Trunk Club Unboxing & Random Try-On Sesh

Good morning and hello Saturday! I hope you all have some fun weekend plans to look forward to. I’m just excited to see the temperatures rising!

Today I’m sharing my Trunk Club unboxing/try-on sesh along with some other things I’ve ordered lately. This is basically a Shop With Me post from home! You can see my live unboxing on Facebook if you missed it.

Trunk Club Unboxing

We’ll start with the Trunk Club order I got this week. I asked my stylist for some styles that are trending for spring, transition tops, as well as some white loafers to try.

In this first outfit, we have two of the trends for spring — the embroidered floral sleeves and cropped skinnies with a zipper detail. This sweater is cute, but I’m just not a huge fan of the sleeves. I know some of you will really like it, and I think it’s fun if it suits your personal style. The quality is nice too.

Notice that it is slightly cropped, which can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. It’s 22″ long, and I’m wearing the small.

These jeans are really good, you guys. They’re NYDJ and I really like the fit — very flattering. The denim is thick but has some stretch to it. I really like the length and the zipper detail. These will be super cute with loafers now and wedge sandals this spring.

RDI floral sleeve sweater // NYDJ zip hem stretch ankle skinnies // TB Minnie travel flats

Florals are supposed to be a huge trend again this spring, and clearly statement sleeves aren’t going anywhere either. This top is a little bit short on me, and the sleeves are a little too much, but I like the neckline, so there’s that. If you’re a fan of the print, I think it would be pretty with blush jeans for spring or black jeans right now. For size reference, this is the small.

Leith ruffle bell sleeve top // NYDJ zip hem stretch ankle skinnies

I’m not a fan of this sweater AT ALL but if you think it’s cute, go for it! My 12 y/o daughter came home from school and found me doing this try-on session and said, “Ohhhh, that looks like something Nana would wear!” LOL!!! Nana is 83. I’m wearing the small, for reference.

RDI floral intersia cardigan // rounded v-neck tee // NYDJ zip hem stretch ankle skinnies // TB Minnie travel flats

This ruffle sleeve jacket is channeling the track trend and adds flared striped cuffs for a fun modern detail. I’m not sure about this piece for me, but I think it would be cute on someone.

Chelsea28 ruffle sleeve jacket // rounded v-neck tee // NYDJ zip hem stretch ankle skinnies // TB Minnie travel flats

Now, this tunic provided an interesting object lesson. At first, I didn’t like it. I’m not usually a fan of longer tops, but the quality is nice and the sleeves are cute, so I tried to work with it. At first, I just threw it on with skinny jeans and leopard mules. It’s okay, but the proportions aren’t really balanced to my liking.

Next, I put it on with ankle boots, but I had to cuff my jeans, and the inside of the blue jeans was lighter so it created a line where I cuffed them that broke up the leg line. I showed this on my Insta Story, but I forgot to take a picture for the blog.) Here’s a screenshot of the video, so it’s super blurry, but you can see how that cuff breaks up the leg and ruins the monochromatic outfit.

Then I went back to my closet and swapped out the ankle boots for over the knee boots and added a bold necklace to break up the front of the top, and BAM! Now we have an outfit that is balanced and flattering!

I actually really like this. For reference, I’m wearing a medium in this tunic.

Halogen ponte tie sleeve tunic // Paige crop skinnies // similar OTK boots

This black top is really cute too, I love this for a night out. These sleeves are pretty dramatic, but the way they’re designed, I don’t think they’d get in the way of eating too terribly. It also looks really cute with the dark wash skinnies and OTK boots.

I just realized, this is the same top as the floral one above. Funny how I like it in the black but notsomuch in the floral.

Leith ruffle bell sleeve top // Paige crop skinnies // similar OTK boots

I wanted to like this double-v sweater, but it is soooo see-through. I don’t love it enough to deal with a cami.

Leith double v-neck sweater // Paige crop skinnies // similar OTK boots

Okay, moving on to shoes! I’m still on the hunt for white loafers so I asked my Trunk Club stylist to send me some to try. I’m not a fan of this woven pair, but they were really comfortable, so there’s that.

