25 Holiday Cocktail Recipes

You know me, I love a good cocktail. But there’s something about holiday cocktails that I’m absolutely obsessed with. They are just so pretty and they photograph so beautifully. And let’s face it. Every holiday party is a bit more festive with a signature holiday cocktail.

25 Holiday Cocktail Recipes for all of your festive occasions this holiday season!

I have a few holiday cocktail recipes here on my own site, and I have some super talented friends who have some amazing looking holiday cocktail recipes too so I thought it would be fun to do a roundup. If you’re looking for a delicious drink to serve at your next holiday party, perhaps you’ll find some inspiration here.

25 Holiday Cocktail Recipes

  1. Pomegranate Mojito
  2. Christmas Sangria
  3. Candy Cane Champagne Flutes
  4. Mandarin Vodka Cocktail
  5. Clementine Cosmo Cocktail
  6. Hot Buttered Rum
  7. Apple Cider Mojito
  8. Winter White Cosmo
  9. Classic Eggnog
  10. White Christmas Martini
  11. Clementine Mojitos
  12. Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail
  13. Kir Royale
  14. Chocolate Peppermint Martini
  15. Cranberry Ginger Cocktail
  16. Winter Seabreeze Holiday Cocktail
  17. Cranberry Margaritas
  18. Honeycrisp Apple Sangria
  19. Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco
  20. Blizzard Cocktail
  21. Christmas Coffee Cocktail
  22. Spiced Apple Cider Champagne
  23. Peppermint White Russian
  24. Mistletoe Mint Cocktail
  25. Cranberry, Orange & Apple White Wine Sangria


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  1. Oh my word! These look amazing. I had an after dinner Eggnog Martini at my husbands Christmas party last Friday. During the dancing after dinner I asked the bartender if he had something like a white Russian . He said “I have for you an eggnog martini.”. I saw him pour vodka and a white mixture ( eggnog) into the shaker with ice. And Voila! Happy Christmas to me!

  2. Pinned. Heading to the Class 6 tomorrow on Ft. Bliss to get some ingredients for a couple of these. We are going to a party on Saturday (I am an introvert so that scares me!) and would like to make one or two of these for the folks at the party. I know these are a collection of your drinks and those of friends, but do you have one that is a particular favorite? Thank you!

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