Day 8 of 28 Days of Winter Outfits

Home sweet home! It’s nice to be back to reality, although I can almost imagine moving into that gorgeous corner room at the Federal Pointe Inn. Maybe we need to buy an old house with lots of character and fix it up. Wait. We did that once. (We had a 100 year old house before we owned this one.) It sounds more glamorous than it actually is, although I did really love that house. Anyway. I digress.

To ride home and then join my mom and kids at brunch, I wore my favorite leggings (now 20% OFF!) and purple tunic sweater (no longer available; see similar) with riding boots (similar) and my grey animal print scarf (old).

28 Days of Winter Fashion: casual winter outfit for moms
I figured out a new way to tie my scarf. I will have to do a video and show you.

28 Days of Winter Fashion: casual winter outfit for moms

And it’s another 2-fer today. We went out to dinner last night in Gettysburg, and I wore another familiar outfit, although this time I had to wear my riding boots rather than heels. Boo. It actually worked, though. I like how the flat boots give the outfit a more casual vibe.

28 Days of Winter Fashion date night outfit

The black pants are amazing because they are fleece lined, but still a dressy fabric so I can wear them out in the evening in the wintertime and be toasty warm. They came from Goodnight Macaroon.

black pants: 28 days of winter fashion

The jacket and top are both from White House Black Market. I bought them last year at about this time, along with the earrings and necklace. The bangles are from Francesca’s.

28 Days of Winter Fashion date night

It obviously hasn’t been too hard to stick to my commitment to get dressed and fixed up every day while I was away this weekend, but tomorrow starts another dreary week of working from home and PT appointments so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my winning streak!

If you like my fashion posts, this week I will be styling two outfits for Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!!

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6 thoughts on “Day 8 of 28 Days of Winter Outfits

  1. You’re on a roll! Keep up the great work. Those jewel tones do look great on you with your coloring. Hope you and the hubs enjoyed some time alone. I always find that recharges me. Here’s to another work week of treating yourself as someone special by getting “fixed up” every day. Cheers!

  2. How was Gettysburg in the winter? I’ve never been there and wouldn’t have thought to visit in the winter. However, my hubby and I have our anniversary later this month and thought it might be a nice little getaway if it’s worth visiting this time of year.

    1. It was, well, COLD. LOL. But its a college town, so it’s never quiet. The weekend definitely picked up. I hate crowds, so I personally love traveling during off-seasons. There was plenty of parking. I would probably choose to visit with it’s a LITTLE BIT warmer, but it was really fine.

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