Sam Edelman Katy Mules

I could only laugh when I pulled the next pair out of the box… the Sam Edelman ones I ordered from Bloomingdale’s and showed you last week. Yes, the “Pat Boone shoes.” Ha! These were the subject of much debate; some of you love them, most of you hate them. I kind of like them, but unfortunately she sent them in the same size I returned because they’re too big.

Sam Edelman Lior Loafers

Finally, the third pair came out of the box, and they’re the R Minkoff Mika Mules that I have (and adore) in black suede. I really like this white pebbled leather, and the black sole gave me pause at first, but someone pointed out (and I think I agree) that it helps keep them from being too stark. Unfortunately they’re too big for me as well. She sent 8.5 and I have a 7.5 in my black ones, although I think these might fit in an 8. They’re not too-too big.

R Minkoff Mika Mules

LOFT SALE and other Random Try-Ons

Okay, so that was it for my Trunk Club order. I’ve also been ordering an assortment of other things — mainly jeans, transition tops, and booties.

I’ve been wanting to update my black suede booties to a pair in more of the sock boot style that is trending. I’m noticing these paired with cropped skinnies as well as the cropped straight jeans and even dresses and skirts. I like the sleek look and I think they’re classy so I ordered two pairs from Bloomingdale’s during their boot sale.

I guess I only took pictures of the pair I kept — these Sam Edelman mid-heel booties. The heel is super chunky, and I like the 2.5 height. It’s easier to walk in and more practical than the 3.5″ heeled booties that have been popular for some time.

I tried these booties a few ways with different jeans, but these cropped skinnies with a small single cuff seem to work best. Notice how on this pair, the inside of the jeans is the same color as the outside so it doesn’t break up the leg so much.

Sam Edelman Taye Mid-Heel Booties // Halogen v-neck cashmere sweater // Paige crop skinnies

I also ordered a few pairs of jeans. This pair of Madewell skinnies is really good for $75, although they feel like they may bag out with wear. I can’t tell for sure. I only had them on for 10 minutes. But the fit is really good. I ordered both 28 and 29 and I like the 28 better. I’d say they’re TTS or size down if in between.

I’m not sure why I switched shoes, but here is a closer-up view of them. They have a really nice fit. Actually, I think these pictures are supposed to be for the shoes, not the jeans. Oh, well, it works for both.

So I ordered these Michael Kors leopard mules at the recommendation of a reader, and I LOVE THEM plus they’re on sale! If you order, size up. I’m wearing the 8.5, and as I said, I wear a 7.5 or 8 in the RM mules.

Madewell Roadtripper jeans // Michael Kors Natasha leopard calf hair mules // / Halogen v-neck cashmere sweater

Okay, moving on to LOFT! LOFT has been running some major sales lately, so I ordered a bunch of things. I’m going to have to go through these quickly, but most are still on my Insta Story because I tried a lot of them on yesterday afternoon. I was kind of rushing thru that too, but it’s still more helpful to see them on a live person than in pictures.

SALE ALERT >> 50% off your purchase at LOFT with code COZY!

These are mostly transition sweaters, and I am wearing a size small in all of them. I also ordered a pair of their jeans, which I really like.

This striped boatneck sweater is really pretty for transition season. I like the muted cream and blush tones and the subtle blouson sleeve is pretty. Also, these AG midi ankle jeans are really good, and they’re only $79 at Amazon.com. There are only a few sizes left, but grab one if you can. I have the size 28.

striped boatneck sweater // AG middi ankle jeans (LOVE) // similar booties (50% off!)

This textured bell sleeve sweater is really soft and cozy, and I like the shoulder detail and subtle bell sleeves.

LOFT textured bell sleeve sweater // AG middi ankle jeans (LOVE) // similar booties (50% off!)

Another really soft, stretchy, cozy sweater. This is longer than some, so for those of you who don’t like the shorter styles, this is a good one for you! The v-neck is modest but flattering, and the sleeves are slimming, although they do have the drop shoulder, which I’m not so crazy about, but it’s on trend right now.

