Who Do You Want To Win The Trophy?



I’m rooting for

to go all the way.

But can I just say, I really miss

I know she wasn’t the best dancer out there, but she was such fun to watch.  And I love how humble she is, not at all pretentious like I would have thought.

Mel is a great dancer, but I’m really tired of the overtly sexy routines, and I agreed with the judges that her freestyle was lacking something last night.

And I don’t even know what to say about Marie except, What the he!! was THAT!?  That freestyle routine didn’t even qualify as dancing.  And I didn’t appreciate her attitude AT. ALL.  I think the judges were being quite generous with her scores, frankly.

So all my votes went to Helio.  I know he’s not the best technical dancer, but if showmanship counts for anything, he should walk away with the trophy tonight.

Who are you rooting for?