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Happy Friday, friends! I wanted to have a new Try-On Haul for you today, but I need another day to get that together, so I rounded up some fresh new summer styles from Evereve.

If there is one store that I feel best represents my personal style, it would be Evereve. They do a really good job curating modern styles for women of all ages that are good quality and on trend, and they FINALLY opened a store that is local to me!

I was there yesterday checking it out, and it’s laid out so nicely, with nice large dressing rooms that are well-lit for picture taking. They even have these nifty little phone shelves/purse hooks.

I did take pictures of everything I tried on, and they will be in tomorrow’s Try-On Haul. Meanwhile, I already had this roundup in the works, with items I’ve had my eye on, so I thought I’d share that with you today.

New In: Fresh Spring Styles from Evereve

Click through for more info, and to shop any of these items!

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13 Responses

  1. The prices are high at Evereve but I’ve been ordering more from them lately and been happy with the quality. I’m waiting for a short sleeve white gauze top from them. Looking forward to your try on haul. The closet store to me is 1 1/2 hrs away. I live in a small town so driving hour to hour in half is normal for me, if I want good clothes shopping stores.

  2. PS I’m also waiting for the colored beaded necklaces from Evereve, but the one without the gold charm. I had hard time deciding which one to get, but decided on the bigger beads. It’s going to look so cute with the new white blouse.

    1. It worked. I just said I love the necklace and will consider ordering it. I’m going to look at sale items too.

  3. Jo-Lynne! So glad you enjoyed your visit to our new local store! It has Finally arrived! I just happened to walk in on their FIRST day of business (I had no idea it was opening day) and was treated to stellar customer service and sweet snacks and flavored waters. What a treat! I did buy a lovely Faherty sweatshirt with a beautiful graphic of a sunrise/sunset on it. Loved it. My husband wanted me to have it for Mother’s Day so I purchased in-store, but I do like ordering on-line so you “get credit” for it. Also, on Opening Day they had 15% off your entire purchase, so that was a nice incentive. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

  4. Evereve is my favorite too! I’m so happy it’s finally at KOP! I went during opening week and it was amazing!

  5. I’ve never bought anything from Evereve, and was honestly unaware of it until you started styling it. Like others have mentioned, it is at the upper end of my price range, although I don’t mind that as much when the quality is good and I know the pieces will last. Just curious, since you feature their items so often have you reached out to them about a promo code?

  6. You introduced me to Evereve, I’m petite but many of their styles work for me. My wardrobe is much more on trend because of it! The store is 7 minutes from my house so it’s convenient (but also dangerous if you know what I mean…). I’m old enough to be a grandmother but don’t want to dress like one, appreciate your inspiration JoLynn!

  7. Any idea if the Sanctuary vest is leaning “warm” ? I do better with cooler colors , but I really like it!

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