Casual 4th of July Outfit for Women Over 40

Hello, friends! We had a great vacation, but it sure is good to be home. Today I have a 4th of July outfit to share with you.

This casual 4th of July outfit for women over 40 is festive but tasteful. You can easily adapt this July 4th outfit idea with what you have in your closet!

I always look forward to celebrating the 4th of July. Besides the fact that summer is my favorite season and I love a good fireworks show, I am incredibly grateful to be raised in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I know our country isn’t perfect, but it is home, and as Dorothy learned the hard way, there is truly no place like home.

We usually have a low-key celebration for the Fourth, but we always do something fun. This year we will probably attend the BBQ at our swim club, which is what we did last year. Supposedly you can see fireworks from the lawn, although last year it was rainy so we left early and just watched what we could see from our front porch. At any rate, there is always some sort of cookout and fireworks involved in our celebration.

I decided to take these pictures when I saw the American flag hanging on the little boat shack at our resort last weekend. I hadn’t planned to photograph a 4th of July outfit so I had to work with the clothing I had with me. Fortunately I brought along this red linen shirttail tee.

Casual 4th of July Outfit for Women Over 40

For patriotic holidays, I like to look festive but classy. I usually wear some combination of red, white, and blue, but you won’t see me wearing an American flag print. I prefer a more subtle approach.

Casual 4th of July Outfit for Women Over 40

I had jean shorts and white denim shorts with me, and either would be super cute with this top (in fact, I wore the white shorts and red top to dinner one night) but I decided to go with cuffed skinny jeans for the photo shoot.

When you’re sitting on the lawn for hours waiting for fireworks to start, it can get chilly and buggy, and I have found that jeans are usually the best wardrobe option. (I am a magnet for mosquitos, plus I hate to be cold.) If you’re going to a daytime picnic and it’s hot, shorts are definitely the better option.

This casual 4th of July outfit for women over 40 is festive but tasteful.

I had this tan and white Beach Striped Tote with me, and it’s perfect for the 4th with the cute red and white tassel detail.

This casual 4th of July outfit for women over 40 is festive but tasteful. Shop your closet to adapt this easy patriotic outfit idea to suit your style.

4th of July outfit with tote

I love how the tan stripes pick up the tan from my sandals, and a tote is what I would most likely bring to an outdoor BBQ. You definitely want a bag large enough to throw in bug spray and sunscreen and perhaps a light layer for the evening. This bag is perfect for holding all of that and more, plus it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

casual 4th of July outfit

I accessorized with my Stella & Dot Quill Layering Necklace & Engravable Bar Necklace. I like how the Quill Necklace adds some white to the outfit. I also wore my white and gold beaded bangles that were gifted by Alex and Ani. The hoop earrings compliment the rest of my jewelry without competing with it. These are only $28 at Nordstrom, and I wear them ALL the time. I have them in both gold and silver.

4th of July outfit for women

The jeans are my DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans that I cuffed for a more summery look. They also look cute un-cuffed if you prefer, or you could wear your favorite cropped jeans or jean shorts. I left my shirt untucked because it is just about the right length to keep me looking balanced and well-proportioned. When shirts are too long, I do the front-tuck.

4th of July outfit for women over 40

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LOFT Linen Shirttail Tee // DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans // Tory Burch Miller Flip Flops in Sand Patent // Vera Bradley Beach Striped Tote // Stella & Dot Quill Layering Necklace & Engravable Bar Necklace // Beaded Bangles c/o Alex and Ani // hoop earrings

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33 Responses

  1. Some reviewers are saying that the linen tee was sheer and needed another layer underneath. Did you find that so?

    1. Hey Rose. It never occurred to me to put a layer underneath, but I did notice that it’s a bit thin — only really noticeable across the chest. I would never want a layer under this (I’d roast!) but perhaps a darker bra would have helped? I don’t have any red bras, but I might try my pink one next time. Honestly, it wasn’t enough to bother me at all. If I order the black one, I will definitely wear a black bra underneath.

    2. P.S. I wore it for a few hours one evening when I was out with my family. My daughters and husband are never shy to tell me if they can see through something I’m wearing, and they never mentioned it.

