5 Ways to Wear Black Cigarette Pants: Girls’ Lunch Out

Happy Thursday, friends! This is the 4th look in my series on 5 Ways to Wear Black Cigarette Pants, and this time I have a look I might wear to meet a friend to lunch.

The denim jacket takes it down a level from my typical “date night” look, but the boots and silky tank are dressier than what I usually wear to run errands around town.

I actually think I’d like this look better with a more casual shoe — maybe a pointy toe ballet flat or my loafer mules.

But anyway! Since I am wearing these boots, I will sing their praises once again.

These boots are sooo comfortable.

They have a padded footbed, and the neoprene is soft and stretchy against the top of the foot, so you get the flattering shape of the pointy toe without any discomfort. Plus, the 3 1/2″ heel is stable and very walkable.

It thought the red tank was a nice pop of color with the black and denim — a nice change from the neutrals I usually gravitate towards.

Unfortunately this tank has sold out in the exact color I have, but it comes in other colors, some are on sale! It’s a really good layering piece if you’re looking for something that is bra-friendly, and I love the raw edge details.

I added a chunky mixed metal necklace and hoop earrings — both by Lucky Brand. They have a casual vibe that plays well off the denim jacket.

I’ve had so much fun styling these pants different ways. It’s a nice break from denim!

Of course, I did manage to slip some denim into this series with this jacket. It’s been my go-to denim jacket for several years. It has such a good versatile wash, and I love how stretchy and comfortable it is.

Here’s another way I’ve styled these pants with this denim jacket, and all four of my outfits from this series.

I’ll be back next week with my final post in the series, and it includes two spring work wear looks with the 1901 ankle skinny pants.

Outfit Details:

tank // denim jacket // pants // boots // bag // necklace // earrings

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photos: Alison Cornell

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24 Responses

  1. Thanks for the outfit inspiration – I think I have just about everything in my closet to create the same look once it warms up enough in Austria for me to trade in my winter coat for a denim jacket.

  2. This is a very exciting day in your home!  I really like this outfit, as well.  And yes, I really like having the 5 ways series spread out because it hits home with me more that I need to start working harder at creating multiple outfits with a particular item in my closet.  When you show all of your creations at one time, they don’t have the same impact on my brain.  I hope that standing up some when you are using your computer will help your hip!  Have a great day!

  3. I really like this outfit! And it looks so good on you! Btw, I’ve heard really great things about induction. I’ve got a gas cooktop and I love it, but if we were redoing our kitchen, I’d think seriously about induction.

  4. Yes, please let us know how you like the induction ….seems like the best of both worlds, nice, easy smooth top, with fast heat up, I heard even more so than gas.  Geez, I hate cleaning my gas cooktop😫

  5. Yes! I like seeing the ways-to-wear posts spread out like this,  It’s nice to know in advance that there ARE five ways, which justifies the initial spend.  But spacing the posts is like a bonus/booster/reminder.  I’ll never remember them all at once, but with each post I get a new outfit option for something I have and can go back via the links to refer to the others.  The 5 offers nice value options.

    Happy for your kitchen reno!  

  6. What an exciting day at your house! Can’t wait to see pictures of the new counters! Also, when you’ve had enough time to fully figure out if you like it, or not, report back on your thoughts on the adjustable desk.

    1. So far, so good. It was harder to get used to using it in a seated position, because it puts the monitor higher than I’m used to. But I’m adjusting to that. I really l ike it when it’s standing, and it’s VERY easy to move up and down. It’s not very attractive, but it’s not unsightly either. This is the one I got: https://shopstyle.it/l/bdW5w

  7. Hi! New to your blog, and so far I love it. My only complaint is that the items you link to are usually way out of my budget, and I am a full-time employed post-graduate professional! I would never pay $49 for a tank!! Must be nice to be able to have that kind of a clothing budget. Can you do some posts on clothes that are more budget friendly? Thanks for all your efforts! They are truly appreciated!! I read the blog every day!

    1. I really like this outfit! I would change the 3 1/2 inch heeled boots for a shorter heel or flats but everything else would work me. I actually prefer all the outfits at once because I forget the other ones and I’m too lazy to go back and look! Haha! I hope your new desk situation helps with your hip problem.

  8. Hi – love all the outfits with the black pants. I am in the minority on the “spread out” the looks category. The pants are sold out in my size where as the first week, I guess it was available. So I would rather see all the possibilities so i could buy if I liked the variety. By now though I see that the cost would have been worth it, but too late.
    Excite to see your new kitchen.

  9. I am going to try the cigarette jeans on in the store. See if I like them.. Love all the looks! Thanks for sharing..

  10. I love the ‘5 ways to wear’ but would prefer them together in one post.  That gives me a full picture all at once of how the item might work in my wardrobe!

    Thanks for all you do to help inspire us!

  11. Love this outfit and I don’t mind these posts spread a week apart.  I have pants similar to these so I have really enjoyed this series and have found it very helpful. 

  12. I’ve liked the 5 Ways to Wear series but agree that closer together is helpful since I forget what was posted 3 weeks ago. Maybe one outfit a day for five days in a row? That way you still get 5 days of content but we can easily look back at the options.

  13. Love the “5 ways” series!  I also work from home and since following your blog for almost a year now, I’ve shopped more carefully, focusing on quality and fit.  You are definitely my favorite blogger. 

  14. I would like the 5 ways all in one post. As another follower mentioned it’s nice to see how versatile a piece can be before making the purchase.  Therefore stretching our dollars:) excited to see your new kitchen. Very exciting 😀

  15. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen.  Any chance you can share the adjustable height desk top you picked?  Of course, love all your fashion!!!

  16. Love, love, love this entire look!  Had to order the top & snagged the sale, so thank you very much. I’m enjoying the spread out 5 ways series. Also enjoying your kitchen redo. Can’t wait to see pics. 

  17. Great post. I’ve wanted to order the pants but really want to try them on first. Do you find the leg looks wrinkled? Just wondering as I tried some like them at LOFT one time and the legs had this funny wrinkle affect. Hard to explain. I think I need to invest in a lighter denim jacket. Mine is darker and doesn’t go with black as well. I don’t grab it very often. I‘d choose the 5 way series together in one post  if you are asking. Great series. You look soo cute. Love your glasses. Mine are similiar but I got too dark. Like your lighter frames better. Next time. Did you do a LIVE Tuesday? 

    1. I did not, it was the day of my cabinet installation. 🙂 Next week the painters will be here, so it will be a little while before I’m back at them.

      It’s hard to say about the pants. I feel like this style of pant always buckles somewhere.

  18. Your “5 Ways” with this basic black pant has been an excellent guide for helping me organize what to wear around a capsule concept since I’m in the midst of purging my closet to only the items I am actually wearing that are functional, stylish, and of higher quality (I am following your lead on investing in quality). You are the only fashion blogger I’ve been able to relate to in regard to what works for me and my lifestyle (and we are in the same size range, too) – so thank you for your ongoing effort to inspire, inform and educate with your outstanding posts!

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