2024 Fashion Trend Alert: Matching Travel Sets

As the world {of fashion} turns… Matching athleisure sets became super popular when we were all hunkered down during the infamous lockdowns and shelter in place orders of 2020. But once things began to open up again, and we started to get out and about a bit more, we started to eschew the comfort clothing in favor of more stylish options.

Well, nothing in the world of fashion stays the same for long, and once again, matching athleisure sets are having a moment… ironically, this time around, they’re often the outfit of choice for travel.

Yes, the activity that many of us missed the most during the darkest days of the pandemic is what has brought back this most unlikely fashion trend.

It’s all about being comfortable without sacrificing style, and you can find great matching travel sets at all price points. Of course, I did a roundup for you!

From cozy jersey materials to luxe knits, you’ll look just as good as you feel while you’re on the move.

Matching Travel Sets: Comfort Meets Style

If you’re gearing up for your next adventure, be sure to pick up one of these matching travel sets. They’re the perfect blend of practicality, comfort, and effortless style.


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  1. IDK. We’ve been non-matching, non-monochromatic for so long, that all of the matching sets look like pajamas to me. I’m not sure I can transition. I have a flight on Wednesday, but to somewhere that is a lot colder than where I’m coming from. I’m torn as to what to wear because we’re sight seeing before we can check into our room. I need to be dressed to walk around a cold city. I hate packing, so this will be fun.

    1. I think it’s the monochromatic look that’s giving you pajama vibes. I enjoy these around the house but for travel I break it up. Like with the Vuori sets, either the black pants with the colored top, or a solid color pants with a graphic tee and topper (depending on the weather either a denim jacket, cardigan, or fleece jacket). It feels slightly more like real clothes vs loungewear.

      1. I’ve also worn a v-neck striped tee with my Vuori joggers before, with a denim jacket it looks more like a regular outfit.

    2. I’m so with you on the pajamas comment. I just couldn’t dress like that to travel. I live in Europe and travel quite a bit, but I rarely see European women leaving the house in outfits like these.

  2. Hi Jo Lynne, I got very excited when I saw the price you show for the Spanx Air Essentials. I have a set and love them but paid twice that. I clicked on it and the price is what I paid. In no way a criticism I just thought you may want to know. I am going to buy a set from Varley. You may want to check them out too! I have a top made by this brand. The fabric is similar to the Air Essentials but maybe even better. I LOVE matching sets like these. Thank you for sharing your picks! Blessings Krista

  3. Oops….re groundhog day – if the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow it means an early spring. 6 more weeks of winter is if he does see his shadow. All the groundhogs this morning did NOT see their shadow so early spring….according to legend

    1. Sharon….. thanks for clarifying. I just told my daughter wrong. She home schools my granddaughter for preschool and I was telling her to remind her about groundhogs day and tell her all about it. I told her wrong. So texted correction after reading your post. 😌

  4. The bad new is you were wrong about what the groundhog not seeing its shadow means. The good news is it means an early spring! Not that I believe a furry creature can predict the weather. BUT It’s supposed to be over 50 degrees a couple days next week here in the Midwest! Lol.

  5. I think these sets are great and look so comfortable. I checked some of these but not all….do any come in petite sizes? We “shorties” can wear the jogger style pants but they’re very blousy on us. Always have to hem the wider leg ones. Also I’ve found that clothes I see online that do come in petites are sold out much faster than the regular sizes.

    1. I, too, wish retailers would stock more petites. You really have to jump in as early to buy them (if they’re offered at all).
      I’m loving the trend of matched sets. It’s a form of “column dressing” – wearing a single color head to toe, making us look a little taller and slimmer. For me, they’re a step up from the mismatched sweatpants and tees I tend to wear around the house. I feel more put-together in a casual set. I would travel in this type of set (and have), because the fabrics are so soft and comfortable. I don’t think “pajamas” when i see them, but I might if they had moons or animals printed on them lol.

      1. Ditto. 5’4” here. Emailed Vuori about offering petite sizes about a year ago. They did reply saying that as a startup, they can’t accommodate all options. But then came out with Long. So there’s that. Bummer, because love their stuff. But to pay $100 bucks for flare pants 32” and have to pay to hem? No thanks. I did find I could go down one size in joggers and better length. Just more fitted than normal size.

  6. I’m all for athleisure wear for travel, but never opt for wide leg pants – especially on planes. Those bathrooms get pretty disgusting even in business class. Cuffed jogger style is my go to.

    1. Thank you for making that point! We have an international trip coming up and I think a matched set is the perfect travel solution. I was about to fall for the wide leg style until I saw your comment. I’m already short so I think I’d better stick to joggers for travel clothing.

      1. Leggings work also. I worked overseas for 12 years. Lots of international flights. Wide leg pants are the worst.

  7. Thanks for this! Have you checked out the Alo Yoga “Muse” sweatpants and hoodie? They’re the perfect thickness and are luxurious with a ribbed material. I have them in Gravel and Navy.

  8. Love this look but haven’t tried it out yet. The pants for sure will have to be hemmed. They are always too long for 5’3”. You really are a good height for all pants. Some cute options to consider. Thanks.

  9. I just bought a set on Amazon that is more a fine gauge sweater material and I love it! It is elevated yet casual. I got the black and will wear to a happy hour meet up with friends tomorrow. The link was on your friend Cindy’s post.

  10. Groundhog or not I doubt we’ll be seeing any signs of Spring in 6 weeks where I live but fingers crossed! I don’t mind the two piece sets but feel like I need to add a denim jacket at least! Although I like the athletic look a different color bottom and top is more my preference!

  11. I bought my daughter the exact green Quince pants for Christmas, and they look great! I know her clothes washing habits (wash in whatever temp, dry on high, always). We traveled together recently and she wore them – they still looked new and fantastic which is a thumbs up.

  12. I get that the monochromatic look is in & I don’t mind it with more traditional pants or skirts, but I agree with others who feel the sweatsuit look feels a bit too sloppy. Maybe if I was taller? But at 5’3” I need outfits to give me some shape. And I always feel more comfortable with rear pockets on pants! I used to fly cross country several times a year, & I usually wear my comfiest jeans with some stretch or in warmer weather, a pair of crinkled linen pants—that way when I arrive I’m ready to “see & be seen.”

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