  2. Love the look.. I have the shirt already . I need that bag!

    Ps I am 35 and would totally wear that outfit ????

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne, love your posts and love this look. Kind of an odd question, but are the hoop earrings heavy or light? The reason I ask is that after years and years (I’m in my 50’s!) of heavy earring abuse and having a phone to my ear, my earring slit in my ear has stretched. I find that if I do wear any type of long earring, it has to be extremely light. Thank you!

    1. It actually doesn’t wrinkle much at all when you wear it, but you do have to lay it flat to dry, and it looks best if it’s ironed (although I don’t think I ironed it for this photo shoot AND it had been packed in a suitcase so you can see that it wears pretty well!)

      I make sure to spread it out nice and flat and smooth out all the wrinkles while it’s still wet from the washing machine, and it dries nicely that way.

  4. I had the Ruby Red tee in my shopping card yesterday (it was actually 60 percent off during a flash sale) along with some other tees, etc. and couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. I bought it today. I think I’ve learned not to sit on the fence where Loft is concerned.

    And I’m ordering the tote in beige. That was a hard decision too, blue or beige.

    1. Yeah, their sales change often and quickly! LOL. I didn’t know it was 60% off yesterday. NICE!!! And that beige tote is so versatile. As much as I love the blue one, I think the beige is more timeless.

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I love this outfit – so cute! And I agree on the bag – the red/white/blue one is super cute, but I think the other is more versatile.

    Unrelated question – regarding the M Gemi Brezza. If you go with a lighter color, would you recommend blush or latte shade?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Are you reading my mind or WHAT!?! I just finished writing a post for tomorrow featuring my M. Gemi Brezza. Do you have a link for 40% off? If not – use this: https://bit.ly/28LsQiwmgemi

      I got latte, but I am sort of bummed that I didn’t get the blush. I dunno… it’s so hard. Latte is going to be more versatile, I’m sure. They are quite similar. I also really love the luggage gong into fall. It is so pretty with denim. I was just looking at them, second guessing myself again. Haha! Can’t we get all three???

      So I am probably not helping. In the end, I went with Latte. 🙂

      1. I just received the blush, but they didn’t look quite so pink on the internet. They are still pale enough, but I was kind of thinking what you said – that the latte is probably more versatile (and yes – I love the dark color for fall too 😉 I know, can’t we just have them all??

        ps – thank you — yes I have (and used) the discount code. I’m considering returning/exchanging the blush for the latte..

          1. Yes, they are a bit more saturated in person…Just not as close to a super-pale pink as they appear on the website. I think they could still pass for a neutral though. So, I don’t know…I’m kind of torn. And there is always that darker shade you mentioned for fall too. Decisions, decisions o_0 …

  6. This is a really cute outfit. I like everything about it. I am debating on which color tote to order! Is it lined on the inside or same straw fabric all around? Do you find it difficult to keep the tan/white one clean?

  7. Such a cute outfit, Jo-Lynne and I am happy because I have similar items in my closet already to make this outfit work! You are looking great — wondering if you would do a post on weight lifting basics? I am interested but really don’t know how to get started. Even the “basic weight lifting for women” search results online are overwhelming!

    1. Hey Kim. I cheat. I work with a trainer. 🙂 I tried working out on my own many times over the years, but I would always get frustrated by lack of results, and I could never make it stick. My mom works with a trainer and swears it is the only way she will be consistent, so I decided to try it. That was like 4 years ago. I would happily quit any time. The only thing that keeps me going is those standing appointments. I know it’s not an option for everyone, but it’s about the only way I know to keep myself motivated. Running is different. For some reason, I enjoy that, but I dread working out. I like the results, but not necessarily the process! LOL.

  8. I ordered both colors of red (in different sizes, as well as a few other things) and I think the one you have pictured is actually the ruby red – and it was the one I ended up keeping. The wild crimson seems to be more burgundy-ish. Great summer tee, thanks for the tip.

    1. I ordered both also, discovered the same thing lol. But I’m keeping the crimson also-great fall color.

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