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What I’m Ordering and Packing for My Trip to Miami in February

I get a lot of questions this time of year about what to pack for a warm weather trip, so I thought I’d share some of what I’m ordering and potentially packing for my trip to Miami next month.

coverup // black suit // coral suit // teal suit // sandals // hat

This trip is part work, part play! I like to start rolling out spring content in February, but shooting spring outfits in Philly at that time of year is not only uncomfortable, the backdrop isn’t very pretty either. (I’ve been known to post spring outfits with snow in the background. 🥶)

Last year, I decided to get smart, and I planned a trip to Florida in February to shoot spring outfit pictures without freezing my tuchus. I also used the opportunity to explore St. Augustine. It was absolutely glorious, and I vowed to do it every year.

wrap // tank // shorts // sandals // sunnies

I chose Miami as my warm weather destination this time. I lucked out last February with Jacksonville/St. Augustine, because they just so happened to have a warmup while we were there, but it isn’t always pool weather in northern Florida that time of year. Miami weather is supposedly a lot more reliable, plus I’ve never been there, and I can’t wait to explore a new city!

Since the main purpose of my trip is to get tons of photos for upcoming blog and social media content, I have to pack a lot of outfits. I also like to spend some time on my work trips exploring the area, especially the dining options, so I have to pack for that too. And when it’s a warm weather trip, pool or beach time is definitely on the agenda!

All that to say, I have to pack a lot more than the average person. Yes, I’m the girl pushing two suitcases through the airport… which is equal parts humiliating and hilarious. The things I do for this job…

tee // jeans // sneakers // jacket

All that to say, if you’re looking for advice on what to pack for a warm weather trip, you do not need everything I am linking below! These are simply options you may want to consider.

What to Pack for a Warm Weather Trip

sweater // jeans // similar sandals

These are the categories of clothing you might want to pack for a warm weather trip, along with some shopping suggestions. Many of these are items I’ve ordered to try. They aren’t all keepers, but most are brands and styles that I’ve found to be tried and true.

Swimsuits & Coverups

cover-up // flip-flops

Let’s start with the obvious! Swimsuits and cover-ups are essential for any warm weather vacation. The amount you need depends on the length of your trip and how often you plan to wear a swimsuit, of course, but I like to have at least two swimsuits (one to wash, and one to wear) and one coverup that can double as a casual dress for lunch at the poolside grille.

I plan to update my Swimsuit Guide very soon, but meanwhile, here are some of the swimsuits and cover-ups I’ve ordered. I don’t plan to keep them all, but when it comes to swimsuits, you usually have to kiss quite a few frogs before you find your prince.

I’m a big fan of one-piece swimsuits these days. They’re on trend, and they look sleek and smooth through the midsection, which is my biggest problem area these days. #thisis50

Of course, they aren’t quite as convenient as two-piece swimsuits for bathroom visits, but the ones I buy are usually pretty easy to slip up and down. I don’t go for anything too complicated.

Straw Hat & Tote

coverup // hat // tote // sunnies

I usually don’t bother packing a beach hat for my warm weather trips because they seem so cumbersome, but last year I finally invested in a packable straw hat, and it was really handy! It did, in fact, fold down easily to pack in my suitcase without losing its shape.

It’s also nice to have a packable straw tote for using at the beach or poolside. The other option is to use your travel tote, which I’ve done before, but it’s nice to have a dedicated bag that you keep stocked with all your poolside essentials.

The one I’m carrying above has been discontinued, so I rounded up some more options in the shopping widget below. And don’t forget your sunnies!

Flip Flops & Sandals

sandals // hat

If I’m going to be at the beach, I usually bring along a pair of plastic flip-flops that I don’t mind getting wet or sandy, although I’ve worn my Sand Patent Tory Burch Miller Sandals to the beach many times, and they hold up just fine. That also eliminates the need for another pair of fashion sandals, but do whatever you prefer.

Beyond that, you’ll probably want a variety of fashion sandals for your everyday outfits and dinners out. I recently picked up the Tory Burch T Monogram Slide Sandals pictured above, and I think they’re really fun for a change. It’s a nice neutral print that will go with all my shorts outfits, as well as casual dresses. I rounded up some of my other favorite summer sandals below, including the heels I plan to bring for dinners out.

Casual Outfits

From there, I start thinking about outfits I want to wear during the day for casual outings or hanging out at the resort. That usually involves white and blue denim shorts, and casual tanks and tees. I also like to have some lightweight cotton sweaters to throw on with jean shorts on milder days, and maybe a pair of white jeans.

I haven’t found a lot of affordable resort wear out there yet, but I’ve got a few things coming that I think I’ll be able to wear. I rounded up a few of my new finds and old favorites still in stock below.

Dinner Outfits

And then, depending on our plans, I like to have a few dressier looks for dinners out. I often dress up my white jeans with a cute blouse and swap out my flat sandals for heels, but it’s nice to have a dress or jumpsuit as an option for something different.

