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Welcome back to my weekly Fashion Over 40 post where I share what I wore this week and link up with other fabulous fashion bloggers around the web! I’ll warn ya, ‘m not really a fashionista. I’m just a mom trying to stay fabulous after 40 and sharing how I translate the current trends to work for a typical suburban mom. I hope you find some fashion inspiration here.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfits for Moms

So I finally got a diagnosis for my foot. I have a torn tendon. It’s in the same area as the stress fracture, and it looks like it’s been there for a while. I don’t know if it preceded the stress fracture or not, but I am assuming they are related somewhat. At any rate, I have an answer. AND I have a brace, not a boot. The brace can be worn inside a shoe . . . although finding shoes it fits into is a bit of a challenge, and it’s dreadfully uncomfortable — probably more so than the boot, as it’s very tight. But then it’s not as heavy and it doesn’t throw off my back so that’s the good part.

I have four weeks in this thing, and I have to wear it 24/7. I can take it off to shower and that’s about it. It’s not ideal, but I knew something was wrong, and the treatment isn’t as bad as I had feared so I’m actually feeling much more optimistic than I did before my appointment.

Meanwhile . . . this week I have a couple of outfits to show you. The weather hasn’t been cooperative and the photos aren’t the best quality, but this is real life we’re living here. I’m not a model with a camera crew following me around so it is what it is. (A stupid expression if I ever heard one.)

I wore this pink cashmere turtleneck with jeans and UGGs one chilly weekday last week. Just the usual, working and errands. Actually, I think this was the day of my ill-fated dentist appointment. This sweater is from Ann Taylor (years ago) and it has held up well. I love their cashmere, and this time of year it’s often on sale.

Fashion Over 40: casual winter outfit

Shop this look: cashmere turtleneck (similar) // Florence Skinnies in Topeka c/o DL1961 // UGGs (old; shop grey UGGs at Zappo’s) // lakin teardrop earrings // S&D pendant (old; shop Stella & Dot pendants)

This next outfit isn’t one a “real” fashion blogger would post. Not because it’s so casual, although maybe for that reason too. But this really isn’t flattering at all. I’ve wanted a down vest for ages and for some reason, they never look nearly as cute on as I envision them. This one, I bought on impulse when Athleta had their 20% off sale last weekend. I thought it was going to be a hole in one. It looks so thin and has a great shape to it online, but somehow it manages to make me look like the abominable snowman. I ordered a medium, knowing that I tend to run between sizes in their clothes, but I’d like to be able to wear this over a sweater if I want to. Unfortunately, I think it’s too big and it really doesn’t flatter me at all. So I am sending it back, and I ordered a small. I fear it will be too snug in certain areas, but I guess I’ll have to try it and see. Maybe I’ll luck out.

The t-shirt and lined yoga pants are also from Athleta. The shirt I received with this order, and I love it. The pants are from last year, and I adore them. They’re lined so very thick and cozy. So with that all said . . . here I am!

casual winter outfit featuring Athleta

Shop the look: Downalicious Deluxe Vest (order down; it runs large) // Running Wild Mix Crew // Polartec Power Pants // Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Running Shoes

The smaller vest actually came in the mail yesterday so I threw it on last night for a test drive. It does look better, I think. It’s snug, but I think I’m better off with this one. I still feel a bit like the abominable snowman. I guess that’s just the way it is with puffer vests?

puffer vest

So here I am again in more activewear. And yep, more rain. This week has been the pits. This top was sent to me from Fabletics. Isn’t it cute? I like the cropped style. It’s rather lightweight, so nice for days that aren’t so chilly.

fabletics activewear

And finally, real clothes! WOO! I threw this on to wear to church. I really should not have worn the riding boots. I knew as soon as I stepped out of the house that I was being an idiot, even though I wear them with my insoles. Still, it was nice to feel dressed for a change. And why yes, I am aware that I wear this sweater every week.

Fashion Over 40: tunic with leggings

infinity scarf

Shop this look: Halogen Wool & Cashmere Tunic Sweater // Hue Wide Waistband Leggings (the best leggings EVER!!) // Janelle Boots c/o Naturalizer // Dooney & Bourke Lexington Shopper // infinity scarf (old; from Target) // Goddess Teardrop Earrings // Alex and Ani bangles

Finally, I wore this last night to my daughter’s school Christmas concert, which is now called the Winter Concert because we have to be politically correct, of course. Pardon the blurry, it was late at night and there was no natural light. And also pardon the mess behind me. Ha! See the above about not being a real fashion blogger.

My new Sorel boots are about the only shoes I can fit my brace into so you will be seeing them a LOT. Fortunately it’s supposed to rain/snow for the next few days. I guess I bought them JUST in time!


