more wallet-friendly option, Tory Burch has a really nice coated canvas tote, and it comes in an open style as well as a zip-top style as well.

On rare occasions (usually during the colder months), I deviate from this uniform, and wear a cozy sweater with jeans and bring a coat or jacket that I will need wherever I’m going. This outfit is from this past spring, and I was experimenting with a new carry-on bag, the AWAY Everywhere Bag.

old LOFT trench // old Talbots sweater // old Fidelity Cher (28) // similar espadrilles // AWAY The Everywhere Bag

As much as I love my stylish totes, this bag is sooooo convenient, and it holds so much more. I can easily fit in a change of clothes and my essential skincare/makeup products, making more room in my suitcase for shoes!

I still bring my tote when I know I’m going to want it at my destination, but if I don’t need it to carry my laptop around, or for a pool bag, I’ll be using the Everywhere Bag from now on.

Okay, one last look! This is from 2016, so I don’t have current links for anything but the suitcase (it goes on sale often; don’t pay full price!) but it’s my favorite winter travel look ever.

Delsey Chatelet Air 28″ Spinner

A lightweight, packable puffer coat is ideal for travel. This one can be easily stashed inside my suitcase when I get to the airport, and taken out when I arrive.

The scarf is nice to have on the plane, if it’s chilly, and I was headed to Maine so I knew I’d need it there.

And while the OTK boots might look uncomfortable, I walked all over NYC one day in those, plus I didn’t want to pack them, so I wore them, and I did fine, but it was a short flight.

Okay, that’s it for today! I’m headed to the beach for a quick day trip. Praying this foggy, cloudy weather burns off by the time we get there.

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22 thoughts on “What to Wear When You Fly

  1. Loved this post with so many great ideas. I always get so flummoxed when thinking about a travel outfit. This is a wonderful guide.
    Thank you, Julie

  2. Loved this post, thank you. I’ve been thinking about the Away Everywhere bag. Do you think it has enough room for a couple of changes of clothes?

    1. Did you purchase the small or medium size? And will the medium size fit under the seat as a carry on? Thanks!

      1. When I bought my Away luggage last year I got 10% off my whole purchase …..I’m pretty sure it was a new customer discount (entered email and phone number for text messages).

  3. My travel outfits are basically the same except if I’m doing an overnight flight I wear the Vuori joggers as they are much comfier for sleeping than jeans! Also when the weather is chillier I’ll wear my cashmere hoodie under my Jean jacket or leather jacket. It’s a perfect layer!

  4. Great post. I’m a terrible packer. I want my whole closet of shoes. Lol.
    What size undies do you get in the Soma briefs! I’m interested in trying them. I’m 5’3” about 122lbs and usually size 4/27 pant. The ones I wear are discontinued. They are size 6. These are Small Med Large etc. Also you mentioned they cover your stomache. They show under the models belly button. I prefer under so wondering how they fit. Thanks. Have a great day.

  5. I like how you always look pulled together, even when you are wearing joggers! When I grow up, I want to follow in your footsteps 😉.

  6. I always wear jeans & sneakers when flying. I also wear a light jacket because I sometimes get cold on flights. If I’m going to a winter destination I wear my boots and anorak because they are too bulky and take up too much real estate in my suitcase. Then I stuff my jacket into the overhead as I don’t have a carry on. I take a backpack that holds a change of clothes, my iPad, book, my purse, etc. and stuff that under the seat. I like to be hands free when traveling. I still check a bag. There’s no way I can go without some variety in my outfits and I like to cover all scenarios.
    I’ve been looking at new spinner suitcases. The Away is on my list. How has yours held up to the abuse they get?

  7. You look so trendy and put together! I freeze on planes and need to layer so much that it looks like I am traveling to the North Pole.

  8. Heck! The moto with tee and denim combination is so chic and easy to do: I’d even wear that to get coffee at Wawa.

  9. Do you have a preference for suitcases? The Delsey Chalet or the Away luggage? I need to update my suitcases and want the hard outer shell and was looking for recommendations.

    1. Honestly, I don’t really have a preference. Both are very easy to maneuver, look nice, and pack up easily. I should compare and see if they hold the same amount of stuff, but they seem to.

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