5 Cute & Practical “Soccer Mom” Outfits

Greetings, friends! Today I’m re-running a popular post from last year. This was a reader request.

I’m a 35 year old momma who spends a lot of time at a ball field. I don’t want to just wear tees and jean shorts every week, but I also don’t want to be “that mom” who doesn’t realize she’s at a dusty, dirty ball field either! 😉

I hear ya, girl. I’ve spent more hours than I can count sitting on metal bleachers watching my son play baseball and more recently perform in the marching band.

I’m all about trying to look cute and put-together but still practical for the dusty ball field so I’ve rounded up some cute outfits on Pinterest to help update your soccer mom wardrobe and anyone else reading along who needs some casual spring style inspiration.

5 Cute & Practical Soccer Mom Outfits

5 Cute & Practical “Soccer Mom” Outfits

#1. T-shirt and jean shorts

Let’s start with the obvious. There is nothing wrong with this basic outfit for the ball field, and you can change it up with different colors, layers, and accessories. I actually really love this neutral take on the outfit. I mean, it’s so simple, right? But each piece is chosen carefully and is on trend.

Consider wrapping a plaid shirt around your waist or throwing on a pink denim jacket to add interest. You may prefer grey or navy Chucks to white, but then again, they wash up well.

I like how this outfit is shown with just a wallet because you may not want to lug your entire handbag to the ball field.

My go-to soccer mom outfit: jean shorts, white tee, Converse & casual accessories!


similar white tee // cuffed denim shorts // Chucks // Ray-Bans // ball cap // wallet // earrings // watch

#2. T-shirt, jeans, Chucks, and a cardigan

I know we’re headed into summer, but I have many memories of freezing at the ball park, so I wanted to include an outfit for cooler spring weather too. This is a variation on the t-shirt and jean shorts, but she’s wearing jeans instead of shorts and she adds a trendy cocoon cardigan on top.

The earrings and bag would be a bit much for a soccer game, but you can easily substitute some more casual options. I would just stress the importance of accessorizing. After all, the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize…

Cute soccer mom outfit -- ripped jeans, white tee, cocoon cardi, Converse!


white tank // grey cardigan options // distressed skinnies (option) // Chucks // crossbody

#3. Bright sweater, jean shorts, sandals

While sneakers are probably the most practical choice of shoe, I often end up wearing sandals. Like white shoes, your feet will wash, and sometimes it’s just too hot to wear sneakers, if you ask me! Top off the look with a bright sweater or tank top, depending on the weather. I like the juxtaposition of a long-sleeve sweater with shorts and sandals on a mild day.

Cute and casual summer soccer mom outfit


sweater options // denim cut-offs // sandals // nylon tote

Here’s another similar look, but you can see the full outfit.

Bright sweater, jeans shorts, gladiator sandals: the perfect casual summer uniform.


#4. Khaki shorts, tank or tee, denim shirt, slip-ons

Give the jean shorts a break and go for khaki shorts instead. This combination has been done a million times, but it always looks cute and put together. I like how they show the Toms woven slip-ons with this outfit as an alternative to sandals or sneakers.

soccer mom outfit: chambray shirt, white tank, khaki shorts, woven slip-ons


denim shirt // white tank // khaki shorts // Toms // LV tote

#5. Maxi dress, jean jacket, and sandals/sneakers

Don’t rule out a dress. Just keep it casual, and I recommend a maxi dress because you may expose more than you want to climbing over bleachers in an above-the-knee style. That said, if you’re going to be standing along the sidelines, a shorter t-shirt dress could be fine too. I would also swap out the leather satchel for a crossbody, or just take your wallet as shown above.

Summer outfit inspo: maxi skirt, denim jacket, thong sandals, fab handbag, cute earrings, done!


similar maxi dress // denim jacket // thong sandals // earrings

I hope this is helpful. Even if you don’t spend your Saturday mornings on the sidelines of the soccer field, these casual spring/summer outfits are all good basic formulas for pulling off that casual chic vibe that I love so much!

If you’re overwhelmed and looking for help building your summer wardrobe, I highly recommend trying out Trunk Club. It’s a personal shopping service by Nordstrom. You can read more about it HERE.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. These are all great suggestions! I don’t have ball games to attend, but I can see myself wearing these types of outfits daily.

    I also wanted to add a suggestion from a reader question in today’s newsletter..I almost ordered the Sam Edelman Carter sandals because they have such a close resemblance to the Miller sandals. They are a thong sandal also, and there are tons of colors (even a nude patent color).