Shop this look: Zipper Pullover c/o CAbi // AG Stilt Cigarette Legging Jeans // Sorel Sofino Cate c/o Zappo’s // necklace c/o Rockbox // Stella & Dot Goddess Teardrop Earrings

And that’s all she wrote! Dressing this weekend should be interesting. My mom is coming in town, and we’re taking the girls to NYC. We have tickets for the Rockettes and a Broadway show so I may be a bit out of place in my sneakers but at least I can go! Earlier this week, I wasn’t sure if that was even going to be feasible.

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  1. I was just talking to a friend about fashion yesterday and she mentioned the Sorel boots being popular right now. She said she avoids looking at magazines to minimize the “gotta have that” thoughts so when she saw a girl at Bible study wearing Sorel boots, she thought, ‘Are those SNOW boots?’ It IS surprising that they are fashionable right now since they pretty much ARE snow boots, but we both agreed that we think they are really cute. 🙂

  2. I am so glad that they found something actually wrong with your foot, versus the nebulus arthritis issues I have. Hopefully, it will heal fully and you can get back to moving.

    How is moving with the brace on?

    Oh, and it sounds like a little shoe shopping is in order!

    1. Yes, I’m so glad it was something obvious. 🙂 Moving with the brace is uncomfortable, but sleeping in it is worse. UGH. I had to loosen it some. I found some flats I can wear with it. SCORE! I bought them for my daughter, and I was going to return them, and then when my foot totally went out on me that night 2 weeks ago, I grabbed them (they were in the car, waiting to be returned) and threw them on. They are really comfy and work with the brace, and they don’t look hideous with black pants, so I can wear them to NYC. WHEW!

  3. I think the trick to the vest is you aren’t supposed to zip it up! I know, strange. But you layer it (like you did) but then leave it open. Style it like you would a denim jacket. Would you ever button your denim jacket all the way up?

  4. Well bless your heart with your foot. I may have mentioned before of a fall I took 3 1/2 years ago tearing ligaments and tendons in my right foot/leg. It resulted in 4 months of wearing a brace then an actual cast, 6 months of PT, surgery for torn meniscus, then surgery for a torn rotator cuff and frozen shoulder. The latter surgeries I didn’t even mention the excruciating PT for them. Please do what the doc says. I know O hated the brace and boot too. The brace was much uglier every than the boot. Be thankful and do not lose your joy in all of this. You will,pass,this test!

    1. Thanks, Donna. I cannot BELIEVE all that you went thru! My goodness, that’s horrible. I really feel like I will never be normal again, but definitely trying not to lose my joy. It’s been hiding, but we’re going to NYC this weekend and I’m determined to have fun! 🙂

  5. So glad you’ve found an answer, and a treatment, for your foot problem. I hope everything continues to go well! I always enjoy your fashion posts – I love your real mom style! I have a hard time with vests too, although I love them as a warm layering piece. I always go with a more snug fit.

  6. Hi Jo. I had to comment on the vest. I think generally vests are better on your body type with less puff for sure! But definitely, try vests! I have made a lot of mistakes and finally studied colors and body types. What a revelation and so much money saved! I had a full closet of beautiful clothing that looked great–on someone else! I’ve been watching your pics for a while including your color choices and styles and hair coloring. It seems to me that your coloring is similar to mine but slightly more intense than mine. And it seems to me that you are an inverted triangle, no? I am extreme inverted triangle so I thought that vests were out of the question for me. But as long as I balance out the bottom, I can look fantastic in a vest–yes large-chested like you and wider shoulders than you and likely thinner legs than you. But I DO wear Levi’s 529 bootleg jeans to balance out the bottom. They are for CURVY women (whatever that means). They look great on me and I have no curves–skinny legs/large waist size/no hips. I am losing a pound a week on an easy diet and with no exercise. My goal weight is 118. Currently I weigh 131 with these measurements: 39x33x37…and swimmers shoulders! I wear a size 12 shirt and in Levi’s 529, I wear a size 4, but soon to be a size 2 (strange because at this weight I used to be size 7 juniors). So, yeah, top-heavy and big shoulders. I am curious to see what my top will be at 118 pounds (114 pounds is the bottom of “normal” weight for my height of 5’5″) Anyhoo, At Lands’ End, I bought a down vest and it looks great with my gray Bearpaw (like Uggs) boots and my never-hugging-my-legs sweatpants! I have recently the past year been working on my wardrobe and staying classic but with a lot of comfort clothes since I live in shorts and tank tops quite a bit here in Florida. I am having fun with the shopping since I haven’t shopped much in the previous 46 years of my life. It is also fun to keep up with you and see your choices!

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