5 Ways to Wear Red + My Casual Valentine’s Look

Hey everyone! Happy last day of January! Is it me, or has this been the LONGEST. MONTH. EVER???

Since tomorrow is February 1st and Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away, I’m teaming up with a few of my fashionable friends to share 5 ways to wear the color of the season — RED!

Gina // Rachelle // Caryl // Amy // Jo-Lynne

I set out to style a more casual Valentine’s Day look with a red sweater and blue jeans, although the boots I ended up wearing do dress it up a bit.

I’ve already shared this red whipstitched sweater on Instagram as well as here on the blog in my last try on sesh, and I’m really enjoying it right now.

It’s 100% cotton, which makes it a great wear now-and-later piece. It’s still warm enough for wintertime but the color is fresh and happy and makes me feel like spring may be around the corner.

I also love the whipstitched raglan details and the blouson sleeves. For size reference, I have this sweater in a small.

I kept the look casual with mid-wash blue jeans and black suede ankle boots, although to be honest, I wish I’d worn darker jeans or lighter shoes… one or the other.

I think my lower heeled taupe suede ankle boots or even my black mules would look better with this combination of tomato red and mid-wash denim.

These black boots are somewhat dressy so darker wash denim or even black jeans would look better, I think. Or if I really wanted to be daring, I could try white jeans.

I do like these ankle boots, though. I’ve been wanting to update my black suede booties, and I really like the clean lines and the taller shaft.

I’m learning, though, that with this style, you have to be sure the shaft is wide enough for your jeans to tuck in without folding over or bulging out the top. I don’t like to cuff them with these booties because it creates a line that cuts off the leg.

I’ve tried quite a few pairs of boots in this style, and these are my favorites so far. I just wish the heel weren’t quite so high. They’re fine for dressier occasions, but not really for casual looks. I wore them with a color blocked sweater and black jeans to my husband’s office one day last week, and they were perfect for that.

Bonus, they aren’t expensive, although they are selling out. I also can’t find any measurements for them on the website so I can compare similar styles, but I think these would be worth a shot, and if you prefer more of a sock bootie, I like the looks of these.

For accessories, I first put on my predictable long pendant necklace, and then I went back and swapped it out for this gold monogram pendant.

I like how it draws the eye up towards my face, and it makes a little bit more of a statement than a smaller pendant. Plus it’s just fun for a change. It would also make a nice Valentine’s Day gift… just sayin’. For reference, I have the 3XL size, and it’s on a 16″ chain.

These jeans are Lucky Brand, and I’ll actually be talking more about them in a post later this week. The reviews were really good so I wanted to try them. They’re a high rise style that feels good on, and I think they pretty look good too. They’re currently BOGO 50% off, which you can mix and match with other full-price apparel.

I carried my taupe crossbody (still on sale!) and I like how the gold chain plays into the necklace. I could have carried a black bag, but I like the taupe against the lighter denim. Either works.

The earrings I’m wearing are oversized faux diamond studs set in gold. I’m loving large stud earrings right now — they don’t compete with the necklace but are still visible.

In this look, I’m ready to take on Valentine’s Day in style! I’ll probably wear this to volunteer at the elementary school next week; I’ll just swap out the booties for flats or flat boots.

LOFT whipstitched sweater // Lucky Brand high rise skinnies // Nine West booties // R Minkoff Love crossbody // Love Always monogram pendant (size: 3XL; 16″ chain)

Be sure to visit Gina, Rachelle, Caryl, and Amy to see how they’re wearing red for Valentine’s Day! Also, Gina and Amy host a fashion linkup every Wednesday so if you’re looking for more style inspiration, you can check that out.

Also, my Facebook Live TODAY will be at 10:30 EST instead of the normal time. I had to make an appointment for my daughter this afternoon, so I’m just going to hop on around 10:30 instead. If you can’t make it at 10:30, feel free to leave a comment with any questions or topics you’d like to discuss! You can find my FB Page HERE.

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42 Responses

  1. Jo-Lynne, Pretty as always! I have same type necklace – I need to wear it more. Look forward to more info on the jeans! 

  2. Ha – Just had to agree with your statement about January being a very long month! Our kids didn’t go back to school after Christmas break until January 9th due to a long holiday break and a snow day. I thought that meant the month would go by quickly…but not at all! It’s seemed to drag on…. Excited about starting February tomorrow!!

  3. Love the red on you as well as the whole look!  How is the weight of the sweater, fit under a coat?  I have a red cable knit sweater with the large fold over collar I usually wear for Valentines Day. Maybe time to update it!  Good luck with the piano tuner.  We passed the family piano to our granddaughter. Same one our daughters played on when they were home.  It was made in 1890, is solid mahogany, with a carved front. We found the card with the makers info on it, when we had the ivory keys redone some 25 years ago.  The movers were totally unprepared for the weight of it, I think it was a million pounds!  Needless to say, it had to be retuned after that move!  