LOFT slouchy v-neck sweater // AG legging ankle jeans // RM Mika Mules

I thought this red was pretty for Valentine’s Day, and it’s just cheerful during this dreary time of year. It also has the raglan detail and blouson sleeves.

LOFT whipstitched sweater // AG legging ankle jeans // RM Mika Mules

Not a huge fan of this one. I think I need to size up to a medium, for one thing. But that rounded hem is kind of funky. It’s a super soft knit, though, and a really pretty color.

LOFT love sweater // AG legging ankle jeans // RM Mika Mules

This is more of a cotton knit feel, but it’s got a pretty texture to it. Kind of plain, though.

Although the knit detail on the shoulder is pretty.

LOFT textured boatneck sweater // AG legging ankle jeans // RM Mika Mules

I’m usually a sucker for stripes and a dolman sleeve, and this top feels really nice on. I like the quality. However, it isn’t really flattering in the midsection; it kind of hugs the wrong places and I’m afraid I’ll be futzing with it all the time, so I think it’s going back. Sometimes y’all change my mind, though, when I do these posts. So we’ll see…

LOFT striped short sleeve dolman // AG legging ankle jeans

This striped top is fun for a change and nice for going into February. I love the sleeve detail, and the fit is nice. I like that the shoulder seam is on the shoulder (not a drop shoulder) but I do wish the neckline weren’t so high.

Finally, these jeans are the LOFT modern skinnies, and I’m really impressed with the fit. They definitely feel stiffer than the premium denim styles I prefer, but for the price point, you can’t beat these.

LOFT striped button sleeve sweater // LOFT modern skinnies // RM Mika Mules

That’s it for LOFT, but I have a few more things to show you.

I think I’m one of the last people on the planet to purchase a Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I hear so much hype about these, so when I saw this one 33% off, I snagged it. Unfortunately, I gambled on the size and got a small, and it’s too tight through the arms and shoulders. I’m returning it for the medium, but now I have to change colors. That’s okay, though. They’re all pretty!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan // AG legging ankle jeans // RM Mika Mules

I’m still on a quest to find some high-rise cropped straight jeans, so I ordered this Madewell pair. I like them, but they’re really snug and they don’t feel like they have much stretch so I think I’m going to order the next size up. For reference, these are the 28, which is what I liked in the Roadtripper style. Go figure!

Madewell Perfect Summer high rise ankle jeans // RM Mika Mules // Perfect White Tee (use code Jolynne10 for 10% off!)

Finally, this pair is Paige, and they’re 50% off so I figured it was worth a shot. They’re stretchier and more comfortable than the Madewell pair above, but I don’t like the shape of the leg as much. I should have tried rolling them, but I’m still not sure I love them. They’re calling them a straight leg, but it seems to have a bit of a flare on me.

Paige Transcend Vintage Jacqueline High Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans // RM Mika Mules // Perfect White Tee (use code Jolynne10 for 10% off!)

And that’s a wrap! WHEW!!! I feel like I just ran a marathon. Haha! I know there’s a lot and I’m sure I missed some details, so feel free to drop any questions in the comment section and I’ll get back to them later today.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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66 Responses

  1. Love the try on sessions!  I started using trunk club because of you and it’s been pretty great.  The stylist is so accommodating and quickly responsive!   Thanks for more ideas!

  2. Gm! That was a fun post with my coffee this morning, except for some of the google ads that I had to keep cleaning out. Especially the bunion one. Lol
    I loved the black tunic on you and glad you kept trying it diff ways. It’s a nice change from your usual shorter sweaters and looked great with the tall back boots. Perfect for going to drinks with your friends tonight ????
    Ok I think I was the one who told you about the MK leopard mules I had seen a Macy’s. Either way, so glad you like them. Do you think they can be worn into spring? Thanks and enjoy your weekend. 