I still have the jumpsuit pictured above, which I’ve worn several times, but I also just found a similar one at LOFT that is fully stocked. I ordered it to try, so I’ll let you know if I like it! This is definitely the area I need to focus on the most in the next few weeks. I’m hoping to see better inventory in stores soon!

Travel & Lounge

I always bring a pair of joggers and a cozy wrap (20% off!!!) to wear in the mornings to run to the lobby to get coffee, and I often like to work down there for a few hours before getting ready for the day. I usually wear one or both of those pieces on my travel day(s).

A denim jacket is also a must, because I like to wear it over dresses and also over tees and tanks on casual days, so I either wear it on the plane or pack one.

And if I want to bring a pair of sneakers on my trip, I usually wear them on the plane so they don’t take up unnecessary room in my suitcase. Plus, they’re comfy for walking through the airport. Before I got TSA PreCheck, I always made sure to have shoes I could easily slip on and off at the security line.

And don’t forget pajamas!

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32 thoughts on “What I’m Ordering and Packing for My Trip to Miami in February

  1. Thanks, Jo-Lynne! This was very helpful and I am looking forward to your Miami post. Do you know what color Havaianas sandals you are wearing in the pool pic with the aqua coverup on?

  2. I think the classic, modern look and understated elegance of a swimsuit like that black La Blanca onepiece is sooo much more figure flattering and “sexy” (in a glam way lol!) than; how most tankinis or these suits which go too overboard on “retro” seem almost 1940s costume-y.

    Love its high back bodice for smoothing out underarm fat(!) as well as Nordstrom’s price. How I WISH I could get out of NJ now (until, at least, April!) and, picture myself on a Caribbean beach.

    1. I have a hard time packing for just my vacation time. I don’t know how you figure in style outfits and all the added things you need for that. Good for you. You do so much for your readers. :). We went to Miami 35 yrs ago with my first child at 6 months to visit friends who lived there. It was a 7 hour flight for us. It was May and the weather wasn’t very warm. We would try to do pool time but it was chilly. Our beach day was windy and cold and we wore clothes not swimsuits. Our 2 hr drive to Disneyworld was alittle warmer. So I think it just depends when you go and what you happen to get for weather. At that time it was crowded and dirty. I’m sure it’s more updated now. Can’t wait to see your post. Enjoy.

  3. I can’t wait for your pictures in Miami! How do you find the sizing in the Havaianas? I’m looking to replace my flip flops and also purchase a black and a white swimsuit this year but I’m looking for a halter style with more chest coverage for optimal sun protection.

    1. I am a true size 9 or 40 (a bit more on the narrow side), and the 9/10 (or 39/40) in the slim Havaianas fit great on me.

    1. Alison is coming with me this time, so I will have more pictures than I know what to do with, lol! I also managed to convince a few other friends to meet me there… it didn’t take much arm-twisting. 🙂 It should be fun!

  4. While we don’t have any plans to go to the beach this year, I still enjoy seeing what you plan on taking to Miami. I hope the flight home today was smooth sailing.

  5. I just went on a weekend trip to Miami with my daughter! Be sure to do a golf cart graffiti tour, and eat at Juvia (great rooftop spot) and Manddolin Aegean!

  6. When nature calls and you are in a one piece bathing suit, merely do the “pull aside” . Keep your suit in place, pull the crotch fabric aside and pee! Not the best option for #2, but perfect for #1.

  7. I love Miami! You need to check out the shops at Bal Harbour. The restaurants there are good and usually end up seeing a movie star or two enjoy!

  8. Just came back from a Caribbean cruise that sailed in and out of Miami. When we got off the ship at 10 am, it was 40 degrees! Cab driver said it was the coldest it had been down there in years. It has warmed up now, though! Be careful out and about at night, they have quite a bit of crime. I’ve been several times, and although there are fabulous restaurants and great shopping, I’ve never really been a fan. I guess it’s because I don’t feel particularly safe there.

    1. Would the Athleta wrap be appropriate to wear in airports and on plane with jumpsuit, joggers, yoga pants, or ponte pants? Also, would it look ok to wear it with a tee shirt dress?

  9. If you ever want to do somewhere besides the beach for this shoot, it might be pretty to do some of our southern cities in the early spring when all the first flowers are blooming (daffodils, azaleas, Bradford pears, etc). Charleston and Savannah are always a good bet, and both have great architectural backdrops. Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile would have beautiful floral and landscaping type backdrops.

  10. That black one piece could even double as warm weather shapewear! I would use that as a base layer with just white, pull-on palozzo pants and a white linen blazer as an outdoor dinner-date outfit.

  11. Thanks Jo-Lynne, you will most likely be warm and maybe hot in Miami! I went to South Beach on a girls trip (BTW: Ritz Carlton pool or Fountainbleau pool photos would be awesome backdrops) in January and it was sunny and very warm we all got sunburned! You’ll be amazed at the blue ocean and it will make for some amazing pics enjoy 😉 can’t wait to see all the new outfits as you always look marvelous! My husband always says “Is that a new Jo-Lynne worthy outfit?” LOL

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