2022 August Favorites

Greetings! How is everyone’s week going so far? Ours is off to a good start. I did a bunch of try-ons yesterday that I’d been saving up, and I even shared some on my Instagram Story, if you want to check them out. If you aren’t on Instagram, no worries! I’ll be posting all of those plus more to the blog on Friday.

And today I rounded up my August Favorites to share with you. These are some new finds and old favorites I’m particularly loving right now.

one // two // three // four // five (save version) // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen (similar on sale) // fifteen

August Favorites

one // (also at Nordstrom) // I feel like I’m cheating on my beloved Mother Insiders, but these jeans have been on constant repeat since I got them a few weeks ago. They are as soft and comfortable as the Mothers, and they have a similar wash and silhouette but without the chewed step hem and all the distressing. While those are fun details, these are more polished and just as easy to wear.

The only drawback to these is that they’re super spendy, but if you have the budget and wear jeans often (and if you like a cropped flare), I highly recommend trying them.

two // I ordered these 14K gold earrings during the Saks OFF 5TH Jewelry Event, but they’re actually on a better sale now than they were then! I love the simple elegance, and they’re very nice quality too. They’re a really nice everyday earring.

three // I’ve been talking about this personal microdermabrasion device for a while, and I’m still using it, so I thought I’d include it here. I love how my skin feels after, and I’m hoping the longterm results are all they’re cracked up to be.

four // We just remodeled our master bath, and instead of putting a built-in bench in our shower, I kept it simple and purchased this teak bench in the corner. I like how it adds a natural element to our decor, and it’s pretty as well as functional.

five (save version here) // I’ve worn this cable knit sweater tank a few times already, usually out to dinner with Paul. I love the luxe/casual vibe, and it’s a little unexpected, which makes it fun. I also linked up a similar for less version on Amazon, although mine is now on a really good sale.

six // My current foundation/powder combo. This foundation is actually based on a serum, so it’s part skincare, part makeup. And the powder is great for toning down redness and discoloration.

seven // These pajamas are my favorites; they are so soft and comfortable. I wear them whenever they’re not in the wash. I also have this pair.

eight // This dress turned out to be a great little summer closet staple. I reach for it a lot — it’s perfect for church and meeting friends for lunch. It’s on sale, and still well stocked in both the pink and olive green. Size up in this one!

nine & thirteen // This is one of my favorite swimsuits, post-surgery. I love the soft almost knit fabric, and the print is really pretty too. It’s reversible, but I never wear it on the other side. I believe I have a small in both pieces, for size reference.

ten // These sandals are perfect for the summer to fall transition. I love the wood grain platform and the mix of suede and leather, and this cognac color goes with everything. They’re true to size (I have the 8) and a lot of sizes just came back in stock!

eleven // I bought this little soap dish for our shower. I love how it picks up on the black and teak elements from the rest of the room, and it keeps the soap from getting wet and soggy.

twelve // I ordered this set of drawer organizers from Amazon, but the jury is still out on if I like them or not. I realize this post is supposed to be my “favorites” but I was hoping it would be!

I just finally got around to working on it last night, and I don’t know…. it’s a pain to get everything folded up just right. Does anyone have something better to recommend?

fourteen (similar for less) // I have talked about these shorts ad nauseam, but they had to be included in this list because I wear them about five times a week. I have seriously worn them for the past 4 days straight… And yes, they’re going in the wash!

But anyway! They are so soft and comfortable, and the length is perfect. They also look with a single cuff.

fifteen // This simple tank is also on repeat. It’s soft and comfortable and comes in tons of colors. It does shrink up some in the wash, so be prepared for that, but the small still fits me perfectly. (So it’s true to size.)

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22 thoughts on “2022 August Favorites

  1. I love my tank from The Gap too, and also reach for it on repeat.. I have the white, black and neutral shade. Will you be sharing your bathroom update on the blog?

  2. Enjoyed seeing your August favs. I love the GAP Factory tanks and bought a few more, they are an additional 50% off now, bringing them down to $7.99. Several colors will definitely go into Fall easily. I also would LOVE to see your master bath renovation! Another pretty day in the Northeast, yay!!

  3. You have some great favorites for the month of August. I’m looking forward to a post of the bathroom makeover. Have a great day and lots of fun tonight.

  4. I agree with you on the organizers! I guess for me having a neat undies drawer isn’t worth all the trouble! If you find a better alternative let us know!

  5. My husband bought me those drawer organizers (or some very similar) for Christmas a few years ago. (Don’t laugh, I asked for, and wanted them for Christmas!!) I admit, figuring out how to fold my things to go in them was a bit tedious. But once I found a way that worked best for me and the space, I loved them! They make putting my bras and panties away so much easier. Plus it’s much easier to see what I have and what I need. (When my kids I evacuated for Hurricane Laura 2 years ago, I just put my organizers in my suitcase and left. My husband had to stay behind to work on the ambulance.) All that to say, play around with them and find what works best for you!

    1. Wow!!!! Rebecca can’t imagine running from a hurricane. Great idea to just throw in drawer organizers and go. 🙂 I could relate when you said your husband had to stay behind to go on the ambulance. My husband always has to do the same thing. I can remember our flood of 1996. He was across town and on calls for days and I was home alone up on a hill with our 3 kids. I saw then in any disaster he would check on us, but be off saving others. It’s his job. Glad we live on a hill. :).lol Jo-Lynne. Love all your August favorites.

      1. Thank you Kathy. Living on the Gulf Coast, we know the risks and that evacuations are a part of life. A part we all hate, but the love for our state and our home cities outweighs those negatives. Evacuating alone with 3 kids and 3 dogs is awful, but I know it’s worth it. Especially in the big one. (Laura was actually a Category 5 that made a direct hit on our precious. Almost exactly 6 weeks later, Hurricane Delta hit us as a low Category 3. The kids and I rode that one out alone at home.) I hate having to leave my husband behind, and in such a stressful situation. But again, it’s a part of life for us, and I’m so proud of him!

  6. Do you own the Amazon sweater vest? How is the fit and quality? Is it worth purchasing? They just canceled my Nordstrom order on the BP taupe one I ordered. :(. I don’t seem to have any luck on Amazon clothing.

  7. Love the August favorites! Just want to give you a head’s up about the teakwood bench. I had one in our shower as well and the stain/wood color bled onto our tile shower floor. It wasn’t under direct water but did get wet when I put my foot on it to shave. If yours gets wet you just may want to watch it closely. Hope it doesn’t happen with yours!

  8. Me again. 😬 I just ordered 2 of the ForeverSoft tanks! I’m thinking they will be good for our big band trip to Washington D.C. next summer.

  9. My favorite organizers for bras and underwear are clear shoe boxes. Allows me to contain everything together and not have to fold items so much. Sometimes I use the lid on top to keep items clean inside the drawer.

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