    1. I hate ads. I really do. But they do help me keep the lights on. 😉 We all see different ads, depending on our search history… google is creepy like that. But I was actually seeing the bunion one too… maybe b/c one of the topics in the post was shoes? Ugh. I can ask to have ads that are profane or provocative blocked, but that one was just yuck.

      And thanks for the recommendation on the MK mules! I couldn’t remember who it was. I LOVE THEM. I will definitely wear mine into spring. I’ll wear them all year ’round.

  3. Well my favorite was the longer Halogen tunic. I love that S&D necklace too, but I’ve read it’s heavy? Heavy necklaces drive me nuts, so I haven’t ordered it. I hope you can get your BFD cardigan in the right size. You are going to love it. I’m wearing the hooded one right now with my jammies and having my coffee. Happy Saturday, Jo-Lynne!

  4. Good morning, Jo-Lynne! Thanks for all of these looks! Hands down, my favorite is the black tunic with the OTK boots & gold necklace – super cute! I also love the pink textured sweater from LOFT as well as the Halogen cashmere black & white v-neck. Must admit, I am having a hard time with both mules and white loafers despite them being easy to slip on & go.

    1. I think it takes the eye a while to adjust to new trends, they may grow on you. Or maybe not. 🙂 And that’s okay too! It took me a while, but I’m really enjoying them. Well, the mules… haven’t quite decided on the white loafers yet. 🙂

  5. I have to say I really like the Paige jeans on you! I think the slight flare balances things out better than a skinny jean sometimes. Love the black tunic, too! I’m sad to see the shorter length sweaters returning, I feel like they make my top half look bulky, especially with the sleeve details and bulky knits, seem to add width were I’d rather not! You always look great!

    1. I agree – the shorter length can be tricky. I don’t like them too short. The 22″ ones are too short for me, especially when the knit is chunky. If they were a fine gauge knit, that length is perfect with a skirt.

  6. That was fun! I ordered a couple tops from LOFT this past week when shipping was free; I really like the Lou & Grey Signaturesoft pieces, have you tried them? 
    Happy Weekend, Jo-Lynne and friends…

  7. Whew, I’m tired for you with all of that trying on, but I really appreciate you doing it!  It’s definitely fun seeing what some of the trends are, whether or not they work for me.  I will not buy tops with the flowers embroidered on the sleeves or long sleeve sweaters for Spring.  I have realized that for the most part, I need to stick with high waisted jeans that don’t show part of my ankle & longer tops.
    I actually liked the short sleeve striped top, but if you don’t love it, don’t let us convince you to keep it!  The long sleeve red striped top is awesome!  Well, I need to get in my closet to do the assessment Kelly sent out yesterday.  Enjoy your Saturday!  We will get up in the 60’s and it’s sunny.  Yay!

    1. I’m not sure yet. Definitely the pink stripe sweater and red whipstiched sweater. Maybe the red and white stripe one too. I’m undecided on the Trunk. I like the NYDJ jeans but not sure I’ll wear them enough. Debating that tunic and the black bell sleeve blouse. I love the Madewell Roadtripper jeans and Loft black jeans, but really don’t need them. If I did, I’d keep them.

  8. I really like those Paige jeans on you, too. Those might be my favorite of that style you’ve tried. Maybe it needs a different shoe?
    How does the middi AG jean compare to the legging ankle? Just higher rise? I now have three pairs of legging ankle (premium jeans are an addiction, I tell you) and I love love them. Even reached for them instead of sweatpants when the kids and I got influenza this past week. But I would love a higher rise so maybe I need to add a pair of middi jeans. (Or 3.)

    1. I should work with the Paige jeans more… I’ll try them a few ways. And also with a cuff. The AG midi has a slightly higher rise than the AG legging ankle, and I believe the inseam is an inch longer – 29″. I also really like the wash. Oh, and they’re a different fabric – it has more stretch, less cotton.

  9. Super cute outfits this am…loved them all…not sure about those white shoes girl, but two each his own right?
    The tops were adorable….staying in this weekend, although it’ll be nice here in the Pitts area, paranoid of this flu epidemic this year???? boys left to go skiing….have a good one!!

