Who Do You Want To Win The Trophy?



I’m rooting for

to go all the way.

But can I just say, I really miss

I know she wasn’t the best dancer out there, but she was such fun to watch.  And I love how humble she is, not at all pretentious like I would have thought.

Mel is a great dancer, but I’m really tired of the overtly sexy routines, and I agreed with the judges that her freestyle was lacking something last night.

And I don’t even know what to say about Marie except, What the he!! was THAT!?  That freestyle routine didn’t even qualify as dancing.  And I didn’t appreciate her attitude AT. ALL.  I think the judges were being quite generous with her scores, frankly.

So all my votes went to Helio.  I know he’s not the best technical dancer, but if showmanship counts for anything, he should walk away with the trophy tonight.

Who are you rooting for?

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  1. I’m for Helio too. I actually missed it last night, but after your post I’m going to go back and watch it. I miss Jennie too – I love how she had no dance background and came so far. She rocked!

  2. HELIO!!!!! I love Helio!!! He is so much fun to watch and such the better dancer! It’s only Marie’s family and her doll fans that have kept her in this long. I hope her low scores will keep her from winning. If the winner is the one that gets the longest applause and has the audience behind them, it will for sure go to Helio! I didn’t think they were ever going to stop cheering for him. Go Helio Go!!!

  3. Yes I don’t think Marie should have made it this far. She seriously is lacking in the dancing department. I voted for Helio and Julianne. Lets hope they win. I’d be very disappointed if Marie won.

  4. I agree with everything you wrote…I just can’t root for Mel Spicey. I mean she kind of is a dancer with the Spice Ho’s, right? Helio started from nothin’. I’m rootin’ for him!

  5. I am really sure that Mel B is the better dancer, besides her freestyle. I blame the infusion of hip hop as the problem with that dance. It threw Maks off, and lets face it, he is the brains behind their routines…

    Helio has really come a long way in the last few episodes but I have this horrible fear that Marie will win because she should have been eliminated ages ago but her insane fan base is SO LARGE!

    However, Sabrina Brian should have won and I am still grieving her. (I miss Jennie too)

  6. Oooh, somethig really important to discuss–love it! I am rooting for Helio, since he has no previous performaning experience. His freestyle was the best. Mel B. is too risque. Marie made me mad last night with her attitude. The doll routine is stuff of nightmares. Shiver. I miss Jenny too.

  7. Hello!, I’m also rooting for Helio. I’m a big fan of his as a race car driver and now an even bigger fan of his as a dancer. He danced great and has improved immensely. Marie I thought did ok, but that freestyle dance was just not a dance, and her reaction to the judges, well not nice at all. Mel B was ok, but the freestyle was a little off for me. So Helio I hope wins!

  8. Helio. Without question. Mel is getting too raunchy with her moves, plus she’s already had dance experience! Marie’s doll dance was creepy. Helio is the most fun to watch! I hope he wins!

  9. I can’t watch anymore, and had actually forgotten it hadn’t ended yet. Jenny Garth was my favorite. I think I got tired of all of the Osmonds, nothing against them, I am sure they are a lovely family but it just brings back memories of my sister’s Donny & Marie dolls and the big smiling grins on their faces. I still remember the Christmas she got them and all I remember thinking was, “I am sooo glad Santa didn’t bring those for me.”

  10. Helio had my vote, if I was allowed to vote, from the beginning. His routine was the only one that had spark. Mel’s was too sleezy and had no spark. at. all. They looked like they were thinking through every single step, not having any fun at all. And Marie, well, I’ve just found her totally obnoxious for quite a few weeks now. She’s coming across like she’s all ego. Blech.

  11. Helio, without a doubt.

    But the QVC robots will have voted in droves, and I am scared! (Marie has her doll show on there- my mom is an addict of QVC).

  12. Oh well. I agree Marie has been quite strange for a few weeks but I consider everything she’s been though a good enough reason for all that. I guess Helio’s the best, all around, but a piece of me wants Marie to win just, you know, for her. I loved her so much when I was a little girl… I could probably belt out every word to “Johnny’s Comin’ Home to the Lou’siana Bayou” if you gave me a few minutes to think it through.

    I know, UN POPULAR opinion. But unpopular is how I roll, I spose.

  13. I was so bummed that Jenny Garth left last week. I thought she deserved to be in the final 3!

    I think Helio is great. I love his enthusiasm and now I’m glad he won! My girls think Julianne is so beautiful and they always, always vote for her nomatterwhat!

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