    1. Thanks for recommendation.  I just ordered the Sam Edelman Carter Sandals in the nude patent color.  I have VIP shipping, so should be here in 1 day.  Better price range for me.  Hope they fit. 🙂  

  2. I can’t wait to see your new home, how exciting. I look forward to reading your post every day.

  3. Still all great suggestions- I would wear all of these! I would take a bag though and not just my wallet, as you always need somewhere to put the sunscreen and bug spray! LOL!

  4. I love you outfit ideas today! So simple and so put together with things we have in our closets. Also, I can’t wait to see your new house. Maybe you could coordinate a new outfit to show off each room. 

  5. Good luck with all of the house stuff, along with your son’s high school graduation!  It’s a good thing you are normally an early riser.  And good luck getting rid of the nagging cough.  They are so irritating.  I can’t wait to see your posts on the new house as things develop.

  6. Although I am waaay past being a soccer or baseball mom, these outfits are so cute!  I do love the look of the sweater with the shorts.  I enjoy the question and answer section in your newsletter.  I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who has trouble with skinny jeans bunching up around the knees after sitting.  I have a whole routine of having to down the hems whenever I get out of my car!  In church, I try to use my foot so it’s not so obvious.  Ha ha

    1. Ha Ha  I had to laugh about you saying how you pull the hem of your skinny jeans down in church. I do the same thing. I too was glad to hear I’m not the only one with this problem.  It can be annoying.  

  7. Love this post, one of my favorites as I’m now attending the grandkids baseball games!  I’m the Grammy that wants to look stylish sitting next to the stylish moms, LOL! Last year, I remember having to actually wear my down full length coat to an end of season soccer game, wrapped in a blanket as well. #whatwedoforthegrandkids. I love all the options you styled, centered around denim & khaki. Easy for me to replicate my age & size! Good luck with all your house moving prep. Can’t image, as I moved from my childhood home into a new home at age 19 & have been here for 44 years!  We need to declutter & moving has its advantages!  Good for you to find a home that fits with your stage in life. 

  8. Bookmarking this post love the outfits,ordering the cardigan to go over the longer dresses i ordered to wear with my cast. I go back in 4 weeks to see how things are going. Packing up the shorter dresses my Goddaughter don’t like once the longer dress get here.

  9. On the Q & A for the “coveted TB Millers”, what about the Sam Edelman Carters?  They come in a patent nude. Have you ever tried them?

      1. Thanks for the link. I just ordered them in the nude patent.  Better price range for me.  Hope they fit.  

  10. As a Grandma I am back at the fields watching Grands. Great suggestions – I do NOT want to be the frumpy Grandma 😉

    I am obviously missing the newsletter and question and answer…how do I sign up?

  11. Spring sports can be so tricky–it’s given me an excuse to buy lots of flannel blankets to drape over my shorts as the game goes on…of course always coordinated to match an outfit–haha!

  12. If anyone’s looking for some lightweight shorts for those super hot days (baseball tournament in the heat of June, anyone?), I’d like to give a shout-out to Athleta’s Trekkie shorts. I love the 4 inch length, but there’s also a longer Bermuda version. They’re more casual, but they’re lightweight and don’t really wrinkle. Plus, they have pockets that zip, so you can stick your keys or your smartphone in your pocket without worrying they’ll fall through the bleachers. https://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1059479&pcid=1059479&vid=1&pid=266268042

  13. Wow!!!!  You are busy.  🙂  I’d love to see your new family room couch picture when you get it.  I’m needing to replace mine plus the other furniture in that room and don’t even know where to start. Its hard for me to decorate.  I have another question not on this subject but was wondering if you have tried the Colleen Rothchild radiant cleansing balm?  If so, do you think its smells really perfumey?  I want to order but am really sensitive to perfume smells….triggers migraines, so hate to spend the money if its bad.  They are having their 25% Friends and family, so want to order now before they are out again.  Thanks Cyndi.  🙂  

      1. Is the smell very have a real perfume scent?  I can’t have strong smells.  Thanks for link. I want to order. 

      2. Oh well……decided to just order the cleansing balm.  The FRIENDS25 discount helps offset the shipping.  🙂  Excited to try it.  🙂 Thanks again.  

  14. Love these! We are all spring and summer on the baseball and LAX field. Do you have a tshirt brand you like?

  15. These outfits are just what I’m looking for for summer. I am transitioning to the SAHM life and need to be able to keep up with my toddler while out and about but still look presentable. My wardrobe is all business professional and these casual looks are just what I’m aiming for. Thanks so much!

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