  10. My favorite is black tunic. With otk boots. Looks fabulous on you. I am not a fan of embroidery sweaters. But to each his own. I like simple most of the time. Loved your post though.

  11. Love love love the black tunic/gold necklace/otk boot look.  Just fabulous.  Love the white and leopard mules.  I think the white loafers are hard to pull off.  My sense is ladies who have an exotic look can wear them with panache.  I am more “all american,” so they look too conservative.  Thanks for the fun session over coffee.  

  12. I have a question about the Halogen Ponte tie sleeve tunic in black – you liked them with your OTK boots — would under the knee boots work as well?

  13. I love these try on sessions. My favs are the black tunic top and the Loft Red & White striped sweater. I really liked it on you. Just add a drop necklace to form a V. It has great detail!  I really, really think that one should come home to me! ????
    I like it all except the top with the double ruffle sleeves. They remind me of flamenco dancers. Going to Spain anytime soon? Ooh Lai! ????
    Did you size down in the NYDJ? I love the way they fit me but usually have to size down one or even two sizes. It seems these ones have less stretch. 

  14. My favorite is the black tunic, necklace, jeans and OTK boots!  Stunning look on you.

    Have you tried the Paige Brigette crop jeans?  I bought those recently when I was looking for a crop, straight/slim boyfriend style.  I love these!  I thought they might look good on you.  I normally buy a size 28, but I kept the size 27 in these.  I loved the dark wash, but kept the mid wash because they did not have a 27 in them.  

  15. I really enjoy these try on sessions. The best thing was the tunic (black) in one of the first series. It was longer than I see you wear. I liked it so much on you I would like to see more. It was very flattering.

  16. Great post! Love how fashion input from our daughters can sway us…and I am a Nana????
    I ordered the MK leopard mules after seeing them on your blog. I ordered a half-size up, and they are comfy and cute. The only thing is the “flip-flop” noise they make when walking ????Anyone know of a solution to help with this? I thought about lining the footbed with moleskin. 

    1. Nothing wrong with being a Nana, lol, it was just funny to me that she associated that sweater with her 83 y/o grandmother. 🙂 So glad you like the MK mules. The flip flop noise doesn’t really bother me. 🙂 I think it gets better as they break in.

  17. I thought the solid red sweater from Loft was a great color on you and I also liked the Love sweater. As a petite, I feel like people would think I shopped in the children’s department if I wore something like that, but you can pull it off with style.

    Still not liking the white shoes or the embroidered anything!

    Great post – thanks!

  18. This was great Jo-Lynne. hank you.. Question. where do you get the news trends. Do you get ideas from other blogger, magazines, where? I love everything you style. I am really wanting a pair of white loafers for spring and summer.

    1. All of the above. 🙂 I subscribe to all of the retailers I like to shop, and they send emails almost daily with trends to watch, etc. I do follow a lot of bloggers, and some are in NYC and Chicago and stay a year or so ahead of trends here, so that helps. I also research (google) for my posts when I write posts about top trends, etc. 🙂

  19. You know what? I had a long navy floral sweater in 1984 almost exactly like that one you tried on! And true confession: I loved it! I remember wearing it with trouser style jeans and kitten heels….omg! ???? I even traveled to France that year with a student exchange program (I was a senior in HS) and I brought that sweater with me & have pictures of me wearing it at the Palace of Versailles! You know what, because it brings back such good memories I’d probably wear it again- in fact I followed your link to check it out. Yikes, right?! ???? Will I be mistaken for granny though? LOL! 

    I really like the black, tie-sleeve tunic ….A LOT! I’m meeting a friend at the mall today so I’m going to go try that one on. 

    Love your try-on sessions!

  20. Love these kind of posts! Thanks for sharing and explaining why you do or do not think something works on you. That helps me so much in choosing my own clothes. I recently joined Trunk Club ( thanks to you!) and my stylist is great, but so far hasn’t really “found” my style. How did you relay your style to your stylist?