  4. Well now I’ve just added two more things to my wishlist! This red sweater and a taupe handbag! I have a nude one but I really love this shade of taupe – looks like it would go with a lot! So fun teaming up with you today!

  5. I love this outfit. It’s perfect for the causal night out we have planned here in the frozen north ????. Those boots are amazing. I can’t wait to try a different ankle boot. I have been wearing the same two pairs for awhile now and my fourteen year old daughter just adopted one of the pairs so I am never wearing those again… Once she starts wearing my stuff I feel the look might be too young for me…

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne!  First, I have been following your blog for over a year now, and I love it!  I enjoy reading your daily emails and love learning more about you as a person.  Keep up the great work!!!  I have never commented before, but will try to do so more after reading your article about ways to support you and other bloggers.  Anywho- back to the fashion question I have for you!  I absolutely love my red skinny jeans and my 14-year old daughter thinks they are ridiculous and not in style.  I tend to rely on her for some of my fashion advice since she’s in the house with me and really enjoys fashion and we have the same sense of style, but I think she could be wrong about this one!  What do you think?  And I don’t just mean wearing the red jeans on Valentine’s Day.  I like to wear them from fall to spring with cute tops.  Am I in style or out of style?  You can have the final word!  🙂 

    1. LOL, Katie, that is a lot of pressure! 😉 I ditched my red skinnies a couple years ago after wearing them practically to death. They were faded (and too small, ahem.)

      I feel like more muted colors are more on trend at the moment, but Caryl is wearing red jeans for this collab and looks amazing in them so… I say wear them if you like them. 🙂

  7. You always give us such great ideas. I love the red sweater with jeans and boots. Hope you get all the tech problems solved. I know how frustrating that can be. How is your back?

    1. Thanks for asking, it is still wonky. Not as bad, but bothering me when I sit. I have a facial tomorrow and she always works the neck and upper back and I’m going to tell her about this and see if she’ll give it some extra special attn. I was thinking of also doing a massage, but they seem almost redundant. Plus, you know, $$$.

  8. That red sweater looks awesome!! I have one gorgeous red sweater, but I never think to wear it…maybe today is the day! The sun is finally shining here in New Jersey, so the pop of red will be wonderful. “See” you at 10:30!

  9. Love how you are linking your FB live session on your post and email. This helps the social media challenged population of one! ???? thanks

  10. Good morning Jolynne,
    I’ve had my eye on your necklace since the first time I saw it on you!  I’ll be forwarding this post to my husband,????

  11. Love red on you.  I like the lighter jeans with it.  I have those style booties with a lower heel. I looked for along time this year for the shorter heel, comfortable and good price and believe it or not I saw a pair at JCPenney’s and they are perfect.  They were $29.99, very comfortable and perfect heel. I believe like 2″.  Can’t remember the brand, but if anyone wants to know, just comment me and I will get back to you.  They really have been great and have held up too, although, I don’t wear them a ton, as it rains here a lot and I just don’t wear swede much in the rain.  Jo-Lynne, could you please remember to post the link to your live for those of us who don’t have Facebook?  You mentioned piano tuner. I sooooo need to do that. I use to keep up yearly when the girls were home, taking lessons, but I haven’t stayed consistent since they are gone.  Its not good for the piano to wait, either.  Do you play?  I like to stay home when he’s here, but hours of that constant noise is annoying huh?  🙂  Thanks.  

  12. Thanks for including your friends and their looks — really like Gina, Rachelle and Caryl’s looks…hip and casual but pulled together.
    Just ordered the cute red top that Gina’s wearing — it’s from Target and under $30,(!) and the jacket that Rachelle is wearing from JCrew. Also loved Amy’s brown boots — never would of thought of that with the red dress ..but it really “hips” it up.

  13. I like your simple and easy casual Valentine’s day look. Goes to show what a pair of great jeans and some cute booties can do! Plus I love that LOFT sweater.

  14. I love red and wear it all year long. It suits my colouring and makes me happy. Why save it just for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. 
    Back any better?

    1. I agree. I love it too. It hasn’t been as “popular” (yes, I know it’s a classic color) recently and I sort of forget about it, but I do love it.

      My back is definitely better than it was but still not great. I probably need to have it looked at. I just get so tired of appointments. Grrr.

  15. Loving the red sweater and I’m definitely going to purchase something red since I don’t own one item of red clothing. I think it would also look good with leopard mules, yes? 

  16. Every time I see you wear that necklace I think about getting one. I love it. My daughter has a smaller version. I’ve also been contemplating a pair of the sock booties. I wish those Nine West ones you have weren’t sole out in my size. I can’t believe Nine West has filed for bankruptcy. Major bummer.

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