  21. I love the Halogen tunic and bold necklace.  It’s amazing the difference long boots and a necklace makes in this outfit!  Where did you get the necklace? I also like the flared sleeve sweater.  I think I may have ordered that one last week in white … if it was the one in your Loft favorites post…? ????  Time will tell.  Memory is the first thing to go, right? 

  22. JoLynne, bless your heart for educating us on the do’s and dont ‘s of this session. You’re right on the money. I liked what you liked. My favorite though has to be the monochromatic ensemble w the OTK boots. And that necklace..perfection!

  23. MY white loafers (Jo-Lynne-inspired) came this week and I looooove them!  All covered in little silver studs…so I’m hoping this trend takes root 🙂

    A little more info though… is this a spring thing or a now thing?    🙂

    I’m lost without guidance from you influencers, ????  

    1. It is a now thing if you dare! If you’re feeling like the white loafers are daring enough in and of themselves, wait till spring. 😉 I’ve been seeing the girls in the cities like Dallas and NYC wearing their white loafers now, as well as white pumps and white booties! 🙂

  24. Everything looks so great on you! I love these posts!

    How did you get your stylist to understand your style? I feel like my stylist always misses the mark…I can’t decide if it’s time to request someone new. Do you have any tips? Thanks so much 🙂

    1. It definitely took time. Do you have a pinterest board where you pin looks you like? I also tell her specifics, like I need structure in my tops b/c I have boobs (lol) and my favorite length is around 24-25 inches. And then I always give detailed feedback on the things I return. I feel bad for my stylist b/c I often only buy 1 or 2 pieces, and I know she works hard to find things I like, but sometimes the sizing is off, or I just don’t need much. I’ve been working with her for well over a year, so over time I think they get better at picking stuff out for you.

  25. I enjoyed this post like everyone else! My fav was the same as many others….black tunic, etc. I just want to thank you for giving so much of your time! Your blog should be a smashing success; I hope it reaps great benefits for you.

  26. I really like the black tunic. I thought it was very flattering. I am not liking the short sweater trend ????I am long waisted and they just don’t work for me. I went shopping with my daughter yesterday and saw a lot of shorter tops. But now the statement sleeves I am loving!! Enjoy your warmer weather. It’s warmer here in NC too. 

  27. You must must keep the two black blouses/ tunic from trunk club!  Those outfits are super flattering and those will be closet workhorses IMO.  Everything looks good on you, but everything else seems  like something you might already own and wear regularly.  You look great in black!  

  28. Really enjoy your posts…especially these try-on sessions!   They are FUN!!!  Well…fun for me, work for you!  😉
    Anyway I just want to thank you for the info on the MK leopard mules.  I received them late yesterday and have to agree with you…LOVE THEM!!!  And the price point can’t be beat for sure!  The gold detail on the heel makes them feel a little more upscale.  THANK YOU again!

  29. The black tunic is a keeper! Very flattering on you (alas, if only it had a v neckline then it would be perfect!).  

    Would love to see you style more longer tops. We arent all in great shape like you!

  30. So I ordered the long floral sweater! They didn’t have it at my local Nordstrom yesterday, so I’m taking a chance to see what it looks like in person and on me. I’ll send you a pic! ???? It’s obviously very feminine and not “edgy” at all and echoes the 80s for sure, but I’m drawn to it. I guess I’ll see – I may hate it when I try it on! 

  31. Can you share the brown suade loafers  source that you wore with the black and white sweater ?love those shoes 

  32. I like the tunic on you and the other long shirts. Just as constructive criticism, I think sometimes your tops are too short and it makes you look boxy especially having a larger bust. The longer tops thin you out better but you are beautiful no matter what you wear.

    1. It’s definitely a fine line – proper top length. That’s one entire class in the Adore Your Wardrobe course — figuring out your “sweet spot range.” Mine is 24-25″. If I wear a top that is 22″, it definitely looks short and boxy, but if they get down to 26″ or so, I look schlumpy. LOL!

  33. I love these posts! (Catching up after a long weekend!) Also, your makeup is just gorgeous in this post–I love it!

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